LibDem Councillor Calls Constituents “the Great Unwashed”

Attendees of Uttlesford Council’sLocal Plan Leadership Group” were shocked this week when hearing LibDem councillor Melvin Caton describe local residents as the “great unwashed”: 

“I’m afraid that the great unwashed out there are never very interested in local affairs until it hits them in the face.” 

The meeting chair failed to pick Caton up on his un-statesmanlike comment, actually thanking the councillor for his contribution. It’s refreshing to see a LibDem be so open about their disdain of the electorate…

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Hobhouse Throws Her Beret into the Ring

Since its announcement yesterday, the nation has become gripped with LibDem leadership election fever. With her timelessly elegant graphics, wardrobe of EU flag berets and catchy slogan “abandon equidistance”, Guido suspects Wera Hobhouse is the leader the LibDems deserve. Of course her entry into the race means a quarter of the parliamentary party are running for leader…

Despite having avoided being part of the Coalition, Wera is a true LibDem – already showing a competent ability to flip flop. After the 2019 election, Hobhouse reluctantly declaredthe battle to stop Brexit is over”. Thankfully this German-born, former Parisian student didn’t stick to her democratic principles for long, now campaigning on a  rejoiner platform for the UK to return to the heart of the EU. With Hobhouse at the helm, the LibDems could be confident of holding onto as many as half a dozen seats in 2024…

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‘Interim’ Leader Ed Davy’s Tenure Longer Than Swinson’s

Yesterday the LibDems announced they have postponed their leadership election until May 2021, thanks to Coronavirus. This must be frustrating news for the only declared (so far) candidate, Layla Moran – however on the other side of the coin it’s welcome news for incumbent Ed Davy who will now have a respectable length of tenure by LibDem standards. Out lasting predecessors Swinson and Steel. Congrats, Ed!

  • David Steel and Bob Maclennan: 3 March 1988 to 16 July 1988 (135 days)
  • Paddy Ashdown: 16 July 1988 to 9 August 1999 (4041 days) 
  • Charles Kennedy: 9 August 1999 to 7 January 2006 (2343 days)
  • Ming Campbell: 2 March 2006 to 15 October 2007 (592 days)
  • Vince Cable 1: 15 October 2007 18 December 2007 (64 days)
  • Nick Clegg: 18 December 2007 to 16 July 2015 (2767 days)
  • Tim Farron: 16 July 2015 to 20 July 2017 (735 days)
  • Vince Cable 2: 20 July 2017 to 22 July 2019 (732 days)
  • Jo Swinson: 22 July 2019 to 13 December 2019 (144 days)
  • Ed Davey: 13 December 2019 to 9 July 2021* (574 days)
*This is Guido’s estimated completion date for the next Lib Dem leadership election, which is to start in May 2021. The end date has not been released so Guido added 69 days – the length of the 2015 leadership election.
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Jo Swinson Wiped from Lib Dem Leaflets

The Lib Dems are experiencing a similar realisation to the Tories’ 2017 campaign; they launched a presidential-style campaign centred around a figure who, the more voters saw her, the less they like her.

In initial literature from the Lib Dems, the party was branded as “Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats” with almost every leaflet and advert plastered with her face. Now the party isn’t even including her in ‘past vs future’ comparisons, instead opting for the Lib Dem logo rather than a picture of their leader.

The party strategy made a radical u-turn from an anti-Labour to anti-Tory focus following last week’s YouGov MRP poll, and now it seems they’ve u-turned again on their presidential strategy. Not good signs from a party that was agitating for this election in the first place…

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Pro-LibDem Front Group in Clear Abuse of Electoral Law

Advance Together has registered as both a political party and a non-party campaign – a clear abuse of the law. The pro-LibDem pretend political party has bragged about this allowing them to effectively double their national spending limit. It appears that Advance Together have fielded five paper candidates to extend their spending limit in five selected Tory-LibDem marginal constituencies. Regular non-party campaigners are limited to spending just £700 per constituency when campaigning against a specific candidate, by virtue of standing fake candidates, Advance Together has extended its spending limit to £12,000. They’ve even gloated about this…

As Guido has previously reported, their campaign literature in these seats only attacks Conservative candidates – it doesn’t even promote their own candidates. They have also confirmed their candidates aren’t standing to win…

Every single one of their 600 microtargeted adverts on Facebook is an anti-Tory advert. The Advance Together team is suspiciously made up of ‘former’ LibDem activists…

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Goodbye, Heidi

Guido will miss Heidi Allen as she stands down at the forthcoming election. The soon-to-be-former MP has had an interesting four years in Parliament, hopping ship from the Tories to lead the Tiggers, then to be an independent, and then to be a representative for the short-lived ‘The Independents’ and finally becoming a Lib Dem this month. During her time as an MP she attempted to become Mayor of Cambridgeshire, alas she was rejected by party members at the first hurdle. She didn’t even make the final round…

Heidi will be best remembered for telling her voters one thing and then doing precisely the opposite. By scarpering off now, pro-second referendum Heidi will never have to subject her real views to electoral scrutiny. A masterclass in avoiding any kind of accountability at all…

Of course she doesn’t deserve threats and abuse on social media, however when she says she is quitting because of “the toll on her privacy” did she really mean the scrutiny her hypocrisy and flip-flopping since the referendum has brought her? We wish her well…

UPDATE: TV Producers are passing on notes to not request interviews from Heidi as “she’d get too upset” in them.

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