Starmer Denies Extinction Rebellion Donor Will Affect Policy… While Opposing Stronger Police Powers

Sir Keir has just insisted that the eye-watering £380,000 he and the Labour Party have accepted from Dale Vince – the man bankrolling Just Stop Oil – will have absolutely no impact on his judgement heading into the next election. None. Zilch.  

Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC this morning, the Labour leader claimed that the mountain of cash landing in his lap “will not make a blind bit of difference” to Labour’s position:

“Look, [Dale Vince] donated to the Labour party. He knows me very well. He knows that nothing he donates is going to affect my judgement on [Just Stop Oil], obviously it’s up to him what he does with his money. But the fact that he donates will not make a blind bit of difference to the tough line that I take in relation to Just Stop Oil”

Ferrari later put that to the test, by quizzing Starmer on the government’s plan to give the police new powers to crack down on eco-loons’ protests. Are those changes necessary? “I’m not sure they are”, said Sir Keir…

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Arrest-Prone Suspended-Labour Councillor Jumps Before She’s Pushed

In October 2022, Guido secured the suspension of Labour councillor Theresa Norton, who had just been arrested for the fourth time as part of Just Stop Oil’s climate protests. Until Guido challenged the Labour press office, it looked like they were going to let her carry on, despite Sir Keir’s strong opposition to the disruptive demonstrations…

It’s now emerged, however, that Councillor Norton has decided to jump before she was pushed. While having the whip suspended during the investigation into her actions, she now tells her local paper that she’s made the decision to leave the party anyway because it’s not socialist enough for her.

They asked me to qualify my actions.

“But rather than wait until January or February for them to make the decision, I chose to leave the party.

“As a socialist, I find that I needed something a bit more than what the Labour Party nationally are offering at the moment.

“I’m a true socialist and they’re not quite living up to my expectations of how a socialist government should perform.

Unfortunately, Scarborough Council is to be abolished in April of next year, so we won’t get to see how Norton’s extremist pro-crime politics would have fared at the ballot box. Just Stop Oil and their Extinction Rebellion comrades do seem rather allergic to democracy…

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Eco-Loon Who Shut Down M25 Is Former Rolls Royce Engineer

What a turn-up for the books. According to MailOnline, one of the loons from Just Stop Oil who blocked the M25 earlier this month worked for Rolls-Royce just weeks before the protest. Who could’ve seen something like this coming? It’s not as if these clowns haven’t set a precedent for this kind of hypocrisy…

Tom Gardener, the Mail reports, is a 29-year-old former systems engineer at the company which, well, isn’t exactly famous for its green credentials. By its own admission, Rolls-Royce produced 0.6% of worldwide man-made carbon emissions three years ago. It manufactures some of the biggest plane engines in the world, pumping out tonnes of CO2 daily. And until a few weeks ago, it also employed a man who now spends his time blocking motorways over… carbon emissions. 

Apparently, he resigned shortly before the M25 stunt, and along with 57 other protesters, was charged with causing a public nuisance last week. Presumably he’s still looking for a job. BP are hiring…

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Hysterical, Posh Eco-Activist Loses it On Sky News

An hysterical Just Stop Oil activist with the laughably stereotypical name of Indigo Rumbelow was told to “stop shouting at me” by Mark Austin, after she began raving about the impending death of the planet and asking whether he loved his children. Does Just Stop Oil not realise that if their antics don’t put the public off their cause, their choice of lunatic spokespeople does?

“Politics has FAILED us! I’m 28 this is the 27th COP conference and what has happened every single year? The emissions have risen and risen and risen. If you were doing your job properly everyone would be out on the street [interruption] but they’re not [interruption] and I really [interruption] want you to understand [interruption] do you know how grave the situation is?

I do understand

And do you have children?

I’ve got children

And do you love those children?

Indigo, please. I understand the point you’re making, you are here today to justify the tactics, you’re effectively…

Do you love those children more than you love fossil fuels?

You are committing a crime…


Stop shouting at me.”

Guido has managed to peek a look inside Indigo’s private Instagram account, and came across this mysterious photo.

How on earth do you reckon she managed to take that photo…?

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Labour Finally Suspend Arrested Just Stop Oil Councillor

Guido understands Labour have finally suspended Scarborough councillor Theresa Norton, the Just Stop Oil loon who repeatedly blocked traffic on the M25. It looks like her fourth arrest was one too many…

As of today, Norton no longer has a party affiliation on Scarborough’s Borough Council webpage:

All it took was multiple arrests, missed council meetings, and hundreds of furious commuters…

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Police Forces’ Hypocrisy on Press Arrests at Climate Protests

This week, the police were probably the only ones doing more self-inflicted reputational damage than Gavin Williamson. Not only have they failed to stop M25 climate protests four days on the trot, and allowed eggs to be thrown at the king – the only people they have thrown into prison cells have been blameless journalists doing their job.

The media world were all horrified to hear the experience of LBC’s Charlotte Lynch, who ended up in a cell for five hours for reporting – at distance – the Just Stop Oil protests. Earlier in the week, a photographer and a filmmaker were also held in custody for about 13 hours.

In the end, they were all released without charge.

This morning, the Police & Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, David Lloyd, finally apologised to Lynch – but ruined the PR by victim-blaming journalists: they shouldn’t have been covering the protests in the first place.

“I do think that [LBC] too need to have a think about how we as a society, as a community, ensure that oxygen of publicity that Just Stop Oil is seeking is moderated, so that we don’t end up with people doing this and really they’re only doing it because they know it’s going to be reported.”

They’re not: they’re doing it because it ruins many thousands of peoples’ day. 

Blaming of the media by senior police representatives is at odds with the police’s desire to get coverage of their own responses to the protests. Four days ago, the Met invited The Sun along to a showcase arrest of Extinction Rebellion founder Roger Hallam.

So much for journalists giving the groups unnecessary oxygen…

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