Layla Moran Costs Constituents £2 to Collect Her Campaign Mail

Constituents in Layla Moran’s constituency, Oxford West and Abingdon, were made to pay £2 for the pleasure of receiving a campaigning letter from the MP, urging them to vote for Cllr John Howson in the upcoming County Council elections.  Constituents were alerted to a ‘mystery package’ by the postman which they could only open to discover the contents after paying the postage fee. Guido didn’t realise LibDem finances were that bad…

Constituents were not impressed that they were being made to foot the LibDem’s postal bill. This is not a recommended campaign strategy. 

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LibDem By-Election Candidate and “Entrepreneur” Runs Business Capitalised at £1

LibDem by-election candidate Sarah Green, a self-proclaimed “entrepreneur and “independent minded businesswoman”, runs a company with a capitalisation of £1.

Sarah Green who is running in the Chesham and Amersham by-election, is the founder and director of Green and Ginger Communications which helps clients by “delivering training, coaching and communications support.” She claims that this business experience gave her the skills needed to be Chesham and Amersham’s next MP. Besides the £1 valuation, the filed accounts show just over £1,000 in the bank. Somewhat embarrassingly for Green, who claims to be able to help clients with communication, the firm has a pitiful 7 followers on social media… 

Sarah, the communication company’s only employee, is misleading the electorate by misrepresenting herself as the next Deborah Meaden. According to Companies House, Green’s company had net assets of £5,651 in 2018, falling to only £1 in 2019. In addition, Green and Ginger Communications has lent the Companies Director (a certain Sarah Green) £3,469 – a debt she has every intention to repay, as it was booked as a loan she conveniently won’t have to pay income tax on that amount.  Perhaps Nick Clegg, who donated £15,000 to the LibDems this week, could help Sarah with her finances… 

UPDATE: A co-conspirator points out that Sarah’s business is derived from LibDem contacts. Both of her endorsements on her website’s ‘training’ page appear LibDem connected. The Westminster Foundation for Democracy work was for the African Liberal Network and the other client endorsement is from the CEO of the Welsh LibDems. The communications expert also manages to spell her endorser’s name wrong, it is not “Adelle”, it should be Adele Poskitt…
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Suits You Sir Ed

Former LibDem Treasurer and sometime failed parliamentary candidate, Richard Duncalf, has given Ed Davey £1,500 specifically to buy a suit. Hopefully one that fits. Possibly from Duncalf’s own shop given he is in the schmutter trade. £1,500 suit? Suits you sir…

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LibDem Councillor Calls Constituents “the Great Unwashed”

Attendees of Uttlesford Council’sLocal Plan Leadership Group” were shocked this week when hearing LibDem councillor Melvin Caton describe local residents as the “great unwashed”: 

“I’m afraid that the great unwashed out there are never very interested in local affairs until it hits them in the face.” 

The meeting chair failed to pick Caton up on his un-statesmanlike comment, actually thanking the councillor for his contribution. It’s refreshing to see a LibDem be so open about their disdain of the electorate…

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Hobhouse Throws Her Beret into the Ring

Since its announcement yesterday, the nation has become gripped with LibDem leadership election fever. With her timelessly elegant graphics, wardrobe of EU flag berets and catchy slogan “abandon equidistance”, Guido suspects Wera Hobhouse is the leader the LibDems deserve. Of course her entry into the race means a quarter of the parliamentary party are running for leader…

Despite having avoided being part of the Coalition, Wera is a true LibDem – already showing a competent ability to flip flop. After the 2019 election, Hobhouse reluctantly declaredthe battle to stop Brexit is over”. Thankfully this German-born, former Parisian student didn’t stick to her democratic principles for long, now campaigning on a  rejoiner platform for the UK to return to the heart of the EU. With Hobhouse at the helm, the LibDems could be confident of holding onto as many as half a dozen seats in 2024…

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‘Interim’ Leader Ed Davy’s Tenure Longer Than Swinson’s

Yesterday the LibDems announced they have postponed their leadership election until May 2021, thanks to Coronavirus. This must be frustrating news for the only declared (so far) candidate, Layla Moran – however on the other side of the coin it’s welcome news for incumbent Ed Davy who will now have a respectable length of tenure by LibDem standards. Out lasting predecessors Swinson and Steel. Congrats, Ed!

  • David Steel and Bob Maclennan: 3 March 1988 to 16 July 1988 (135 days)
  • Paddy Ashdown: 16 July 1988 to 9 August 1999 (4041 days) 
  • Charles Kennedy: 9 August 1999 to 7 January 2006 (2343 days)
  • Ming Campbell: 2 March 2006 to 15 October 2007 (592 days)
  • Vince Cable 1: 15 October 2007 18 December 2007 (64 days)
  • Nick Clegg: 18 December 2007 to 16 July 2015 (2767 days)
  • Tim Farron: 16 July 2015 to 20 July 2017 (735 days)
  • Vince Cable 2: 20 July 2017 to 22 July 2019 (732 days)
  • Jo Swinson: 22 July 2019 to 13 December 2019 (144 days)
  • Ed Davey: 13 December 2019 to 9 July 2021* (574 days)
*This is Guido’s estimated completion date for the next Lib Dem leadership election, which is to start in May 2021. The end date has not been released so Guido added 69 days – the length of the 2015 leadership election.
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