Sadiq Must Attend Police and Crime Committee… or Face Arrest

Sadiq Khan has been summonsed to the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee, to answer questions on the Winsor Review. The report, published last month, investigated the circumstances around Cressida Dick’s sacking. It found Sadiq committed an “abuse of power” and that the Met Commissioner had been “intimidated” and faced “political pressure“. Even worse for Sadiq, if he fails to attend the committee he could face up to 3 months in prison.

Susan Hall AM, Chairman of the Police and Crime Committee, added:

“The Sir Tom Winsor review has raised important questions about the circumstances under which the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner stood down. The London Assembly Police and Crime Committee has statutory powers to summons the Mayor, which we have used for the first time today. We believe that given the seriousness of the review’s findings, the Mayor needs to address the unanswered questions that have emerged.”

Sadiq is being summonsed under Section 33 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011. It’s the first time this has been used on a sitting mayor. When it comes to London crime, it seems Sadiq is leading by example…


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Sadiq Blocks Civil Service Back-to-Office Drive

When London Assembly staff first moved into their new East London home, Guido revealed they were less than pleased with the quality of their working environment. From flooded bathrooms to power cuts, to multiple committee rooms being out of use, Sadiq’s multi-million renovation hardly seemed to have gone to plan. Now, however, LBC has revealed staff don’t have much to worry about as Sadiq is seemingly actively preventing them from working there…

A leaked memo shows that for the 90 civil servants working for the assembly, they have been provided with just nine desks, which must be booked by staff via the intranet. Otherwise they’ll have to sit in ‘drop in centres’…

It’s not just the secretariat facing shortages. Figures from the Mayor’s office show that across the new City Hall building and their continued subletting of the fire brigade’s offices in Southward, there are just 586 total desks for 1096 staff.

Responding to LBC’s other revelation that the assembly as a whole will only meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from now on, Jacob Rees-Mogg noted his amazement that the most popular work-from-home days just happen to be those bordering the weekend: “The idea Monday and Friday have ceased to be full working days is one to be very suspicious about because it indicates some people are using working from home to do less work.” Just what has Sadiq Khan been smoking…

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London Assembly Staff Finally Move into City Hall… Immediately Wish They Hadn’t

In January, London’s new City Hall opened for the first time after 20 years in the famous glass gonad by Tower Bridge. Unfortunately it was only open for a few hours to host Mayor’s Question Time before shutting again to allow builders to get on and finish the thing. Two months on and yesterday saw City Hall staff officially move into the new building. It didn’t go well…

According to one source, the hurdles endured by staff on their first ‘full day’ included:

  • A power cut
  • Missing passes
  • Staff being told they can’t use the front door so being redirected to a hidden back entrance
  • An evacuation
  • A flooded bathroom
  • Subsequently no power to the bathroom block
  • Light sensors in the wrong places
  • Two committee rooms out of use
  • Various builders still around the building
  • A massive crack in a pane of glass

Perfectly suited for East London…

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Labour’s Bizarre Decision to Pass Up Replacing Shaun Bailey

Co-conspirators may remember back to May this year when, after the local elections, the LibDems and Greens teamed up with the Tories to take back control of the London Assembly’s committees. They argued Labour had had control of too many for too long, and in the name of scrutiny, wrestled the chairmanship of some extra committees from the party. At the time Labour accused them of “betraying their progressive values” and “getting into bed with the Tories”…

Clearly Labour aren’t over this uncomradely jilting. Following Shaun Bailey’s resignation this week, in the wake of The Mirror’s photo of his unlawful Christmas Party, the assembly’s Police and Crime Committee was in need of a new chair.

Guido learns the Tory group proposed a Labour AM, Unmesh Desai, for the role, yet Labour refused to nominate anyone given the ongoing partisan committee row. Their bizarre refusal to accept this additional role on a platter means Tory leader Susan Hall has had to nab the position instead. With Green Leader Caroline Russell as her deputy.

A City Hall insider asks “What game are they playing? Sadiq Khan will be furious with the Labour group. He will now have to face the Tory leader and explain his policing policies.” A very odd decision by Labour…

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London Assembly Grapples with London’s Most Pressing Issue

Away from the Mayor’s office co-conspirators may not keep up-to-date with the work of the London Assembly. While they may not have much power, they can at least try and hold Sadiq’s feet to the fire; so what have they been up to this week? Scrutinising his crime record? Holding his house-building record to account? Lobbying to ban fish as funfair prizes…

In a summer filled with enough animal news to keep the RSPCA press team busy 24/7, it looks like Pen Farthing may have a new top priority campaign to latch on to when he’s settled his current menagerie of refugee cats and dogs. In the meantime Guido hopes the GLA don’t allow their pet projects to let Sadiq off the hook…

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