Rayner’s Photobomb: “Present But Not Involved”

Angela Rayner raised eyebrows this week after a photo emerged of her posing with Corbyn for a campaign – despite his continued suspension from the Labour Party. Compounding the controversy is the fact Rayner attended antisemitism training sessions with the Jewish Labour Movement just two days ago. She clearly wasn’t paying attention in class…

Today Angela excused herself, claiming she was merely “photobombed” by Corbyn and that she didn’t speak to him. Hardly convincing given the photographic evidence showing the two looking very friendly side-by-side whilst she delivers speech…

Was it an accident, or another deliberate attempt by Rayner to schmooze the hard left of the party? Guido will let co-conspirators decide…

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Which Labour Leadership Contenders Identify as Zionists?

One of the hottest-button issues in the Labour Party right now concerns a territorial dispute over two thousand miles away. The Jewish Labour Movement hustings last night asked each of the candidates whether they would identify as a Zionist. Guido brings you the lowdown…


“I am a zionist”


“I don’t describe myself as a Zionist”


“I believe that Jewish people have the right to national self determination, that makes me a Zionist.”


“I suppose that makes me a Zionist”

Who would have guessed that Long-Bailey would be more willing to describe herself as a Zionist than Sir Keir QC…

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Read in Full: Jewish Labour Movement’s Submission to the Human Rights Commission on Antisemitism in Labour

The Jewish Labour Movement’s closing submission to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission has been leaked in full.

The conclusion – based on testimonies of 70 serving and former Labour party officials – damningly says “The Labour Party is no longer a safe space for Jewish people”. 

100 additional testimonies from party members say they have suffered or witnessed antisemitism at party events. Labour were desperate to change the final election week’s narrative – this might make that difficult…

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Corbynistas Attack Chief Rabbi as Paid Boris-Supporting, Mossad Agent

Britain’s Chief Rabbi has taken the unprecedented step of describing Corbyn as not fit for high office. Unfortunately coinciding with the launch of Labour’s ‘race and faith’ manifesto…

In a Times article, Ephraim Mirvis writes “the overwhelming majority of British Jews are gripped by anxiety” and asks “What will become of Jews and Judaism in Britain if the Labour Party forms the next government?”, finishing off by saying the very soul of the nation is at stake. Naturally, Corbynites have responded by calling Mirvis a supporter of Netanyahu, a Boris supporting Tory and a Mossad agent. Even worse, they accuse the chief Rabbi of being “a Zionist”!

Today’s intervention would bad enough for Labour, however it will also undoubtedly overshadow their race and faith policy announcements, which include:

  • Creating a new body to oversee the legacy of colonialism
  • A race equality unit at the Treasury
  • Reduced charges for Home Office documents and tests
  • Changes to the curriculum to teach children about the injustices of the British Empire
  • Make the Equality and Human Rights Commission – the very body investigating the party for institutional Antisemitism – “truly independent” (a proposal heavily criticised by the Jewish Labour Movement)

Meaning today’s uncosted announcements come to (drum roll): a meagre £1.5 billion…

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Call for Whip To Be Removed Before MP Has Taken It

In what Guido thinks is a political first, the Labour affiliate group the Jewish Labour Movement has called for the whip to be removed from Labour’s newly elected MP for Peterborough before she has even had a chance to be sworn in as an MP. Tragi-comedy…

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McDonnell’s LRC Accuses Jews of ‘Stabbing Labour in the Back’

The ‘Labour Representation Committee’, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s long-term faction of which he now serves as President, this week published an article attacking the Jewish Labour Movement entitled “JLM Stabs Labour in the Back.” A line echoing Goebbels…

The article seems to state that the concerns of Jewish people about racism are of no importance compared to austerity, denies the harassment of Luciana Berger, and claims that the Jewish members of Jewish Labour Movement are part of a conspiracy to bring the Labour Party into disrepute.

Written by the Political Secretary of the group, Mick Brooks, the article goes on to claim that the Jewish Labour Movement is simply a front for Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. The article rounds off by calling for the official representative body of Jews in Labour to be banned and disaffiliated from the Labour Party…

John McDonnell remains active as the President of the group, having written for it less than a week ago. He is listed as one of just nine people involved in running it on their website. We have contacted John McDonnell’s office for comment, at the time of going to pixel no response has been forthcoming. This is being done in McDonnell’s name

UPDATE 10 April: A spokesman for McDonnell told The Times: “John wants the JLM to continue to play a full role in the Labour Party. John has no day-to-day involvement in the operation of the LRC and is not responsible for its website or for posts on social media by its supporters.” He remains el Presidente of the Labour Representation Committee.

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