New York Times Editor Refuses To Apologise for Plagiarising ‘World Exclusive’ Article

Last Week the New York Times ‘exclusively’ revealed how Israeli secret service officials smuggled a one-ton automated gun piece-by-piece into Iran to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh; surprising given the exact same information had been published in The Jewish Chronicle seven months earlier…

In a letter seen by Guido, Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard slammed The New York Times for “straightforward plagiarism”, writing:

“…that the New York Times should have published any story broken by another newspaper without attribution is a shameful stain on its ethics (…) I assume that the NYT will apologise for the plagiarism of its writers and correct the online story to the proper attribution of the story.” 

Unfortunately he ‘assumed’ wrong. 48 hours after the email was sent Guido understands there has been complete radio silence from the light-fingered New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet.  Not great behaviour from the usually ethics-obsessed New York Times…

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Second Rabbi Calls for Tactical Voting Against Labour

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The front page of the Jewish Chronicle this morning is damning. It comes as a second Rabbi has also gone public and written to his congregation telling them to vote tactically against Labour:

The problem lies with Jeremy Corbyn and the present Labour leadership who tolerate and allow antisemitism to rise from within its ranks.

I would therefore like to join the call made by my colleague Rabbi Romain. If you too believe that a Corbyn-led government would be detrimental to Jewish life as we know it, you should put aside all other considerations and vote for the party that is most likely to defeat Labour in your local constituency. Do not discount the power of your single vote as in many constituencies seats are won or lost on small majorities.

Please feel free to share this with any family, friend or colleagues you think might feel the same. You are welcome to contact me should you, or others, wish to discuss the content of my letter.

Rabbi Yuval Keren’s letter to his Southgate Progressive Synagogue won’t be the last…

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Number 10: Jewish Chronicle Report Untrue

After the Jewish Chronicle reported that Number 10 knew about Priti Patel’s meeting with Bibi before they previously admitted and also ordered Priti to cover up details of two further meetings with Israeli officials, a Downing Street spokesman says the JC is wrong:

“It is not true that the Prime Minister knew about the International Development Secretary’s meeting with PM Netanyahu before Friday 3rd November. It is equally untrue to say that No 10 asked DfID to remove any meetings from the list they published this week.”

Not looking good for Priti, who is currently somewhere over Greece and due to land at Heathrow just after 3pm…

UPDATE: Flight Radar live on Sky News: ‘As you can see she’s currently somewhere over Albania…’

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Ken Blames Jewish Chronicle

Ken has been on the Today programme to blame the Jewish Chronicle for his Hitler Tourette’s. The JC say:

“Somehow, out of all the coverage his words have received over the past year, he has decided it is all the Jewish Chronicle’s fault. One might wonder what conclusion can be drawn from that.”

He also doubled down on last week’s new slur about Jews collaborating with Nazis, insisting: “Literally there is such a history of collaboration”. Decision expected today – surely Labour won’t let him off, right?

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Corbyn Boycotts Jewish Chronicle

Jeremy Corbyn has run the risk of appearing to shun the Jewish community by pulling out of an interview with the Jewish Chronicle, Britain’s most widely read Jewish newspaper.

Guido understands that Corbyn’s people approached the JC offering them a clear-the-air interview, realising he was not exactly JC readers’ number one choice given his ‘friendship‘ with Hamas and his support for the anti-Semitic Islamist Raed Salah.

The JC agreed, proposing that Corbyn be interviewed by Oliver Kamm, the neo-Con Times journalist, a Labour supporter but a friend of Israel. Upon being told Kamm would conduct the interview, Corbyn’s team informed the JC he was no longer interested in speaking to them.

Next week’s Labour Friends of Israel hustings, which Corbyn is attending and which is co-hosted by the JC, will certainly be punchy…

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