Labour Gained Fewer English Council Seats Than LibDems, Greens, and Independents

Whilst it was obviously terrible for the Tories that they lost nearly 500 seats, now all the votes are in and the dust has settled, did Labour advance as the Tories retreated? They actually did relatively poorly.

Labour’s electoral performance outside their M25 enclave saw them gain just 22 councillors across England. That’s it. While the Tories’ results were obviously weak – although not at their worst expectations – any attempts to spin the numbers will have to contend with the fact that the LibDems, the Greens, and even independent candidates gained more net seats than Labour. Labour’s wins in London will be small beer when it comes to a general election.

  • Labour Councils: 65 (+3) Councillors: 2265 (+22)
  • Tories – Councils: 35 (-10) Councillors 1075 (-338)
  • LibDems – Councils: 16 (+3) Councillors: 712 (+192)
  • Independent – Councils 0 (N/C) Councillors: 145 (+27)
  • Greens – Councils 0 (N/C) Councillors 116 (+63)

Winning a net gain of just 22 councillors, and gaining control of the same number of councils as the LibDems, is not a strong showing. William Hague managed to do better in 2001, when the Tories won 120 seats and 5 councils – a consolation prize for getting pummelled in the general election the same day. 

Even within the capital, however, there are warning signs for Labour. While they pop champagne over wins in Westminster, Barnet, and Wandsworth, their losses in Croydon and Harrow to the Tories, and Tower Hamlets to Lutfur Rahman should raise a few eyebrows. Losing Tower Hamlets to a man who was temporarily banned from office over corruption isn’t exactly promising…

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Tories’ Partygate Candidate Loses Council Bid

In April Guido exclusively revealed that Ben Mallet was standing as a Tory candidate in Kingston, London. ‘Ben who?’ Guido hears co-conspirators asking…

Mallet came to prominence during the mayoral election last year as Shaun Bailey’s head of comms, and was later pictured prominently among the crowd at Bailey’s lockdown-breaking CCHQ party, lying on the floor in braces with wine. Guido can now confirm Mallet failed to gain a seat, losing by 14 votes to fellow Conservative Jamal Chohan…

Mallet: hammered…

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LibDem Porno Candidate Elected… Then Suspended… for Antisemitism

You read that right: not only has the LibDem candidate who Guido revealed earlier in the week to have a prolific porno portfolio been elected this afternoon, they were immediately suspended by the Liberal Democratic Party. Not for her porno history – for some vintage antisemitism…

An email seen by Guido shows the candidate, Little Brighouse, had been reported for uploading a TikTok where she is pictured next to a photo of a burning Israeli flag with the infamously anti-Israeli statement “from the river to the sea”. A LibDem spokesperson has said:

“We have received a complaint regarding this candidate which has been reviewed under our independent complaints process.  As a result they have been suspended from the Party while the complaint is fully investigated. Liberal Democrats have a long and proud record of standing up against antisemitism and continue to champion a liberal, tolerant and inclusive society for all.”
Given the press officer confirming Brighouse’s suspension previously ignored repeated requests for comment from Guido, it’s interesting to see the party confirm the ranking of sackable offences…
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Boris: “It’s a Mixed Set of Results… A Tough Night in Some Parts of the Country”

“It’s mid term and it’s certainly a mixed set of results, and we’ve had a tough night in some parts of the country but in some parts you’re still seeing Conservatives going forward and making quite remarkable gains in places that haven’t voted Conservative, if ever… we’ve got to get on with the stuff that matters to people.” 127 councillors down so far, results still coming in…

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John Curtice: Labour Not Even On Course to be Largest Party at General Election on These Results

Election expert John Curtice is dampening Labour’s local election results excitement this morning, telling the BBC the party should be “somewhat disappointed” despite their victories in Wandsworth, Westminster and Barnet. North London’s remainer lawyer has done well in London elections shocker…

“Yes Labour have certainly made progress as compared with last year, but last year was a very poor performance so four points up on last year was not exactly surprising.

I think therefore this is certainly not a local election performance that in any sense indicates a party that is on course for winning a general election with an overall majority, indeed I’m not sure whether we could even say that at this point it’s guaranteed or necessarily on course even to be the largest party in the next parliament.”

Ahead of the overnight results, psephologists told us a good night for Labour would be gains of over 200, whereas the Tories would need to lose fewer than 350 to salvage any glimmer of hope. According to Curtice again, Labour has currently won net gains of just 40 seats. Though there’s a long way to go yet, with Scotland and Wales having only just begun counting.

As Guido expected, far too large an emphasis is being placed on London by the media – at both parties’ expenses. Labour has in fact pulled off a surprising coup in Cumberland – arguably a more important gain than Wandsworth – taking it from the Tories where they have three MPs, including those representing ‘Workington Man’. They’ve also won seats in Dudley, Derby, Southampton and Chorley. Actual battlegrounds.

Meanwhile not all hope is lost for the Tories. Despite the dreadful national headlines they’ve picked up seats in Nuneaton, West Bromwich, Thurrock, Basildon, Amber Valley and Hartlepool. Long and short is Labour may be overplaying their success in England, and there’s not enough bad news for a 1922 Boris leadership vote. Scotland and Wales will be different stories…

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Labour Have Won in Wandsworth & Westminster
  • Tories lose Barnet, Cumberland and Southampton too.
  • The Corbynite dominated Labour Party in Hull has lost to the Lib Dems.

With 75 of 146 councils declared in England, Labour have gained 36 seats, Tories have lost 122, LibDems have added 57 seats, Greens 23 and Reform their first 2.

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