Local Muslim Activists Warning People Not to Support “Openly Lesbian” Leadbeater

In Dan Hodges’s Mail on Sunday column a senior Labour Party source suggested Labour was “haemorrhaging votes among Muslim voters” because of what “Keir has been doing on antisemitism”. Now, however, Guido suspects that’s not the only reason some voters don’t like Labour’s Batley & Spen candidate. Messages which have been circulated on local community WhatsApp groups warn that some have “shamelessly brought the Labour Candidate (who is openly Lesbian) to the Masjids’ (the house of Allah) for votes.” 

The message further condemns people who have been “promoting an MP that could potentially harm the Imaan of our children” and might “cost the corruption of our future generations”. Guido wonders who is spreading these anti-lesbian messages and cultivating such a toxic campaign…

Guido sources have also said Batley & Spen constituents have expressed concern over Keir Starmer’s Jewish wife. It is not clear who is spreading this information round the community…

Keir Starmer has already pre-emptively distanced himself from this nasty by-election campaign, clearly worried that Leadbeater isn’t cutting through. Perhaps if she focused on local issues instead of Israel and Palestine, she’d have more success…

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Shocking Security flaw allows men to Invade Lesbian Dating App


Following Techno Guido’s interview with Robyn Exton, the most famous lesbian in tech, many readers got in touch to express concern over Her, the lesbian dating app’s screening process that aims to stop men from signing up. “Her” uses Facebook’s login to verify that its users are female. As  plenty of readers pointed out this verification process could be manipulated with a simple piece of social engineering.  In the spirit of public service, Techno Guido set out to see if the security flaw was exploitable…

If potential Her users don’t have a Facebook login they can verify themselves by emailing in a selfie with “Her” or “Dattch” written on their hand. All  Techno Guido needed was a willing female accomplice, so he paid a girl from the online marketplace Fiverr to take the picture for him. It cost $5 for the picture, an extra $5 for the selfie taker to include her face – that’s £6.60 at current exchange rates. Bargain.

WIN_20150220_120753 (1)

That’s all it took, Techno was in. The first order of business was to choose a sexuality and set up a profile. Techno Guido is flexisexual..

i identify as

The App looked pretty much exactly how it had been described: a mash up of Pinterest, the oestrogen fuelled social network that allows people to share their taste in fashion and cooking, and Tinder, the right-swiping dating App. Deviant men looking for a secret lesbian orgy society will be left disappointed..


But Techno did spend a while browsing through, just to make sure he hadn’t missed anything.


Techno Guido hopes “Her” fixes this hole in their security procedures with immediate effect…

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Interview With Robyn Exton: The Most Famous Lesbian in Tech


In 2013 Robyn Exton launched “Dattch,” a lesbian dating app that allowed horny women to discover other like-minded women near by. This week the company pivoted and became “Her,” an all-encompassing lesbian app the aims to become the one-stop online space for queer woman worldwide. We caught up with Robyn to find out more.

Men are unsurprisingly banned from becoming users of “Her”…

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