Burgon Backs Another Labour Live Festival

If there’s one thing in Labour’s recent history more mockable than Richard Burgon, it is Labour Live; the festival hardly any one turned up to and resulted in a massive financial loss to the party.

Despite the reported £1 million losses incurred by the last Labour Live, Burgon has now told Labour List it was a “good idea” and “the kind of thing we need to be doing”. Every day, Burgon makes Guido even more assured of his official endorsement

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Riot Convicted Bastani: Remain Protest Was “Public Nuisance”

Aaron Bastani accused the remain-backing Our Future Our Voice protest (who had the temerity to hold up a banner at the back of the crowd during Corbyn’s Labour Live speech) of “causing a public nuisance”. Vanilla protesting doesn’t impress the hardcore Dr Bastano

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Labour Live 2: Hardcore Edition

Now for the real Labour Live – this time without Clean Bandit and all the Red Tory, PR-friendly nonsense. Here’s the hardcore Corbynite offering: Arise – A Festival of Labour Left Ideas. The festival, coming to London in July, is billed as:

“A weekend of people powered politics, internationalism and solidarity, discussing Labour’s left ideas to change society for the better.”

Speakers include frontbenchers Diane Abbott and Richard Burgon. Shami Chakrabarti, Chris Williamson and Emma Dent Coad will also be there. Corbyn is not listed – presumably he will be steering clear to allow for the, er, free expression of more flavoursome views. The festival is backed by a rash of hard left groups; it appears to be organised through the Labour Assembly Against Austerity. It is being advertised in the Morning Star. Stop The War’s Murad Qureshi will speak, as will Jenny Manson from the loonies at Jewish Voice for Labour. They are promising a #JC4PM rally / Q&As / seminars and workshops / a social media hub and training, films, book launches and ‘meet the author’ events. Not expecting there to be media accreditation…

Weekend tickets cost £30.00 – £5 less than the the original price of Labour Live. Will it remain at full price?

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Tracey Ullman Does Labour Live

Sneak behind the scenes preview…

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Kim Il-Sung, Trotsky and Tony Blair Attending Labour Live

Labour Live organisers are handing out free tickets as fast as they can be printed. In the rush to get as many as possible to attend (Labour planned for 20,000, but just 3,000 tickets have been sold), few checks are being carried out on applicants. As such, hundreds of free tickets have been issues to Kim Il-Sung, Tony Blair and Leon Trotksy:

Looking forward to Saturday…

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Festival-Lover Watson Dodges Labour Live

Tom Watson famously loves a music festival – he’s been pictured at Glastonbury the last two years. So you’d have thought he’d have jumped at the chance to attend Labour Live, especially with tickets going cheap. Alas not, he told a guest at Ayesha Hazarika’s book launch for Punch and Judy Politics last night:

Guest: “I’ll see you at Labour Live!”

Watson: “No you won’t.”

Guest: “But I thought you loved music festivals?”

Watson: “That’s why I’m not going.”

Seems Labour’s deputy leader does not think much of Reverend and the Makers or the Magic Numbers. Should have booked Drenge…

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