Dale Vince Has Planning Permission Opposed for Non-Existent Environmental Standards

Green energy tycoon and Labour bankroller, Dale Vince, is yet again putting profit before his own principles. This time, he’s facing opposition from local Green Party councillors over his proposed plan to develop a Stroud office building into 18 flats. Their list of environmental complaints is long and includes:

  • Because there is no design and access statement, we assume the proposed development is non-sustainable and is not energy efficient.
  • There is no consideration for double or triple glazing for soundproofing or sustainable energy.
  • Cycle and recycling facilities are inadequate.
  • There are no EV charging points.
  • The flats are very mean in size.

Conservation experts also add that, without mitigation, the plans “do not adequately address the requirements of The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017″…

This is far from the first time Just Stop Oil-loving Dale has put his anti-growth ideals on the back burner. He also made £65 million selling ‘dirty gas’ and plans to launch his own fleet of jet-fuel burning domestic airliners. His eco-agenda increasingly seems to apply to others…

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Just Stop Oil Slams Dale Vince’s Dodgy Green Credentials

Guido reported in July that Eco-Loon entrepreneur and top Just Stop Oil donor Dale Vince was launching an green airline whose “EcoJets” will actually run off plain old filthy jet fuel. Guido can reveal that Vince’s Ecotricity,Britain’s greenest energy company,” isn’t much better.

Ecotricity, which along with its sister companies has received over £100m in subsidies since 2002, claims that theirgreen gasmills will produce clean energy from grass cuttings because burnt gas “will be reabsorbed when the grass grows back.” The only problem is, they don’t currently exist.

Ecotricity, admits that, “currently, about 1% of the gas we supply comes from other green gas mills, and the rest is natural gas. The residual carbon emissions from our fossil fuel gas are offset by investing in carbon reduction schemes around the world to carbon neutralise all the gas we supply.” Quelle surprise…

The only problem is, when Guido spoke to Vince’s beneficiary Just Stop Oil about carbon offsetting, they supplied a starkly different view. When a company claims their offset natural gas is green, “they’re lying.” The orange warriors’ spokesman agreed that there are “no offsetting projects that nullify the environmental cost of selling natural gas.” That means that the £65m Ecotricity made from the sale of gas in 2022 is “dirty money”…

In fact, Guido was told categorically that “the only way is an immediate transition to renewable energy” and that the UK needs to abandon “archaic technology from the 20th century.” Like Vince’s natural gas…

When natural gas is offset using various schemes in the third world, such as Ecotricity’s in Indonesia and the Ivory Coast, Just Stop Oil helpfully commented that there is “no guarantee that they take carbon out of the atmosphere,” and that trees that are planted “all fucking die.” Well put…

Presumably the eco warriors will return the funds they’ve received from their sham green benefactor. Now that they’ve torn his green credentials to shreds…

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Just Stop Oil Backer Dale Vince Demands Sun Removes One Word from Story

IPSO has finally responded to Dale Vince’s complaint this May that The Sun had somehow breached the Editors’ Code of Practice with an article headlined “ECO STOOGE Sir Keir Starmer held secret talks with Just Stop Oil donor days before revealing plan to bin new oil licences”. The Just Stop Oil-backing millionaire actually took the time to complain the use of just one word: He denied that the meeting was “secret”…

After a protracted back and forth – The Sun refused to back down, insisting the article wasn’t inaccurate, and the discussions were not publicly known – IPSO’s Complaints Committee “did not make a determination” as to who was right. Instead, “as a gesture of goodwill“, The Sun have removed the word “secret“, and kept everything else in the story exactly the same. He’s still described as an ECO STOOGE. Apparently Vince has decided not to take things further, and the removal of “secret“, even from the article’s web link, is good enough. This took about three months of investigations. And people complain these Just Stop Oil loons have too much time on their hands…

Read the ruling here


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Just Stop Oil: Labour Empowered Us to ‘Escalate to High-Level Action’

In news that will come as a shock to absolutely nobody, Just Stop Oil have boasted about their links to the Labour Party. In a meeting recording obtained by the Daily Mail, eco-campaigner Larch Maxey highlighted Just Stop Oil’s influence on Labour policy:

“Very reluctantly we blocked the roads around Parliament every day for 32 days straight. And that suddenly cut through, we were headline news, Labour suddenly shifted and said ‘We hate Just Stop Oil, oh but by the way, we’re going to stop new oil, coal and gas”

He added that Labour’s response is why “we have to escalate it again”…

Lee Anderson added his two cents to the story on X. He mused:

“Does this mean a vote for Labour is a vote for Just Stop Oil? Best get out on the campaign trail in my diesel car to put this to voters. I wonder what they will make of it all”.

The Tories think they’ve struck oil with this attack line.

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Just Stop Oil Pair Set for “Extraordinary” Sentences After Appeal Rejected by Court

Morgan Trowland and Marcus Decker, the Just Stop Oil acolytes who scaled the Dartford Crossing last year, are set for a long stint at His Majesty’s Pleasure after their appeal was today denied in the Court of Appeal. Trowland faces three years, whilst Decker faces two years and seven months for public nuisance. Just Stop Oil’s Barrister described the sentence as “extraordinary”. The Dartford Crossing was evidently a bridge too far.

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Just Stop Oil Cost Taxpayer £7.7 Million in Just 13 Weeks

Just Stop Oil’s protests have cost the taxpayer more than £7.7 million in Met Police funding over the last 13 weeks, with 150 officers a day having to respond to their pointless stunts. Met Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist revealed the equivalent of a whopping 23,500 officer shifts had been wasted on attending to the eco-loons – even though the officers have often just stood around idly as the unwashed tribe glue themselves to the road… 

Twist told LBC:

“…When you get into deliberately causing serious disruption to the public of London, stopping people from going about their daily business, disrupting people from going to work or hospital or taking their children to school then that tips over into crime… One of the challenges we have with Just Stop Oil is they don’t tell us where they’re going to protest, they don’t tell us when they’re going to take action.”

£7.7 million could pay the salaries of around 200 officers…

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