Agony and Ecstasy: Kids Company Psychologist Gave Therapy Whilst Pilled Up

Kids Co

A former Kids Company psychologist has today admitted being high on rave drug MDMA whilst working with vulnerable young people at the charity. Dr Helen Winter, pictured above, was speaking at the Old Bailey, where she also confessed to having taken other illegal drugs in her leisure time, culminating in her testing positive for cocaine in a drugs test in May 2014. In perhaps the most shocking admission, she spoke of how she allowed youngsters she knew through the charity to stay in her flat. Guido is sure the kids thought all their Christmases had come at once when the pill-popping blonde invited them back to her gaff…

This will of course come as no shock to readers, having previously read about how the now defunct charity paid for clients to go on sojourns to rave hotspot Ibiza. Once again Guido can only reiterate his regret at having not frequented what appears to have been one of London’s finest rave establishments. RIP Kids Co. Gone but not forgotten (well, sort of forgotten – a lot of drugs were taken…).

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Kids Company’s Ibiza Sessions Revealed


The revelations keep on coming with regards to the disgraced charity Kid’s CompanyCivil Society has been having a nose through some of the evidence submitted to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee’s Inquiry, and have unearthed some rather remarkable allegations. One former employee stated that staff would join young people the charity was treating for luxury spa days, even bringing their love interests along. They then went on to recount how a man in his mid 20s had a first class fight to New York bought for him. Finally in possibly the most bizarre submission, the former employee recalls how they were asked out-of-the-blue to go on a free trip to the Balearic party island of Ibiza with a young woman receiving treatment from the charity. Astonishing allegations:

  • Clients were sent on holidays: I was asked if I would accompany an extremely troubled young woman (who I only knew by reputation) to Ibiza, as another key worker had pulled out.
  • A keyworker took a client to a spa (possibly Champneys in Tring) for 2 or 3 days of pampering. The key worker’s boyfriend joined them for the night of 14th February so that he could spend Valentine’s Eve with his partner.
  • A client in his mid-20s was sent to New York First Class in order to see his girlfriend. This same client has allegedly been sent to the USA for several months all expenses paid –  to keep him “out of the way” while investigations take place.

First class flights, spa trips to Champneys, and Ibiza rave sessions. Had Guido known he would have knocked on Kids Company’s door far sooner…

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