Iran Finally Admits Responsibility

President Hassan Rouhani said an investigation found that “missiles fired due to human error”, described the crash as an “unforgivable mistake”. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards apparently mistook it for a hostile aircraft, despite all passenger jets having active transponders, broadcasting their position, that radar tracking would have shown the passenger jet leaving Tehran Airport, not entering Iranian airspace. This mistake takes a lot of incompetence to achieve.

In an another statement, Iran’s General Staff of the Armed Forces took responsibility, called it a “human error” and apologised for mistakenly shooting the plane by IRGC forces. 176 innocent people lost their lives.

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Corbyn Thrice Refuses to Call Soleimani a Terrorist

During the election, Guido speculated on which terrorist friend Corbyn would invite to Downing Street first if he were elected in December. Luckily we will now never find out…

Corbyn has now unveiled his latest shocking foreign policy opinion in refusing to call Soleimani a terrorist – a man responsible for the deaths of thousands of Middle Easterners and Western forces; and something even Democrats like Elizabeth Warren have agreed with wholeheartedly. Is it any wonder Boris has refused to personally brief Jezza on Privy council terms? Every day we must be thankful he never got into power

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Miliband: Hunt Cannot Afford to be Absent From Iran Crisis

The former Foreign Secretary warns that the current Foreign Secretary “cannot afford to be completely absent” from the world stage as the Iran crisis deepens. It’s not just Hunt, the ongoing Brexit/Tory psychodrama has completely distracted the whole UK media/political class from the increasingly serious events unfolding abroad…

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Iran-Linked Facebook Groups Push Pro-Corbyn Propaganda

Facebook has removed more than 284 pages and accounts with apparent links to Iran across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Cyber security firm FireEye tipped Facebook off to the accounts it says are likely to be part of an Iranian state media network and are dedicated to pushing Iranian foreign policy aims. Among these appear to be the election of Jeremy Corbyn and Scottish independence.

The pages, which had names like ‘Free Scotland 2014’ and ‘The British Left’ were followed by almost one million Facebook users. Before he became leader of the Labour Party, Corbyn took up to £20,000 in fees from the Iranian state broadcaster PressTV. Iran is Israel’s primary strategic enemy, no surprise they back Jeremy Corbyn…


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Iran v Israel

Clear slam dunk for the girls from Jerusalem…

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Corbyn Lies 3 Times in 20 Seconds

The moment Jezza’s man-of-integrity shtick fell apart…

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