Labour Demand Photo ID to Attend Conference

Labour are making a song and dance about the government stamping down on voter fraud by introducing voter ID. Labour say this will stop poor people, young and people of colour without passports from voting. The government is offering free-of-charge voter photo ID to stop the kind of electoral fraud that is common and difficult to prove…

Labour Conferences require photographic ID together with written delegate applications which are further vetted by the police. The cheapest costs £30.

Momentum claim “The Tories’ plan to introduce compulsory photo ID for voters will disproportionately affect tens of thousands of BAME and marginalised groups”. Despite the voter ID cards being free. Labour charge £30 for a photo ID pass for their conference. Who is really excluding marginalised groups from politics?

Jeremy Corbyn actually hired a Momentum organiser convicted of voter fraud to work in his office. Could there be some other reason why Momentum are campaigning against Voter ID checks?

‘Spontaneous’ Support for the Deputy Leader

It is great to see that the New Labour traditions of photo-op manangement have not died in the Labour Party. This spontaneous out-pouring of support for Tom Watson and chanting of “Tom, Tom, Tom” is heartwarming. The National Organisation of Labour Students may be disaffiliated, labour students clearly not gone…

Labour Votes to Smash Border Controls

Despite what even the most plugged-in person may think, Labour’s conference is still ongoing – and they’ve just passed one of their most extreme motions to date: Labour’s next manifesto will effectively smash all border controls. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to receive free healthcare…

The motion just passed by delegates pledges to:

  • Oppose the current immigration legislation and any curbing of rights
  • Campaign for free movement, equality and rights for migrants
  • Reject any immigration system based on incomes, migrants’ utility to business, and number caps/targets
  • Close all detention centres
  • Ensure unconditional right to family reunion
  • Maintain and extend free movement rights
  • End “no recourse to public funds” policies
  • Scrap all Hostile Environment measures… and restrictions on migrants’ NHS access
  • Extend equal rights to vote to all UK residents regardless of nationality

Uncontrolled immigration, free access to the NHS for the whole world, release all detainees, votes for anyone, from anywhere, with welfare benefits for everyone who makes it across the channel. This open border policy will drive traditional Labour voters straight into Nigel Farage’s open arms…

UPDATE: Migration Watch UK has responded to Labour’s new story, saying “If these reckless policies ever reach the statute book, we will all rue the day, especially the most vulnerable in our society”. Nigel Farage is typically blunt, “Labour now officially the party of open door mass migration without control. Old Labour voters will be appalled by this.” Labour are taking their voters for mugs…

Thornberry’s Bizarre Conference Anecdote

Watch as Thornberry goes off-script during her Labour Party conference speech and comes out with a bizarre anecdote in which she recommends people being hit by cars and suffering concussion. Of course, serious concussion is the only reason anyone would consider voting Labour…

UPDATE: Turns out the inexplicable anecdote wasn’t ad-libbed at all, but had been scripted into her speech to segue into thanking the NHS.

Making the whole thing even odder…


Corbyn Loses it with the Media

Corbyn’s always had a Trumpian hatred of the media daring to scrutinise the leader of HM Opposition, footage has just emerged of Corbyn totally losing it with a scrum of cameras at Labour conference. Not a good look…

h/t @MattChorley and @paulbrandITV

Williamson Anticipates Readmission into Labour

Speaking to Chris Williamson in Brighton, Guido has learnt his court case against his former party will be ruled on this week, in which he anticipates a victorious result. He said he would then expect readmission into the Labour Party days after…

The MP’s case – whose ruling will undoubtedly be overshadowed by the Supreme Court’s ruling on Boris’s prorogation this Monday – was launched against the Labour Party in August, following his second suspension for comments about Labour’s antisemitism crisis in June 2019. Guido is looking forward to him speaking alongside fellow expellee Jackie Walker this evening

The news comes alongside a fractious day at Labour conference, following multiple attacks of the Labour Against the Witchhunt stall, a knife attack of the LAW poster and a retaliatory punching of one of their opponents. Williamson’s readmission is hardly likely to cool down tensions…

UPDATE: Looks like some top Corbynista’s aren’t waiting for Williamson’s readmission before getting friendly. Laura Pidcock has just been spotted having a catch up…

Dawn Butler: Boris Johnson is Going to Win

Still Guido’s favourite quote of the conference…

Labour Excluding Jews from Anti-Semitism Debate

The Jewish Labour Movement’s statement on the Labour Party’s proposed rule changes on antisemitism being debated on the Shabbat (Saturday) at conference makes it clear that, not for the first time, the scheduling means observant Jews will not be able to participate. They have done this before and it can’t be accidental.

Time and again, the Party leadership and the NEC have demonstrated a complete failure in both judgement and commitment to tackle antisemitism. With a statutory investigation by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission well underway, this is the latest example of institutional failing.

We have learnt tonight from press reports that the Party wishes to make sweeping changes to the disciplinary rules on antisemitism, without consulting us, its only Jewish affiliate, or any communal organisation. To add insult to injury, they will debate these changes at conference on the Jewish Sabbath, when religiously observant Jewish Labour delegates will be silenced, unable to participate in the debate.

