SS Nazi Uniform Shame of Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan, who condemned Justin Trudeau and said he should resign for blacking up his face when he was a student, is pictured here wearing the uniform of the Nazi SS. The SS were the Nazi Party’s military wing – ultra-loyal to Hitler, the members of the Waffen-SS were involved in numerous atrocities. At the post-war Nuremberg Trials the Waffen-SS was judged to be a criminal organisation with direct involvement in numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity. The SS ran the Nazi concentration camps responsible for the killing of millions.

The picture – obtained exclusively by Guido – was taken at a party in East Sussex where, according to Guido’s source, Piers was goose-stepping around and giving “Heil Hitler” salutes. The wearing of Nazi uniforms in itself is a crime in many countries that were the victims of Nazi occupation…

For picture rights contact Achtung: our lawyers are watching.

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Peston Chats Sh*t

“I’ve got to talk to you, I’m afraid, about poo” probably wasn’t the line of questioning DCMS Secretary Oliver Dowden was expecting when he agreed to appear on Peston last night. Asking about the opening of public toilets in line with increasing freedom to visit parks and other attractions, Dowden did a cracking job of keeping a straight face as one of the nation’s supposed top political broadcasters asked him whether the public can poo in a loo at a zoo. The public now has clarification that it is not government policy to allow excretion in public parks – where would we be without Peston…

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Morgan’s GMB Ratings Have Collapsed

On March 25 GMB’s viewing figures according to industry audience monitor BARB hit a high of 1.23 million, a month later by April 24 the viewer numbers have collapsed back down to 704,300. That is a 42.8% drop in people tuning in to hear him hysterically ranting. He’s lost Trump as a Twitter follower and almost half his TV audience…

Piers was until recently hated by the wokesters for his strong views on self-identification, however his new found enthusiasm for berating government ministers for not knowing whatever figure he demands of them, in pursuit of a tweetable clip, has won the wokesters back as fans. Unfortunately they don’t get up in the morning to watch his show and his infotaining appeal has worn off. As his former friend Donald would say “terrible ratings, just terrible”….

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Britain’s Biggest Social Distancing Hypocrite is Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan was retrospectively incensed earlier this week that the Government allowed the Cheltenham festival to go ahead. The GMB presenter dressed down DWP Secretary Therese Coffey saying:

“We [the Government] were sending hundreds of thousands of people out to the Cheltenham Festival, out to football matches, and out to pop concerts. That’s why we’re so badly prepared because we spent weeks refusing to accept the severity of this crisis. Your plan didn’t work.”

What Piers didn’t mention is that he was one of those thousands who went to football matches and events throughout the period for which he is criticising the Government.

  • 7 March – Piers attended a crowded Arsenal football match
  • 10 March – Cheltenham Festival begins
  • 10 March – Piers jokes with a fake arm about new social distancing rules
  • 10 March – Piers attends packed awards ceremony
  • 11 March – Piers says “stopping the spread of coronavirus is more important than attending football matches or continuing our social lives”
  • 11 March – Piers posts selfies from awards on social media
  • 13 March – GMB presenter Charlotte Hawkins reports from Cheltenham, Piers says she looks like a drowned rat.
  • 17 March – Piers sits within six feet of Charlotte Hawkins, who had just returned from the crowded Cheltenham Festival. At this point co-presenter Susanna was already in self isolation…

In the middle of the Cheltenham Festival when he is criticising the Government for allowing it to go ahead, Piers was busily ignoring and joking about the social distancing rules. In one selfie he even joked that “My fans don’t seem to have got the social distancing memo…” Those in glass crowds…

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Peston’s Testing Shortage Disinformation

On Tuesday evening, ITV Political Editor Robert Peston made extraordinary and widely shared claims that “there is no shortage of the relevant reagents” – implying that the Government was either lying or simply hadn’t bothered to ask around. His tweet has attracted over 14,000 retweets and 20,000 likes.

His single anonymous Chemical Industries Association source could be right. On the other hand, Guido has pulled together some other people who might just know what they are talking about:

  • Professional Association of Laboratory Medics, Germany: “The association is worried that the materials required for testing — sample kits, materials for extracting samples, and reagents — are becoming scarce”
  • Department of Health, Australia: “Due to global demand exceeding supply, stocks of all laboratory related testing consumables are under considerable strain. At the moment there are particular concerns around supplies of swabs and DNA extraction kits.”
  • Centre for Disease Control, United States: Important reagents are “now are in short supply,”
  • Leo Varadkar, Ireland: “The current cause of delay is a shortage of reagents. We hope to address that but then there may be a shortage of something else. We have to be honest about that – we will hit delays.”
  • Chief Public Health Officer, Province of Manitoba, Canada: “Right now the major roadblock is the reagent and that is worldwide.”
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention, South Korea: Kwon Jun-wook, deputy director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said … it was true that Roche Diagnostics’ supply of reagents for nucleic acid extraction was not stable.”
  • Health Ministry, Israel: Deputy Director General Prof. Itamar Grotto said that “Unfortunately what we just received is not exactly what we needed. The test is comprised of many components and the main problem is that we are missing swabs.”
  • National Public Health Surveillance Laboratory, Lithuania: “The reagent kits have been shipped out but have not yet arrived. Supply chains are breaking down. We are following the situation and trying to coordinate.”
  • Metropolis Health Ltd, (registered lab offering tests) India: “Since resources are limited, including protection equipment for sample collectors and reagents, we have decided to prioritise testing to those who are most at need.”
  • Virology Laboratory at Italy’s National Institute for Infectious DiseasesEuropean Commission Coronavirus Advisory Group: “major companies that provide the reagents that labs need to analyze tests are reaching “the maximum of their capacity,” said Capobianchi, noting there’s also a need for more swabs for collecting samples. “I don’t know how long they would require to scale up their capacity,” she said of reagent producers.”

Whilst he later acknowledged that there was a global problem, Peston has still not deleted the original thread. Inevitably his later correction only got a tiny bit of attention, with fraction of the interaction.

Guido understands that the predominant reason Germany has a much higher testing rate is fortunately for them the specific diagnostics facilities needed to test for Covid-19 have a large number of branches in Germany, meaning domestic production just happened to be enormous to begin with. The UK will at least be very well served if any future pandemic requires a large supply of snide punditry…

Last night Peston had to be corrected again by Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van Tam on his understanding of which tests can do what, this morning Peston tweets that he “was slightly taken aback at the ferocity of the Deputy Chief Medical Officer’s response”. Painful viewing, see for yourself…

Isn’t it about time big news outlets had their health, rather than political teams leading on Coronavirus coverage?..

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ITV Broadcast Grieve’s Phone Number

In a post-GDPR world, you might think the big media giants would have a member of staff on hand to ensure their practices are compliant. ITV however takes a clearly more cavalier approach to EU law, as yesterday they interviewed Remoaner-in-Chief Dominic Grieve with his phone number on full view to the world. Guido has always said he’s a phone-y democrat.

The interview, conducted via FaceTime from his home in France (naturellement), was promptly wiped from the web – but not before Twitter had noticed.

Guido is Grieving for inevitable state of the former Attorney General’s phone today…

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