Starmerites Urge Blue Labour Agenda; Crime, Immigration and Flag Waving to Win ‘Stevenage Woman’

In the Corbyn years, the Labour Together caucus of centrist MPs tried to make the case for making the party electable again. In 2020, with Morgan McSweeney as director, MPs in the group including Steve Reed, Shabana Mahmood, Lucy Powell, Wes Streeting, Bridget Philipson, Jim McMahon, Jon Cruddas, Lisa Nandy and Rachel Reeves got behind Starmer. McSweeney became Starmer’s chief-of-staff and is now the Labour Party’s campaign director.

It is a sign of the times that the faction is now confidently charting a path into Downing Street. A new pamphlet from the group Red Shift, based on YouGov polling, claims that there are “six distinct voter groups in England & Wales. To win the next election, a party must win four of them. In 2019, the Conservatives won five. Now, they are only winning in two.”

Stevenage Woman‘ and ‘Workington Man‘ are the key swing demographic groups apparently. In 2019, the Conservatives won both groups comfortably. Now Labour holds leads of 28 points and 41 points amongst each respectively. The authors warn that the electorate is volatile, Labour Together argues that two things will guarantee Labour’s victory:

  • Labour must hold the line on societal and cultural issues. Tough on crime, exerting a firm grip over migration, supporting robust military support for Ukraine against Russian aggression, be comfortable with the Union Jack and sing the national anthem at Labour conference. “To retain support from voters who are more socially conservative than Labour’s 2019 vote, the party must hold firm to this line.”
  • Labour must address people’s profound sense of insecurity. “A new ‘Politics of Security’ – focused on strong finances, safe streets and a secure nation – could bind together a wide coalition of voters and secure Labour’s place in power for years to come. “

The report points out that Stevenage (which has backed the governing party at every election since the constituency was created), is back in play – and Labour is forecast to win it. Guido suspects Stevenage Woman will not be impressed with Suzy/Eddie Izzard and the now seemingly abandoned trans agenda that Starmer is burning rubber reversing away from at speed. Labour’s Starmerites are determined to get the ideological barnacles off the boat… 

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