The Jewish community has zero confidence that proposals to hand the NEC more powers on disciplinary matters will solve this crisis. There have been countless examples of NEC members either engaging in antisemitism or turning a blind eye to it. It will simply streamline the process of letting antisemites off the hook.

Let’s see if the protests mean the debate will be rescheduled…

Watson Purge Fails

If you had a lie-in this morning you may have missed that Momentum’s attempt to purge Watson has failed. You may have missed it had even started last night. Jon Lansman, the multi-millionaire founder of Momentum proposed to the party’s governing NEC that the position of Deputy Leader be abolished. The headbanging outriders of Corbyn on Twitter were ecstatic, most Labour MPs were alarmed, it was reported that Gordon Brown had phoned Corbyn and McDonnell to lobby against the move, Tony Blair publicly backed the man who initiated the “curry plot” that led to his demise. Corbyn blinked.

What this is really about is stopping Watson becoming leader or even Prime Minister in the event that Corbyn vacates the position through ill health or machinations. Also the Labour left hates Watson for blocking some of their madder moves.

Jezza has proposed a compromise motion to the NEC advocating instead a review of the Deputy Leader position – it has long been suspected that the left wants a second Deputy Leadership position reserved for a woman – allowing Jeremy to play the statesman like peacemaker. The outriders are disappointed and Lansman now says this is a brilliant idea, not explaining why he proposed something completely different. Diane Abbott is claiming it was all just a media fabrication. Somewhere far away from Labour Conference Tony Blair is laughing…

DJ Rayner Cuts Shapes to Stormzy

Shadow Education Secretary and touted Deputy Leadership candidate Angela Rayner was seen cutting some shapes at the CWU’s Monday night party at Labour Conference. She was on the decks playing Stormzy’s ‘Never Too Big For Your Boots.’

Sadly no sign of part-time DJ part-time MP Jared O’Mara…

McDonnell and Starmer at War Over Second Referendum

John McDonnell seemingly offered a rare shred of clarity on Labour’s Brexit position this morning when he appeared to rule out the possibility of Labour supporting a second referendum with Remain as an option. He told Today and Good Morning Britain that Labour accepted the result of the first referendum and a “People’s Vote” would be on whether to accept the deal or not.

This clarity was short-lived as Keir Starmer publicly slapped down McDonnell this afternoon, insisting that “we weren’t ruling out options, and nobody was ruling out Remain”The two positions are not fudged. They are irreconcilable…

Labour NEC Chair Sparks Anti-Catholic Sectarian Row

Not content with only having a row over anti-Semitism, Labour has now become embroiled in another sectarian row too at conference. Scottish trade unionist Andy Kerr, who chairs Labour’s NEC, said he would not call a delegate to speak if, as he suspected, she had made a sign of a cross before getting up to speak. Anti-popery has long featured in Scottish politics.

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard said it was “completely unacceptable” and there have been calls for Kerr to resign his NEC post. Scottish Labour has long been plagued by sectarianism. On this evidence they still have a way to go to root it out…

Labour Conference Delegates Can’t Self-Identify

Yesterday Labour’s ruling body re-affirmed that it will allow self-identifying transgender women to stand on the party’s all women’s shortlists. The decision has angered Labour women and prompted mass resignations… 

Meanwhile, the party suspended a mischevious male activist who applied to stand as Women’s Officer, claiming he identified as a woman “on Wednesdays”Labour’s transgender problem is descending into farce…

The next controversy surrounds this year’s Labour conference, which appears to be strictly ‘gender binary’. Delegates registering for the event are being given the option to register as male or female. A pop-up “gender statement” on the party’s web form explains: “gender must match your passport for the necessary security checks”. Exclusionary…

Corbyn Boycotts Israel, McDonnell Avoids Business

Mark Regev, Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, braved the hostile chanting protestors outside the Hilton Metropole to address the Labour Friends of Israel reception last night in Brighton. Emily Thornberry told the attendees: “Jeremy’s not attending any receptions this evening because he’s got a big speech tomorrow.” Well Jezza is 68 years old, perhaps it was best he got an early night ahead of the big speech…

Hold on, here’s Jezza at the Mirror’s party:

[…] Read the rest


The Question People Are Asking Before Labour Conference

See you in Liverpool![…] Read the rest


Virgin Trains Offering Labour Conference Delegates 20% Discount


Virgin’s corporate partnership with Labour must be feeling the strain after Branson’s anti-Corbyn intervention this afternoon. Ironically Virgin Trains are offering members a 20% discount off ticket prices for delegates attending Labour’s autumn conference:

“With regular trains from London Euston, we can get you straight to Liverpool in just 2 hours 14 minutes, giving you the time to put your feet up or make those last minute preparations .

[…] Read the rest


Labour Conference Crisis Talks Break Down


Crunch talks to solve Labour’s conference security crisis have broken down, leaving the party with six weeks to sort it out or risk the whole thing being cancelled. The Guardian reports talks between GMB and union-busting firm Showsec ended in impasse, the GMB have gone straight to Labour’s NEC with demands to block Showsec and talk to other security providers (including G4S, who Labour are boycotting).[…] Read the rest


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Responding to Corbyn’s statement that the US should have arrested ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi, John Mann bluntly tweeted:

Baghdadi blew himself up with a suicide belt. An arrest might have been slightly difficult in these circumstances.”


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