Lloyds Staff Pressured for Questioning Woke Anti-Tory Director

On Friday Guido reported on a statement sent by Sarah Underhill, the human resources director at Lloyds Bank, to 30,000 staff blasting Tory conference’s trans rhetoric for allegedly “fuelling hate”. Guido has seen that any push back from Lloyds staff against her views has been swiftly shut down.

One staff co-conspirator at Lloyds Bank bravely questioned Underhill’s statement on Lloyds’ account on the internal corporate social networking platform Yammer. He tells Guido that he quickly received a call from his boss instructing him to “stop posting on Yammer as many senior managers were complaining about [his] posts”. He was then instructed to log off the platform immediately. Questioning the corporate woke agenda is a career risk for staff at Lloyds…

Lloyds’ woke push expands to “changing the words we use” in industry-wide technical language used in IT, such as renaming “Penetration Testing” due to perceived embarrassment and reevaluating the term “Sanity Test” to avoid causing discomfort to those with mental health issues. The co-conspirator raised concerns that colleagues at Lloyds “no longer feel they can trust each other, have to hide their opinions and simply feel they have to keep their heads down and mouths shut”. Our co-conspirator wishes to remain anonymous, his erasure from the internal social network has been drawn to Guido’s attention by other Lloyds staff.

Guido’s original report on this story has already gained some follow-up from the likes of the TelegraphGB News and the  Daily Mail. Perhaps Lloyds should focus on serving their customers rather than pushing a woke political agenda…

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Lloyds Bank Offers 30,000 Staff Paid BUPA Counselling if Triggered By Conservative Party Conference Trans Rhetoric “Fuelling Hate”

Last Friday a Human Resources Director at Lloyds Banking Group, Sarah Underhill (pronouns She/Her), wrote an email to 30,000 Lloyds staff offering them counselling if they were triggered by the rhetoric heard at that week’s Conservative Party conference:

Like many of you, I was appalled to hear the rhetoric coming from the Conservative Party Conference this week, targeting the trans and non-binary community. Hearing language that fuels hate and division is shocking. To all our trans and non-binary colleagues across Group COO, please know that at Lloyds Banking Group, you are not alone. You are valued. You are welcome here.

I am aware of the brilliant work undertaken in the last few days by our Trans Working Group and their allies, to mobilise support, offering safe spaces for colleagues affected to talk, to vent and to find allyship and assurance. We have heard powerful examples from colleagues around their anger and fears. This is a moment that matters and I would ask that, as a community, we come together to offer allyship and support to anyone affected.

Support is also available via our LGBTQ Mental Health Advocates and through the private medical healthcare available via BUPA. You can also contact Mind Out, our LGBTQ mental health partners.

If Tory rhetoric was too much for Lloyds staff and Sarah Underhill last week, today’s news that Lloyds Bank has opened bank accounts for Nigel Farage will be a bit of a shock for her. She may herself now need counselling…

Given how Nigel Farage’s mere breathing triggers wokesters, Lloyds may need to up their BUPA premiums…

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