Ed Davey’s Second Election Data Breach, Found Guilty of Misleading Members

The LibDem returning officer has once again found Ed Davey’s campaign to have broken data rules in his run to become LibDem leader. Just a fortnight after the last

This time, Ed’s campaign has been found guilty of instructing “canvassers not to disclose the identity of the campaign they were actually calling on behalf” of. The returning officer, after taking representations from the campaign, found that in doing so they “acted in a way that was likely to mislead members.” He has been forced to delete the data collected from those calls. To be caught out once may be regarded as a misfortune, twice looks like carelessness…

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Layla’s Copy and Paste Cookie Crumbles

Layla Moran isn’t having a great week in the Lib Dem leadership contest. First she was slapped down by the NHS for exaggerating hospitalisation figures by 2780%. Now Guido can reveal that her campaign website is flouting the rules on cookies. Guido has spotted that her website’s policy is (poorly) copy and pasted from the Gina Miller-founded Best for Britain campaign…

What’s worse is when running her website through a cookie checker service, the cookies that appear do not match those listed in her cookie policy. It appears that she has just lifted the Best for Britain policy and changed it to say ‘Vote Layla’, whilst not actually changing the cookies. For example, the cookie checker lists a number of Facebook ad tracking cookies that are not listed on Layla’s website…

Looks like the arch-Remainer’s website is targeting people on Facebook without telling them That seems like a GDPR breach…

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NHS Slaps Down Layla’s Exaggerated Malnourishment Figures

LibDem leadership candidate Layla Moran attempted to make a splash in the Guardian earlier this month, with a tale of extraordinary numbers of malnourished children living in Britian. Layla’s figures were enthusiastically written up by the Guardian, claiming “Almost 1,000 under-16s with malnutrition were admitted as inpatients to Cambridge University hospitals NHS foundation trust alone”. Except this simply wasn’t true. Not even close to true. Late last week Cambridge University Hospitals felt compelled to issue a statement slapping down Layla’s figures…

“The correct number of young patients admitted between January 2015 and January 2020 is 33, and not 915 as has been reported. This has understandably caused considerable concern to many.”

Far from Layla’s claim that 915 malnourished children admitted to Cambridge University Hospitals, in reality the true number was actually 33 in the last 66 months. 6 a year is of course 6 too many. Layla’s figures however were an exaggeration of some 2780%. Almost as forensic as Sir Keir…

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Ed Davey’s Over-Confidence

Ed Davey got a bit over-confident when nominations closed last night in the LibDem leadership race. He claimed that nearly 60% of members were backing him to be leader, actually that was the percentage of the nominations he got. Voting has yet to begin and his tweet was deleted minutes later. Is that nominations tally even that much of a strong performance?

The establishment candidate has the advantage of the marketing database he built up during his last tilt at the leadership and his effective incumbency advantage. So you would expect him to sew up the nominations. Punters however think he’s the underdog. Who knows? Who cares?

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Davey Pockets £5,000 from Huawei’s Chief Adviser

Since Guido’s Monday story on Ed Davey’s LibDem leadership fundraising hypocrisy, tens of thousands more leadership funds have been added to his register of members interests. One donation of £5,000 caught Guido’s eye – from Sir Michael Rake, who was appointed to the board of Huawei UK in April, and who’s served as an adviser to the Chinese-based company since January 2019.

The LibDems have long been an anti-Huawei party, with Daisy Cooper MP – who recently made the surprise announcement of backing Davey for leader – saying the Government’s decision to allow Huawei control over parts of the UK’s 5G network shows the Tories have “little regard for Huawei’s human rights record.” Huawei’s advisers don’t splash the cash because of their support for liberal democracy….

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‘Eco-Davey’ Still Pocketing Thousands from Private Jet Company

Despite running on a very green leadership platform, Sir Ed Davey has continued pocketing thousands from a couple who make their money from renting out 23,000 private jet flights a year.

After Guido discovered last week that 80% of Layla Moran’s leadership funds coming from European royalty, it’s only fair to give Davey’s dosh the same scrutiny. Over the last year, Sir Ed has pocketed £16,500 from Chris and Tina Leach, the duo behind private jet rental company Air Charter. As Guido previously reported, he’s been taking their cash for seven years…

Davey’s LibDem leadership platform is centred around a £150 billion “Green Revolution”. In a video on his campaign website, Davey tells LibDem members:

“Too many political leaders would let us sleepwalk into a global catastrophe. Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have never cared about the Climate Emergency… we owe it to our children and grandchildren to fight for our planet”

Sir Ed also accuses Boris and Trump of serving those with vested interests in pollution. Davey’s clearly more than au fait with polluting private punters…

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