Sajid Slams His Employer’s Clients

This morning Sajid Javid, the former Tory chancellor and culture secretary, who is still a Tory MP, told the Telegraph’s readers

“I’m shocked that in the middle of what’s become an existential crisis for many football clubs, this clique of owners have displayed such appalling selfishness, and a callous disregard for their fans. A ‘Super League’ monopoly strikes at the very spirit of the beautiful game – it shuts out the underdog, offends our British sense of fair play, and reduces football to numbers on a spreadsheet. Given that the club’s owners appear to be motivated solely by profit, the Government should consider introducing a new Super Tax that would come into effect if they actually went ahead. That should splash enough red ink on their spreadsheets to quickly put an end to these destructive, anti-competitive proposals.”

When the US investment bank behind the European Super League, JP Morgan, hired Sajid Javid last year, they said “We are delighted to welcome Sajid back to JP Morgan as a senior adviser, and we look forward to drawing upon his in-depth understanding of the business and economic environment to help shape our client strategy across Europe.”  Saj’s advice to the football club owners who are (or were) JP Morgan’s clients is clear enough. Guido can’t however help thinking that as client strategies go, JP Morgan might be a little disappointed with the advice for which they have paid him £150,000…

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Chuka Joins JP Morgan to Advise on Green Investments

Former Labour, former The Independent Group, former Change UK – The Independent Group, former LibDem MP Chuka Umunna has added another job to his already lengthy CV, joining JP Morgan’s European environmental, social and governance (ESG) advisory efforts – the hot sector in finance currently. A brave choice given the last strategic advice Umunna gave on Europe resulted in him and all multiple colleagues losing their seats…

An internal memo sent to Guido reveals Chuka is leaving global comms firm Edelman, which he only joined last July, along with his old flame Luciana Berger, to “work closely with the firm’s regional and global ESG stakeholders… to help our clients successfully navigate the evolving ESG landscape.” In particular, he’ll work on the new sustainability-focused financing wing of the investment bank. There’s no word on whether Chuka is retaining any of his other three roles at Forbes, Digital Identity Net U.K. and a strategic corporate advisor to companies.

Read the internal announcement in full below:

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JP Morgan’s Stephanie Flanders: Remainers ‘Exaggerating’ Costs of Brexit


JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon offered another doom-mongering prediction this morning, claiming Brexit would be “terrible” for the economy and thousands of jobs would be lost. He should read the analysis of his own Chief Market Strategist, one Stephanie Flanders. She says Remain campaigners warning of Armageddon are exaggerating:

“Though we anticipate a vote in favour of remaining in the European Union , a “leave” vote in the coming UK referendum is a distinct possibility and is something that investors should be prepared for. Long term, the costs… of Brexit to the UK economy are probably exaggerated by commentators and campaigners”

Of course, JP Morgan supported the single currency, spends millions lobbying the European Commission and is a major donor to Stronger In. No further questions…

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