ITV Broadcast Grieve’s Phone Number

In a post-GDPR world, you might think the big media giants would have a member of staff on hand to ensure their practices are compliant. ITV however takes a clearly more cavalier approach to EU law, as yesterday they interviewed Remoaner-in-Chief Dominic Grieve with his phone number on full view to the world. Guido has always said he’s a phone-y democrat.

The interview, conducted via FaceTime from his home in France (naturellement), was promptly wiped from the web – but not before Twitter had noticed.

Guido is Grieving for inevitable state of the former Attorney General’s phone today…

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Pestmoji on Wednesdays

Robert Peston’s fancy new Wednesday show will kick off next week, with Peston promising some “exciting new elements”. Today we found out that one of these is the creation of his very own emoji. After his Sunday morning flop he’ll need more than an emoji to win over viewers…

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Peston on Sunday Cancelled

Peston on Sunday is no more, reports Amol Rajan. Viewers who want to watch his Remoaner whinge fest will now have to tune in at 22:35 on Wednesdays instead. Victory for Marr and Ridge…

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Richard Madeley ‘Terminates’ Gavin Williamson Interview

Classic Partidge moment from Madeley this morning…

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Kelly Brook Blows Raspberry on Farage’s Belly

Latest blow for Ukip…

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“Robert Peston, BBC”

ITV’s Robert Peston introduces himself as from the BBC. He does get very confused whenever he has to talk about Brexit.

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