Labour Hosting Sinn Fein MP Who Backed IRA, at Hotel They Blew Up

A Sinn Fein MP who named his constituency office after IRA terrorists has been invited to speak at a Labour fringe event. That alone is bad enough, to add insult to injury the event is being held in the very hotel the IRA bombed in 1984, in an attempt to assassinate Margaret Thatcher. This is Corbyn’s Labour Party…

Chris Hazzard MP, making his appearance at the Grand Hotel on Tuesday, made headlines in 2018 after winning his seat the year before, by saying it was “absolutely fitting” that both his office and the local Sinn Fein branch were named after Peter McNulty – who died in a premature bomb explosion in 1972 – and Paul Magorrian – who was killed by the British army in 1994. Hopefully this isn’t an indication of Labour’s latest plan to remove Boris from office…

IRA Claim Responsibility for Attempted Parcel Bomb Attacks

The Metropolitan Police say that they are “aware of the claim of responsibility, allegedly made on behalf of the ‘IRA’, for the devices that were received at three buildings in London and at the University of Glasgow on 5 and 6 March.” They say a “recognised codeword” was received by a Northern Ireland media outlet yesterday. Developing…

Corbyn Held Another Minute’s Silence for IRA Fighters in 1984

Jeremy Corbyn has long tried to airbrush his past support for the IRA from history – when challenged over reports that he stood for a minute’s silence to honour eight IRA gunmen killed by the SAS after they bombed a police station in 1987, he claimed that he was only taking part in the silence “to honour all those who died in Northern Ireland”. Directly contradicting what the original report said…

Now another report from 1984 has been uncovered with a detailed description of an event where Corbyn was the guest speaker and “stood in silent respect for IRA fighters killed that day”. The event was a meeting of the Irish Solidarity Committee in Southampton in March 1984 – nine months after Corbyn became an MP.

Corbyn reportedly accused the British Government of being “systematically” engaged in “state terrorism” and said the motives behind their “imperialist presence” were because British governments “feared” the possibility of “Ireland outside NATO”. An “ultra-left sect” at the meeting actually disagreed with Corbyn on this last point. There’s a first time for everything…

This is much harder for Corbyn to brush off – the report is not from a right-wing paper like the Sunday Express but from the hard-left Socialist Organiser. Corbyn himself was a regular contributor to the Socialist Organiser for many years, ranting about everything from nuclear disarmament and renationalisation to the internal Labour “witch-hunt” against Militant and the hard left. Sounds familiar…

H/t Iggy Ostantin

Abbott Again Refuses to Withdraw IRA Comments

Diane Abbott again refused to withdraw her IRA supporting statement that “every defeat of the British state is a victory for all of us” in the House of Commons yesterday, insisting that it had simply been “taken out of context.”

Famously she refused to withdraw her comments on the Andrew Marr Show last year stating only that she doesn’t hold the same views now, and that “it was 34 years ago. I had a rather splendid afro at the time.”

Guido doesn’t quite understand how her comments could have been “taken out of context”…

McDonnell Has IRA Plaque Given to Him By Terrorist on His Office Wall

John McDonnell has a plaque on the wall of his study commemorating IRA killers, reveals Jim Pickard in his interview with the Shadow Chancellor today:

McDonnell was forced to apologise for saying in 2003 that the IRA should be honoured. He had declared: “It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table.” In 2015 he told the BBC: “If I gave offence — and I clearly have — from the bottom of my heart I apologise. I apologise.” Yet in his study in Hayes, among old copies of Hansard and files labelled “human rights” and “groceries adjudicator bill”, there is still a plaque dedicated to “H-Block Martyrs 1981”, a reference to the 10 IRA and INLA prisoners who died during the hunger strikes, including Sands. McDonnell denies that he resisted the peace process: “I’ve always honestly and openly said I believe in a united Ireland, but the point was to try and get to a united Ireland without the violence.”

The plaque honours IRA murderer Francis Hughes, who killed two RUC officers in 1977 and a Para the following year. McDonnell was given the plaque by Gerry Kelly. An IRA terrorist who received two life sentences for an attack on the Old Bailey which killed one person and injured 100…

Corbyn Repeatedly Refuses to Directly Condemn the IRA

Asked twice to directly condemn the IRA, Corbyn says “all deaths are wrong”. He just can’t do it…

Top Irish Historian: Corbyn Didn’t Support IRA Ceasefire

Asked this morning if he ever called for an IRA ceasefire, Jeremy Corbyn dodged the question and instead answered: “I always wanted there to be a ceasefire.” That is disputed…

