Italian PM: Afghan Crisis “A Thorn In The Very Existence” of the EU

In light of the Afghan migrant crisis, Italian PM Mario Draghi is now questioning whether the EU is even fit for purpose, claiming “nobody has a clear strategy” on handling the influx of refugees, and criticising the bloc’s inability “to manage such crises”. You know the solution Mario…

Lamenting the fact both Austria and Hungary are refusing to accept more refugees, Draghi said:

“Europe, united by many principles, is unable to tackle the problem and this is a thorn in the very existence of the bloc… Nobody can claim to have a clear strategy at this stage. Nobody has a road map.”

Still, maybe an EU army will solve all their problems… 

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Who is Vaccinated More Important than How Many

In Boris’s statement this morning, the Prime Minister emphasised how important it is to vaccinate the vulnerable first, not the healthy. The NHS strategy to lift pressure on hospitals in order to then lift restrictions on the population requires the vulnerable are at the front of the queue. The Prime Minister made it clear that:

“The average age of covid fatality is over 80, it is significant that we have already vaccinated more than 650,000 people in this age group, meaning that in 2-3 weeks, almost one in four of this age group will have a significant level of immunity.”

By contrast, while as of today Italy has carried out 250,000 vaccines, just 10,295 over 80 year olds have received a dose whereas 71,568 under 40s have. This is where the particulars matter more than the headline numbers. Vaccinating lower age bands has no where near the same effect to reduce the death toll and hospital pressure than vaccinating the elderly.

The reason schools have closed is not because teachers are at high risk, but because if there is more community transmission – which sadly is boosted by schools with this new variant – the virus then finds it easier to make its way to the vulnerable. MPs calling for teachers to jump the queue will only end up extending the lockdown.

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Salvini Ramps Up Anti-EU Rhetoric Over Coronavirus

Feeling against the EU is rising in Italy, with Matteo Salvini ramping up his rhetoric against the organisation, blaming it for not helping – and even hindering – Italy’s Coronavirus response. Although no longer in Government, Salvini is riding ten points above his rival parties in the Italian opinion polls. When the next election comes, he’s more likely than not to become the next Prime Minister of Italy. That’s why this tweet really matters…

“Once the virus is defeated, the rediscussion of this Europe and of Italy’s role will be a must, at least in terms of public debate. Nothing came to the rescue of Italy from the EU and indeed blackmail, trade wars, blocking masks, agricultural products, truck drivers.”

Buy shares in Italexit…

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Glimmer of Better News from Italy, Peak May Have Passed

After some 64,000 cases, Italy looks finally to be succeeding in “bending the arc” and passing the peak. For the second consecutive day, new recorded cases are lower than the day before. Today’s death toll was 601, yesterday was 651 and the day before was 793. If this trend continues the daily death toll could be minimal within 2 weeks…

UPDATE: Italy’s Civil Protection Agency chief, Angelo Borrelli, is reported as saying that “a ratio of one certified case out of every ten is credible in his country.” This would bring the estimated number of coronavirus cases in Italy closer to 640,000 rather than the confirmed number of 63,927 of which 6,077 have died. Less than 1%.

UPDATE II: Italian authorities have sadly just announced 743 new deaths, higher again than in the last two days  The growth rate of positive cases is in single digits for a second consecutive day (+8.2%). The growth rate of new patients admitted to hospitals and ICUs (~+6%) is also coming down. Hopefully the downward trend will re-assert itself.

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Italy In Recession, Eurozone Stalling, Britain Growing

The Italian National Institute of Statistics has confirmed that Italy is now in recession. In the final two quarters of 2018, the Italian economy shrank by 0.1% and then 0.2% respectively, and the Italian Prime Minister has stated that he expects the recession to continue this year. Things are getting worse…

Growth for the Eurozone as a whole sat at just 0.2% in the last quarter of 2018, half the speed of UK growth. Despite Brexit…

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EU Deletes Footage of Juncker Insulting Italians and Denies He Said It

The European Commission attempted to delete footage of Jean-Claude Juncker insulting Italians from its video service and his spokesman has tried to deny he called the country workshy and corrupt. Speaking at a Q&A yesterday, Juncker said:

“Italians must take care of the poor regions of Italy, which means more work, less corruption, seriousness. We will help them as we have always done, but do not face the game of discharging responsibility with the EU: a country is a country, a nation is a nation, countries first, Europe second.”

He also called for an end to “Russia-bashing”. When the Guardian reported Juncker’s words, his spokesman lied: “I do not understand that the president has used those words on Italy”, claiming they had been taken “out of context”. Full context here. The video of Juncker speaking was then removed from the European Commission audiovisual services website. It was later restored and Juncker’s comments were condemned as “unacceptable” by the Italian president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani. 

This comes a day after German MEP Markus Ferber sparked outcry after threatening that the Troika could “march into Rome and take over the finance ministry”.

Which in turn came a day after the EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger was forced to apologise after suggesting that the financial markets would show Italians they cannot vote for 5Star and League.

You can see why Remainers have been so quiet about how the EU has been behaving towards Italy over the last few days…

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