LibDem London Mayoral Candidate Drops Out

LibDem London Mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita has become the second candidate to throw in the towel, following Rory Stewart bowing out in May. In a video posted on social media this morning, Siobhan explains “unfortunately with the delay due to the pandemic, I’m simply not able to commit to another full year of campaigning”. It was announced in March that the election would be postponed until May 2021…

Benita previously stood as an independent in 2012, placing fifth with 3.8% of the votes. The Liberal Democrats will be selecting a new candidate in due course. They have a number of London-based former candidates who are rumoured to be happy to take on more work and keen to return to the spotlight…

In her independent campaign, Benita stood as “the only candidate that is supporting a third runway at Heathrow“. As a Liberal Democrat, she u-turned on her stance in order to oppose airport expansion. Now she’s u-turned on standing at all…

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Ed Davey Breaches Lib Dem Leadership Contest Rules
After Layla Moran’s GDPR problems yesterday, Ed Davey has one-upped his opponent by formally breaching party election rules. The LibDem Returning Officer has released a statement saying Sir Ed has been using data gathered during his unsuccessful 2019 leadership campaign in this year’s one. Naughty naughty…
“A complaint has been made by an individual about Ed Davey’s 2020 campaign’s use of data gathered in his 2019 leadership campaign for direct marketing.

The party has taken legal advice and received representations from the campaign. 

The party’s advice concludes that a technical breach has occurred in relation to specific consents. We have advised the campaign of the issues, and have required the campaign to cease using the affected data now and to gain new consents before using it again.

A technical breach perhaps, but seeing as Davey has been particularly militant about data protection in the past, this is not a good look.

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Ed Davey’s Permanent Secretary Attack Flops

As the Lib Dem leadership race trundles along, Ed Davey and Layla Moran are tabling a huge quantity of pretty dull Parliamentary Questions. They must be as bored with the race as Guido is…

It looks like Sir Ed was hoping to make a pointed attack on civil service departures under this Government when questioning “how many (a) Permanent Secretaries and (b) Cabinet Secretaries have left their posts in each of the last 15 years.”

Ed will surely have been disappointed to learn that the highest number of departures was in 2005 when twelve secretaries left – half the 2020 figure. In fact, the six who have left this year puts 2020 comfortably in the lower half of departures per year. At one point in the last decade, two Energy Department permanent secretaries (Phil Wynn Owen and Moira Wallace) left the civil service in one 12 month period. Who was Secretary of State at the time? Ed Davey…

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Layla’s Late Night Loose Words

The LibDem Leadership contest became official yesterday evening, with the two remaining candidates, Ed Davey and Layla Moran, receiving the requisite nominations to be officially confirmed for the contest, which stretches to the end of August. For Moran, the official contest hasn’t got off to a flying start, with the contender last night tweeting and then deleting a potentially libellous claim that Robert Jenrick made “personal gain through backroom dealings”. Not even the most swivel eyes corners of the Labour Party are suggesting that…

The deleted Tweet, displaying a staggering lack of grasp of detail, read that:

“Holding public office is to commit to serving the people, not to making personal gain through backroom dealings. Following today’s revelations, Mr. Jenrick’s position is untenable, and he should resign.”

It’s not the first time late night Twitterings have got Layla into hot water.

This morning she gave it another go, instead going with:

“Robert Jenrick must go and the Conservative Party must hand back this donation.”

Guido hears that Jenrick is considering demanding an apology. If he’s thinking of demanding a charity donation in lieu of court, how about a domestic violence one?

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Lib Dem’s 2020 ‘Reshuffle’ in Full

Following their massacre at the election where they lost half their MPs, (down from 21 to 11) the Lib Dems have finally come to terms with their new, smaller, minibus-friendly party and done a reshuffle.

  • Ed Davey – Acting Leader, Economy and Social Justice
  • Christine Jardine – Home Office, Women and Equalities
  • Alistair Carmichael – Foreign Affairs and Brexit, Chief Whip
  • Wera Hobhouse – CIimate Emergency, Energy and the Environment
  • Tim Farron – Housing, Local Government, Food and Rural Affairs, North of England
  • Layla Moran – Education
  • Munira Wilson – Health, Wellbeing & Social Care, Transport
  • Jamie Stone – Defence
  • Sarah Olney – Business and Trade
  • Daisy Cooper – Justice, Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
  • Wendy Chamberlain – Constitutional Reform, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, International Development

Daisy Cooper who now speaks on press freedom was previously an executive director of the Hacked Off campaign for press regulation. The biggest news is they’ve finally dropped the embarrassing ‘Shadow Cabinet’ name, rebranding their spokesmen with a new “Commons Team” title. Hard to justify calling it a ‘Shadow Cabinet’ when every single MP of yours is in it…

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Lib Dem MP Tells Voters to F**k Off

A Lib Dem incumbent MP, Stephen Lloyd, has been caught on camera telling prospective voters to f**k off. Clearly confident of victory…

The Eastbourne MP – with a majority of only 1,600 – was recorded telling his prospective electorate:

Voter: “You need to stop putting graffitti up everywhere… big boards all up Eastbourne alone.. What do you represent then”
Lloyd: “Fuck off, then vote for me”
Voter: “That’s bloody rude isn’t it”

Lloyd was previously known for quitting the Lib Dems over their anti-Brexit stance, only to rejoin the party after the election was called despite the party’s even more extreme Brexit stance.

These voters weren’t East-born yesterday…

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