Check Your Council’s Rich List Performance

The annual Council Rich List is out and the data provides insights into local government. Rather than moaning about the increase in six-figure earning local officials, Guido thought we should perhaps pay tribute and applaud one council, Epping Forest, where the number of officials drawing six-figure pay packets has halved from ten to five. Guido notes that the council has not one Labour Party representative on it…

The Taxpayers’ Alliance has created this very handy interactive map so you can see for yourself how your council is performing:

They highlight that:

  • The number of officials earning over £100,000 has increased five-fold since the Council Rich List was first published. In 2007, there were 578 council officials earning above £100,000. In the last financial year, which this list covers, at least 2,921 people were employed by local authorities on this amount.
  • The number of officials earning over £150,000 has increased ten-fold since the Council Rich List was first published. In 2007 there were 64 council officials earning above £150,000, compared to 739 in the 2020-21 financial year. There are now more council officials on over £150,000 than there were total officials on over £100,000 15 years ago.

Something to contemplate when you consider your council tax bills before the local elections. Are the most effective councils really the ones with the most highest paid officials?

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Green’s Lavish Taxpayer-Funded Banquet

The Green Party in Oxfordshire emphasised their credentials as middle-class social justice warriors as local councillors put on a lavish taxpayer-funded banquet for officers, and boasted about it on social media. The food-laden tables – tweeted out by councillor Ian Middleton – lauded the first fully plant-based lunch forced through as council policy despite recent protests by Jeremy ClarksonOxfordshire is the first county council to adopt such an authoritarian policy…

Scanning the flower-covered tables, Guido can see for the first time exactly how environmentally friendly the new policy is. Rather than using meat sourced from local farms like Jezza’s, the Green Party can now enjoy other more far-sourced produce including pineapples, kiwi fruit, oranges and mangos. All of which are questionable environmentally since they are flown in from abroad… 

The Countryside Alliance’s Mo Metcalf-Fisher tells Guido:

“So after upsetting the farming community by shunning sustainable produce from local livestock farmers, the motion’s main advocate boldly posts a picture of an incredibly exotic, lavish, spread of fruit and vegetables at what he claims is a council meeting.

Can the councillor be certain that all of these items are locally produced and not transported from abroad? If not, he has left the council open to the accusation of hypocrisy…”

Amidst a cost of living squeeze, it seems the Green Party are saying let them eat vegan cake…

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Labour Councillor Pushes Antivaxxer Themes, Yet Wants Jabs for Palestinians

As concerns rise about low ethnic minority uptake of the vaccine among Birmingham’s ethnic minorities, one Labour Party official and councillor in the West Midlands has been busy questioning vaccine safety. Zafar Islam – a councillor in Dudley and deputy chair of Dudley North CLP – has dozens of tweets dating back to September last year repeating antivaxxer talking points about the vaccine’s safety and lack of thorough testing. Exactly the same claims that landed Ian Lavery in such hot water…

According to Zafar, “processes of safe bioengineerings have been accelerated and vaccine formulations’ safety regulatory mechanisms apparently curtailed… Big concerns and worries.” In 2012, Zafar was the council’s cabinet member for health…

His tweets are a stream of left-wing retweets fused with a focus on Kashmir and Palestine. Despite his concerns about the vaccines, it is now a priority for Zafar to get this supposedly rushed vaccine to Palestinians in Gaza, where he claims there is a “block/ban of #COVID19 #vaccines” going to Palestine.

Odd that he has so many concerns about vaccines, yet he is really keen to ensure take-up in Gaza of the supposedly dangerous jabs, it is almost as if he has some other motivation for focus on that region:

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Jackie Weaver Confesses She Didn’t Know Who was in Charge of Handforth Parish Council Meeting

Westminster politics got sidelined last night as footage from a local parish council meeting unexpectedly went viral. The 18-minute-long youtube compilation of Handforth Parish Council’s last meeting in December is currently trending on Twitter thanks to the innumerable classic quotes, as well as chair Jackie Weaver launching a coup against the disruptive and abusive council leader and kicking him off the Zoom meeting.

Jackie is now revelling in her newfound stardom, spending the day touring the media. Appearing on Woman’s Hour this morning, Weaver revealed that despite the coup, “I’m not actually sure who was in charge” of the meeting. All eyes to the next unmissable episode of “Handforth Parish Council” this Wednesday…

You can listen to Jackie’s full Woman’s Hour interview here:

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