Tories’ London Troubles Aren’t Limited to Election Results

Yesterday Guido reported that CCHQ is hiring two new press officers ahead of the next election. No doubt these roles will get snapped up quickly, though down the river at City Hall the Tories’ operation is having greater troubles hiring staff. In January their senior press officer departed to become head of communications at the Conservative Environment Network. Four months on, the role remains unfilled despite local elections. It’s been relisted three times despite a salary offer of up to £47,000…

It’s not just this notable vacancy in their London operation and the local election results signalling headaches for the Tories. Last Friday, Gareth Bacon – MP for Orpington – wrote an op-ed calling for London to get its own dedicated Tory party:

“we must reform the Conservative Party. It’s time for a distinct London Conservative identity, focused on communicating the party’s message and listening to Londoners. Backed by a professional, dedicated campaign team, it can unite MPs, Assembly members and councillors to connect with every corner of Greater London.

We do not need a totally independent party like the Scottish or Welsh Conservatives. But we do need the identity and machinery of one to develop policies and messages that speak to Londoners in every borough. It would stop the silly cycle of building a campaign around a particular mayoral candidate only to disband it post-election.”

Bacon’s not wholly off the mark here. For example, Guido spots the London Conservative Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 12th November 2020. Despite an intervening election in the London Assembly.

Guido has long advocated independence for London, perhaps the London Tories should become more militant and seccesionist, making the rest of the country pay their own way…

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Sadiq to Keep TfL Mask Mandate Despite End of Plan B

Sadiq Khan has announced that masks will continue to be mandatory on all Transport for London services, including the tube, despite the government ending their legal mandate across the country from next Thursday. Surprise, surprise.

Despite the encouraging Omicron data, Sadiq said the “Government should rethink their plans and keep legislation in place”, and confirmed he won’t revoke them himself:

“If we have learnt anything from this pandemic, it is that we must not get complacent and undo all our hard work and sacrifices. That’s why face coverings will remain a condition of carriage on TfL services. I’m asking everyone in our capital to do the right thing and continue to wear a face covering when travelling on TfL services to keep us all protected and to prevent further restrictions from being necessary later down the line.”

In the wise words of Zarah Sultana, the mask debate is “purely ideological”…

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Some Suggestions for Sadiq on the Decolonisation of London

Mayor Sadiq Khan is offering Londoners up to £25,000 to ‘decolonise’ street names as part of a new diversity campaign. He’s ring-fenced a staggering £1 million fund to be shared amongst community groups, particularly those campaigning to change ‘offensive’ road names. Here’s a helpful list to get started : 

  • Rename the city. Whilst the exact etymology of London is uncertain, it’s a well-established fact that the Roman name for the city was ‘Londinium‘. The Romans violently conquered and colonised the city and forced Britons into slavery. Slavers are particular unwoke and Londoners should not accept their slave-name. It has to go…
  • 7 city boroughs, including Barnet, derive their names from Anglo-Saxon words. As is well-documented, the Saxons and Vikings displaced the indigenous people centuries ago, raping and pillaging as they went. Their role in British history should be erased in the name of feminism.
  • Westminster was actually founded by William Conqueror who – clue’s in the name – violently conquered England and oppressed the people. Westminster must be renamed…

In fact, London’s history is so complicated, rooted in so much racism, that it might be easier if Khan just demolished everything and started again from scratch. Following these helpful suggestions, Guido looks forward to receiving his £25,000…

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WATCH: Graceless Khan Refuses to Say A Good Word About Bailey in Mayoral Debate

Sadiq Khan raised more than a few eyebrows last night during the London Mayoral election debate, after he outright refused to offer a single word of praise for his opponent Shaun Bailey during the closing moments of the programme. With both candidates asked if they ‘like each other‘, Bailey gave what Guido presumed was the obligatory polite nod of respect to the Mayor, saying “for me it’s not personal, of course I respect Sadiq […] one of the great things about the London Assembly is how collegiately we work”How kind.

Khan, on the other hand, had no time for his opponent’s civility, instead launching a final blistering attack against Bailey as the credits began to roll:

“I’ve got to be honest, some of the things that Shaun has said Eid, about Diwali, about women, about girls, about multiculturalism, about those that receive benefits, I get deeply upset by. They’re not my values, they’re not London’s values. And I hope Londoners reject those values on May 6.”

Charming. Guido points out that even Donald Trump had something nice to say about Hillary Clinton when asked a similar question back in 2016…

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Corbyn Breaks Tier 4 Lockdown with Brother Piers

It was a very lonely Christmas for thousands of locked-down Londoners unable to meet their families this year – not for every family though. Both Corbyn brothers have repeatedly flouted Covid rules this year, admittedly one much worse than the other, however they finally teamed up last week for a Boxing Day crossover special, in which they:

  • chatted on Jeremy’s doorstep
  • with three household’s-worth of mixing
  • no social distancing
  • no face masks.

Given both Piers and Jeremy’s ages, and their refusal to follow Covid guidance, they’re both high risk. Tier 4 lockdown for the many, not the few…

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London Tier 3 Announcement Could Come as Soon as Today

The move to hike London up into Tier 3 – a state of semi-lockdown – has seemingly been signed off this morning with a meeting in Whitehall and after a phone call to London MPs. The question now becomes when will the move happen; while the review of England’s tiers was scheduled for the 16th, it was thought any changes wouldn’t be implemented until a couple of days later. It now seems London’s Corona spread rate is so out of control the announcement could come as early as today or tomorrow…

This has led ITV’s Robert Peston to ask whether even the current Tier system – which is on steroids compared to the pre-second lockdown restrictions – are sufficient. Interestingly, Guido spoke to one northern leader at the weekend who, while lobbying PHE for their area to move down to Tier 2, came away exasperated that while the area meets the government’s tests (in terms of the R-rate and hospitalisations) the government’s public health quango “seem to be arguing Tier 2 might not be as effective as tier 3 so it shouldn’t happen… So while on the government’s own tests we should be in Tier 2 come end of next week I’m not holding my breath.” Could the government, therefore, be reviewing the tiers’ restrictions as well as where they apply in the coming days?

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