Tory MPs Prepare for Conference Shafting

Apologies to anyone still eating breakfast, Guido’s just been sent a press release from the Tories’ LGBT wing announcing a new range of “limited-edition” political-themed condoms in time for this year’s party conference in Birmingham. Some of which bear the names of MPs…

Slogans include:

  • Strong and Stable
  • Unleash Britain’s Potential
  • Honourable Member
  • Labour isn’t working, but this condom will (*99% of the time)

Some patrons of the group, including two MPs also have personalised versions:

  •  Gary Sambrook: Strap it for Sambrook
  • Peter Gibson: Glove it for Gibbo
  • Andrew Boff: Boff – Safely
  • Emma Best: Bang for Best
  • Nick Rogers: Roger for Nick

Not a Johnson pun in sight…

LGBT Conservatives chair Elena Bunbury comments, “This is just a small step in the work we have done towards safer sex, but we hope it provides a fun tool and useful memento for all those using them.” A fun tool indeed…

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Malthouse Defends Police Horse Rainbow Crossing Training

As if the country hadn’t gone mad enough this week on LGBTQIA+ rights, this morning the policing minister – from a Conservative government – defended the police using time, money and resources to help homophobic police horses cross new rainbow road crossings, on account of them currently being confused by the colourful floor murals. Despite Nick Ferrari setting Malthouse up for a typical anti-woke Tory rant, Malthouse proffered: 

“NF: This is a load of woke nonsence, isn’t it Minister?

KM: Well, Nick, it would be easy to think that but obviously we are seeing a growth in painting on the highway. Whether that’s cycle painting highways, or different messages being put on the highways the one thing I do know as a daughter [sic] who goes riding is that horses are unpredictable animals at times and getting them used to everything they’re going to face in the public realm – whether it’s a rainbow street marking or a sign on the road about blue lane where the cycles are going seems a good idea.”

This, however, pales in comparison to the overnight farce of the government’s gay conversion therapy policy. Yesterday afternoon ITV News published a leaked document that outlined plans to u-turn on the government’s previously stated policy of banning the practice, noting that there would be outrage from LGBT groups, ministers could resign, and Liz Truss both hadn’t been told and would find it near-impossible to climb down given her previous public support. The plan was to use the Queen’s speech to claim it as a reevaluating of the PM’s priorities.

Following widespread outrage, the government then u-turned on this u-turn to say the gay conversion therapy aspect will go ahead as planned, though trans conversion therapy will still be legal. Even Nicola Murray knew you can’t u-turn on a u-turn – that’s an o-turn…

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BBC Expected to Ditch Stonewall’s LGBT Diversity Champions Programme

The BBC is expected to drop its annual corporate subscription to Stonewall’s controversial ‘LBGT Diversity Champions’ programme, which critics say pushes a radical trans-rights agenda, because according to Vice News, BBC bosses feel they must remain “impartial on LGBT lives”. This comes just after Ofcom the EHRC and a number of private firms quit the scheme…

Critics of the charity warn that its stance on trans-rights is overly aggressive as it campaigns to make female-only spaces open to trans women. Stonewall founder Matthew Parris slammed the group for its “extremist stance” on the issue. The charity was further mired in scandal when its Chief Executive Nancy Kelley said that gender critical beliefs were akin to antisemitism. No wonder feminists have had enough and are at odds with the now anathema to them Stonewall….

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Trudeau’s Guide to LGBTQIA+ Solidarity

Yesterday Canadians went to polling booths and voted Trudeau back into power with fewer seats, losing 2 cabinet members. Since he’s in the news Guido thought he would dig out this video of the re-elected PM peacocking his liberal credentials. Congratulations Mr. Trudeau on your re-election…

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Remainers Blame Brexit for Not Making Profit for Seven Years

Gay Star News has shut its doors, making twenty people redundant and not paying them for a whole month of work. Aside from journalism, the company had also been running the official not-so-successful LGBT+ for a People’s Vote campaign. What are they blaming for their demise? “The uncertainty over Brexit” of course!

“The biggest change was the level of confidence brands and businesses in the UK have, due to the uncertainty over Brexit. It won’t surprise anyone to hear that many media organisations are struggling with the same problem.”

This claim doesn’t quite ring true when their rival PinkNews has tripled its revenue over the last twelve months. Perhaps Gay Star News’ investors were some of the few people who actually believed their Second Referendum campaign’s scare stories talking down the UK post-Brexit. Or more likely, it was just shoddy business practice…

A source familiar with the company told Guido:

“they over-hired constantly and didn’t know what they were doing… how can Brexit be the fault when they made a loss before there was a referendum? It wasn’t Brexit, it was their business plan.”

Another source in the industry told Guido that the business failed because “they ploughed hundreds of thousands of pounds into buying Facebook likes, and then Facebook changed the algorithm.” Not a good look to blame your own failings on Brexit, not that it stops many failing companies from trying…

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Labour MP’s Shameless LGBT Hypocrisy Over Andrea Leadsom

At PMQs this afternoon, mace-wielding prat Lloyd Russell-Moyle accused Andrea Leadsom of having said that “parents should decide when they are exposed to LGBT education,” whipping out the accusation that this was “Conservative Party dog-whistle politics.” The only problem is that Andrea Leadsom didn’t say that at all…

What Leadsom actually said was that she supports LGBT relationship education:

“It’s absolutely vital that children do grow up understanding the society they live in and they grow up tolerant, seeking equality and respecting differences… I think it is the case that you have to allow parents to choose to withdraw their children up to a certain age, but at the same time in order to have an equal society there comes a point where children do need to understand the social norms around them.”

Curiously, Russell-Moyle hasn’t said anything about the Labour MP Shabana Mahmood who has been directly supporting the parents in Birmingham who are campaigning against LGBT-inclusive education, in effect supporting a new Section 28. Even Owen Jones condemned her, but somehow Russell-Moyle hasn’t said a word on it. Somehow Russell-Moyle forgot to jump on board the outrage bus when its destination wasn’t a partisan attack on a Tory…

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