Leave.EU Come out in Support of Boris’s Deal

Aaron Banks’s Brexit campaign, Leave.EU, has declared its support for Boris’s new Brexit deal. The endorsement comes as Farage maintains he would rather have an extension than leaving on October 31 with the deal. Paying billions more to the EU in pursuit of a pure Brexit that is out of reach…

Leave.EU – who are among the most hardline Brexit campaign groups, and a week ago called Angela Merkal a ‘kraut’ – are the latest surprise backers of the PM’s deal, falling in line just after Stuart Rose, the Chairman of Britain Stronger in Europe. The endorsement might prove crucial to the final hardline Tory Spartans yet to decide whether to back the deal…

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NCA Concludes Banks Didn’t Break Law

The National Crime Agency has concluded that Arron Banks and Leave.EU did not commit a criminal offence after the Electoral Commission referred allegations to them.

The NCA has full access to bank transactions and found nothing illegal or untoward. Carole Cadwallader’s absurd conspiracy theories have once again been found to have zero credibility – she should make a settlement offer this afternoon…

The conclusion reads as follows:

The NCA investigation has concluded that:

  • Mr Banks took a loan from Rock Holdings Ltd, a company of which he is the ultimate beneficial owner. He was legally entitled to do so.
  • Mr Banks was legally entitled, in his capacity as an individual, to release these funds to Better for the Country Ltd, by instructing another of his companies, Rock Services Ltd, to make the transactions on his behalf.
  • Rock Holdings Ltd was not involved in these transactions in a manner which contravened PPERA.

The NCA has found no evidence that any criminal offences have been committed under PPERA or company law by any of the individuals or organisations referred to it by the Electoral Commission. It will therefore take no further action against Mr Banks, Ms Bilney, Better for the Country Ltd or Leave.EU in respect of this specific matter.

Despite successive recent defeats, the Electoral Commission have refused to back down, saying, “We urge the UK’s governments to act on those recommendations to support voter confidence”, today’s Electoral Commission defeat is another example of how it simply isn’t fit for purpose…

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Jamie Oliver’s Twizzling U-Turns on Brexit

After spending most of the last three years trying to blame the poor performance of his overpriced, mediocre restaurant chain on Brexit, Guido was surprised with the news earlier this week that none other than Jamie Oliver had apparently seen the light on Brexit. While Oliver still said he thought Brexit was “a really, really bad idea”, he had decided he now “believes in democracy” and wants us to “get on with it”. He even took up championing a new trade deal with the US. A tear ran down his face. He had learned to love Big Brexit.

Unfortunately it appears his Damascene Conversion has not lasted long, as Leave.EU have found. Following their celebration of the chef’s new-found love of democracy, Oliver’s legal team sent them a cease and desist letter, claiming his pro-Brexit statements are not accurate – despite them being direct quotes from him in an interview with The Times. His U-turn wouldn’t have anything to do with the news that Oliver’s hated turkey twizzlers could be making a comeback at schools in the event of a no-deal Brexit…?

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Richard Tice Suing Femi for Libel Over Anti-Semitism Claims

The Brexit-bashing Twitterati have finally been starting to feel the consequences of putting out their endless stream of slurs and abuse against Brexiteers – last week the Guardian paid up in full after defaming Isabel Oakeshott. Now it’s 29-year-old ‘youth activist’ Femi Oluwole who is facing legal action over a series of tweets he put out last week trying to link Brexit Party Chairman Richard Tice with anti-Semitism over a tweet sent out by Leave.EU last year. Tice’s lawyers asked Femi to withdraw the the tweets by Saturday night but he failed to do so, Tice has now initiated formal legal proceedings…

Tice left Leave.EU in June 2016, the tweet Femi was highlighting is from over two years later in October 2018. Last time Tice launched libel action his lawyers Wedlake Bell won him an apology and costs from SNP MEP Alyn Smith and an on-air Newsnight apology. Femi likes to go on about his legal credentials, he’s about to find up whether they stack up in a court of law…

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YouGov Debunks Claims of Large-Scale Tory ‘Entryism’

Remainer Tory MPs’ go-to excuse when facing local members angry over flagrant betrayals of their manifesto commitments has been to dismiss it as “entryism”, despite there being no solid evidence for it whatsoever. It suits Remainer Tory MPs to blame Leave.EU rather than unhappy local members. Blame that Arron Banks gleefully accepts

Instead of idle speculation, YouGov have done a rigorous study into Tory members, when they joined the party and why. While a large number of recent joiners did say it was because they wanted a vote in the leadership election, the vast majority were Tory supporters already before they actually joined the party. Leadership contests have always been good recruiting tools for pre-existing supporters who just haven’t bothered to join the party they back:

Whilst recent joiners are more likely to support Boris, even pre-2015 members still overwhelmingly prefer Boris to Hunt by 63% to 37%, so it’s largely immaterial to the final result. There’s simply no evidence that there’s been entryism on any significant scale – newer members may be more ‘Brexity’ but they are still overwhelmingly Tories. Brexit-blocking MPs have no excuse for not listening to the genuine concerns of hard-working local members any more…

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Leave EU Fines Reduced on Appeal

On today’s judgment in the case of Leave.EU v Electoral Commission in the Central London County Court, Andy Wigmore says:

“What started out as a witch-hunt by the political establishment in what they thought was the largest political scandal investigating Cambridge Analytica and Goddard Gunster’s alleged involvement in the Leave.EU referendum campaign, has today been proven to be false. Instead, the Electoral Commission fined us on technicalities and an overspend of £50,000, not the £70,000 originally presented by them on £7 million overall spend. The fines were reduced and the Judge accepted the technical breaches were ‘mistakes’ rather than calculated wrong-doings and crucially held there were ‘no findings that Leave.EU had been dishonest.'”

No news from the police investigation yet…

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