Lib Dem’s 2020 ‘Reshuffle’ in Full

Following their massacre at the election where they lost half their MPs, (down from 21 to 11) the Lib Dems have finally come to terms with their new, smaller, minibus-friendly party and done a reshuffle.

  • Ed Davey – Acting Leader, Economy and Social Justice
  • Christine Jardine – Home Office, Women and Equalities
  • Alistair Carmichael – Foreign Affairs and Brexit, Chief Whip
  • Wera Hobhouse – CIimate Emergency, Energy and the Environment
  • Tim Farron – Housing, Local Government, Food and Rural Affairs, North of England
  • Layla Moran – Education
  • Munira Wilson – Health, Wellbeing & Social Care, Transport
  • Jamie Stone – Defence
  • Sarah Olney – Business and Trade
  • Daisy Cooper – Justice, Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
  • Wendy Chamberlain – Constitutional Reform, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, International Development

Daisy Cooper who now speaks on press freedom was previously an executive director of the Hacked Off campaign for press regulation. The biggest news is they’ve finally dropped the embarrassing ‘Shadow Cabinet’ name, rebranding their spokesmen with a new “Commons Team” title. Hard to justify calling it a ‘Shadow Cabinet’ when every single MP of yours is in it…

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Lib Dem MP Tells Voters to F**k Off

A Lib Dem incumbent MP, Stephen Lloyd, has been caught on camera telling prospective voters to f**k off. Clearly confident of victory…

The Eastbourne MP – with a majority of only 1,600 – was recorded telling his prospective electorate:

Voter: “You need to stop putting graffitti up everywhere… big boards all up Eastbourne alone.. What do you represent then”
Lloyd: “Fuck off, then vote for me”
Voter: “That’s bloody rude isn’t it”

Lloyd was previously known for quitting the Lib Dems over their anti-Brexit stance, only to rejoin the party after the election was called despite the party’s even more extreme Brexit stance.

These voters weren’t East-born yesterday…

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Extinction Rebellion Glue Themselves to the Lib Dems’ Electric Bus

The Lobby were all abuzz today following Extinction Rebellion‘s ongoing ’12 Days of Crisis’ protests, and today was the turn of the Lib Dems. Only eight days left until both the Lib Dems and Extinction Rebellion buzz off…

Dressed as bees, the eco-communists swarmed the Lib Dems’ bright yellow battle bus (perhaps thinking it was the queen bee) and proceeded to glue themselves to the windscreen.

Eventually, even Jo Swinson had to get off and engage with the Wasp-Bee Women…

Just to reiterate – this is an electric bus…

Hat-Tip: @nickeardleybbc

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Lib Dem’s Tax Evasion Hypocrisy

The Lib Dem’s Manifesto proudly announces that when they form a majority government and Jo Swinson is supreme leader, they will “Take tough action against corporate tax evasion and avoidance”. 

Guido is wondering, therefore, why the Lib Dems have taken £75,000 from Attestor Services – the UK arm of Attestor Value Master Fund, a $3.1 billion hedge fund domiciled in the Cayman Islands.

Tough action indeed…

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Lib Dems Admit Losing Control in “Just a Couple of Constituencies”

Lib Dem President Sal Brinton admitted on last night’s Newsnight that her party had lost control of local branches. Questioned on Newsnight she admitted that it was the case in “just a couple of constituencies.” The central party is at war with some branches over putting candidates up against Labour Remainers in seats such as Canterbury where the local party and candidate wanted to stand aside, whilst London is forcing new candidates upon them. The candidate deadline is today and the central party is scrambling to crush local dissent…

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Lib Dems Running Upgrade Petition for Hospital that is Already Being Upgraded

The Lib Dems are getting desperate in their target seat of Hazel Grove. The candidate is currently running a petition to upgrade the local hospital, so far so election data gathering normal. The problem for Lib Dem Lisa Smart is the hospital is one of the twenty Boris announced as being upgraded back in August. It was literally the hospital used to illustrate the national upgrade programme…

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