Developing Countries Turning to Britain Post Brexit

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The East African Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the EU has for the last 10 years held countries like Tanzania and Kenya ransom, punishing these largely agricultural economies for failing to sign up to new agreements. Last week, Kenya feared another hit to its blooming flower industry after rumours of Tanzania getting cold-feet about signing a collective trade agreement in October.

At the same time the EU deal was thrown into question last week, Britain took the stage with China to announce stronger trade cooperation with Kenya. 56% of black tea and 27% of fresh produce comes to the UK from Kenya, with flowers being a particular boon, so any deal would be welcome. For less developed countries being drawn into the EU deal, the “Everything but Arms” initiative already means they can export produce into Europe duty-free and quota-free. Larger economies like Kenya can always sign their own, separate agreement with the EU if they want, not tied down to the wishes and demands of their neighbours, or they can continue with the EPA. As Kenyan professionals have already pointed out, there is another choice…

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Compare and Contrast: Kenya v Scotland on GM Food


Following news earlier this week that the Scottish government are planning to ban the use of all genetically modified crops, Kenya have also taken a bold stand on GM food, announcing yesterday that they are going to lift their ban. The Scottish decision was welcomed by one MSP as it would protect Scotland’s “reputation for high quality food and drink”…

Kenya’s Deputy President had a more coherent argument for their decision:

so that we can maximise on agricultural production, improve health services, conserve the environment and basically improve the living standards of our people

One is a deprived country whose population is suffering from chronic health problems. The other is Kenya…

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