Every Labour Run Council Pays Six Figure Salaries

The Taxpayers’ Alliance have today released their annual Town Hall Rich List; co-conspirators should make sure they’re sitting down before reading on. A whopping 2,759 employees earned over £100,000, of which 721 received £150,000 or more. To make the figures even worse, this is without the 11.8% of councils who haven’t even reported their data. That means taxpayers have forked out well over 311,000,000 to council fat cats… last year alone.

All the while, average council tax in England increased by 5.1% over the past year. Westminster was the council with the most employees earning six-figures, at 50, whilst the highest paid official was the managing director of Guildford Council. They earned £607,633.

Amidst all the doom and gloom, Guido is happy to give respect where it’s due. Five councils had no employees earning over £100,000, these were:

  • Forest of Dean (Ind)
  • Gosport (Lib Dem)
  • North East Derbyshire (Con)
  • Pendle (Con)
  • West Oxfordshire (Con/Lib Dem)

Guido tips his hat to Pendle in particular – the others are in joint agreements with councils who do have six-figure bigwigs on the books. Every Labour-run council in the country that has published their accounts employs somebody on over £100,000…

Co-conspirators can access the full report here.

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