Bercow Delisted By Speaking Agencies

Yesterday, Guido noted how, despite being found to be a serial liar and a bully, John Bercow has managed to remain broadly ‘uncancelled’ from his various positions and jobs. Despite him standing down as a Holland Park School trustee, his other roles seem intact.

One of his sources of income is as a keynote speaker for various agencies. While his website says he is represented for media and speaking engagements by JLA, he can also be booked via the London Speaker Bureau. Or can he?

Anyone trying to find his profile on either website via Google – or clicking through to JLA – will find his profile is now no longer available. Guido wondered whether Bercow’s serial bullying might have finally had some consequences, however calling up the London Speaker Bureau to see if he could book John, Guido was told (after some off-the-call consultations) that he is still available as a speaker and indeed has an engagement coming up. Are the agencies trying to pretend they care about bullying victims by hiding his profile, yet still allowing clients to book Bercow and continue making money?

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