Israeli PM Officially Concedes Defeat to Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid has conceded electoral defeat to Benjamin Netanyahu. According to his official spokesperson, Lapid congratulated Netanyahu on his win and promised an “an orderly transfer of power“. While the ‘triple B’ plan may have failed for Boris, it appears it’s time to Bring Back Bibi…

Netanyahu will be disappointed to learn that today Downing Street told the foreign press that “It has been looked at. There are no plans to move the British embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv.” During his leadership campaign he told Conservative Friends of Israel there was a “very strong case” for moving the embassy and formally recognising Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel. What’s changed?

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Exit Poll Says Netanyahu Could Be On for Lazarus-Like Revival

The exit poll for Israel’s general election says former PM Benjamin Netanyahu is set for a dramatic return to power, with Likud on track to be the biggest party, with 30-31 seats. To secure a majority, he’s expected to rely on the support of the Religious Zionists. Bringing Bibi back after a year in opposition…

Speaking after polls closed, Netanyahu said:

“We are close to a big victory… We have won a huge vote of confidence from the people of Israel

Stay tuned for the final result…

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Truss Reviewing Moving Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Liz Truss met Yair Lapid, the Prime Minister of Israel, at the UN General Assembly in New York yesterday. Among the things they discussed were strategic priorities, including defence, cyber security, trade and green technology. Downing Street highlighted progress on a new Free Trade Agreement and reiterated the commitment to “signing a high-ambition deal which delivers for the digital and services sectors”.

What caught Guido’s eye in the official statement was that

“The Prime Minister informed Prime Minister Lapid about her review of the current location of the British Embassy in Israel. The leaders discussed the Middle East Peace Process and regional security, stressing the need for a long-term strategy to contain the threat from Iran.”

The Foreign Office’s Arabists have long resisted moving the British embassy to Jerusalem, this however echoes Truss’s commitment made during the leadership campaign that she “would weigh moving the U.K.’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem”. She also wrote to the Conservative Friends of Israel saying she understood the “importance and sensitivity” over the location of the embassy. EU embassies are located in Tel Aviv as a matter of policy whereas the US embassy is in the capital city Jerusalem. This would be an historic realignment of foreign policy.

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Boris’s Tory Friends of Israel Mossad Gag

Guido popped along to the Conservative Friends of Israel annual lunch this afternoon. Alongside Boris praising the new UK-Israel trade and security deal, the PM’s keynote alluded to a raucous evening in Tel Aviv where “all sorts of things took place”. He joked that the Mossad may “still possess the Kompromat” from the night’s activities. The audience lapped it up.

“It is a miracle these photographs have never appeared unless the Mossad is keeping them for some long-term strategic purpose”.

Co-conspirators will have to join Guido in filling in the missing details with their imagination…

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Convoy for Palestine Returns on Saturday

The group, which spent a Saturday afternoon driving through Finchley and Golders Green yelling “f*ck the Jews”, “r*pe their daughters” have organised ANOTHER protest in London. It’s the sequel that nobody wanted to see… 

This new protest, which begins at 7:30am, will start in Bradford, before stopping in Sheffield, Leicester, and finally ending outside Downing Street in London, where activists will join forces with the ‘Justice for Palestine Protest’ at 1pm. A packed itinerary… 

Organisers have generously organised coaches, however a seat on this coach will set each person back £20. Pricey…

Men and women will of course be segregated on the coaches so protestors can enjoy a relaxing trip to London and avoid annoying family members. Sounds like a win, win… 

The Convoy4Palestine Instagram page protestors have told their modest 200 followers:

“We do not condone or encourage ANY forms of racism. We condemn this type of behaviour.”

Guido didn’t realise shouting “f*ck the Jews” through a megaphone out your car is considered productive and peaceful dialogue these days… 

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Naz Shah Distances Herself from Antisemitism at Pro-Palestine Rally

Since her suspension from the Labour Party was lifted in 2016, Naz Shah seemed to have genuinely learnt from her mistakes and put the nasty business of antisemitism behind her. That was until last week, when the Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion was filmed speaking at a Pro-Palestine rally in Bradford. Recently released footage shows protestors chanting in Arabic “lift the curse of the Jews off the Muslims in Palestine!”, “God, support them with your soldiers! God, we ask you to make the Jews lose!”, and, “God, purify al-Aqsa from impure people”. Turns out spotting Antisemitic rallies is more difficult when there’s no 10-foot hook-nosed, red-eyed inflatable there…

Pictures, posted on social media, show protestors holding placards that read “Zionism is racism” and “Tell me Israel how are you any different than Hitler”. It seems that Naz Shah just can’t keep out of trouble… 

To her credit Naz Shah was quick to distance herself from these signs. In a tweeted statement Naz Shah wrote:

“Over recent weeks, a small minority of individuals have been trying to infiltrate demonstrations about the situation in Palestine to spew hatred. 

I was made aware that an individual at one of the rallies I spoke at, made remarks following the rally in Arabic – a language I do not speak. The individual was not a speaker but gained access to a microphone – the translation of their comments given to me are not remarks I’d ever make.

I will never shy away from using my voice to raise the plight of the Palestinian people but I will never tolerate antisemitism and I totally condemn anyone perpetrating it.” 

The Labour MP has history, in 2015 she wrote that Israelis should face “transportation” out of the Middle East and suggested that Israel should be “relocated” to America. Though she apologised for her controversial comments at the time, it seems her associates have not. Much like Jeremy Corbyn, Naz might be one of the world’s unluckiest anti-racists… 

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