In Rosa Prince’s Corbyn biography, the Northern Ireland historian Lord Bew directly addresses Corbyn’s views on a ceasefire. Bew says that as a supporter of the Troops Out movement, Corbyn shared Sinn Fein’s view that Irish unity need not be predicated on either consent or a ceasefire: “The terms on which Corbyn was in dialogue with Adams was on the basis that Adams wins”. Bew says “Corbyn was always out on a limb with the Provos”That is why Corbyn dodged the question this morning…

There are some other very revealing quotes in the Prince book. A former senior Royal Ulster Constabulary officer says Corbyn was a “useful idiot” of the IRA: “I used to look at him when he would visit Belfast in the 1980s, when he was running around with guys who had done some pretty horrible things, and think: who is this guy? What is he thinking coming here?” The Labour MP David Winnick also says Corbyn was well in with the IRA: “I strongly disagreed with the line he took. I constantly argued that there was no justification for the IRA. I thought he was wrong”. The Catholic Northern Irish writer Eilis O’Hanlon says:

“From Corbyn to McDonnell to Ken Livingstone, they all justify it these days by saying it was OK because it led eventually to the peace process. But that’s disingenuous in the extreme. When they were out defending the IRA, its fellow travellers also didn’t know when, or if, that campaign would end. They still happily supported, or had an ambivalent attitude towards, Republican violence. They knew exactly what they were doing, and how their solidarity was used by the Republican movement to paint its murder campaign as part of some wider struggle for social justice.”

The truth, in the words of Labour MPs and historians, is that Corbyn supported the IRA and didn’t call for a ceasefire. Hence his careful wording this morning…

Corbyn Confronted Over Support For IRA

Corbyn Admits Meeting IRA Killers

Peston:“Former convicted IRA terrorists? Why is that not talking to the IRA?”

Corbyn:“Indeed I’ve met former prisoners who told me they were not in the IRA, but I have met former prisoners with my eyes open.”

Revealing exchange. These “former prisoners” were convicted bombers who killed civilians

The IRA chat then turned into some banter about Diane Abbott’s hair:

Diane Abbott Refuses 4 Times to Renounce Her Support For IRA

Asked four times by Andrew Marr, Diane Abbott refuses to say she regrets her support for the IRA, only saying that she has “moved on”. She says that her afro has changed, as have her views…

Amber Rudd buries her opposite number: “I’ve changed my hairstyle a few times in 34 years too. But I’ve not changed my view on how to keep the public safe”.

Iain Dale Reads Guido’s Corbyn IRA List to Diane Abbott

Confronted by Iain Dale with Guido’s list of Corbyn’s meetings with the IRA, Diane Abbott admits he did share platforms with IRA killers. He was telling porkies…

Corbyn Lies: “I Never Met the IRA”

Tonight Jeremy Corbyn told Andrew Neil: “I never met the IRA”. Seriously?

In 1984, two weeks after the Brighton bombing, Corbyn invited two members of the Provisional IRA, Linda Quigley and Gerard McLoughlin, to parliament. MacLochlainn was a close friend of Corbyn. In 1981 he served two and a half years in jail for conspiracy to cause explosions.

According to a report in the Sinn Fein/IRA newspaper An Phoblacht, in 2000 Corbyn shared a platform with Brendan McKenna at an event commemorating Bloody Sunday. McKenna was jailed for his role in bombing the British Legion hall in Portadown. 

In 2005 Corbyn shared a platform with Raymond McCartney at a meeting about Bloody Sunday. McCartney was a member of the Provisional IRA.

In 2007 Corbyn spoke alongside Martina Anderson at an event organised by his CLP. Anderson was jailed for plotting a series of terror attacks in London and twelve English seaside towns. 

In 2009, an An Phoblacht report places Corbyn at a Sinn Fein dinner with Diane Abbott and Ken Livingstone. The event was hosted by Gerry Adams and IRA member Gerry Kelly. Kelly was jailed for his part in the Old Bailey bombing which killed one and injured 200.

In July 2011, Jeremy Corbyn chaired a Sinn Fein event commemorating the Hunger Strikes. An Phoblacht says Corbyn shared a platform there with the IRA member Brendan ‘Bik’ McFarlane, who was a part of an IRA gang which killed four Protestant civilians and a UVF member in a pub bombing. Also present was Jennifer McCann, who was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for the murder of a RUC constable. 

And, of course:

A demonstrable lie from Jezza…

Asked About IRA, Corbyn Praises “Bravery” of Irish Republicans

Today is the worst day of the Tory election campaign and Jeremy Corbyn should not be interrupting his opponents while they make a spectacular mistake. Instead, he is equivocating about the IRA. Asked this morning to condemn the IRA, Jez praised the “bravery” of Irish republicans. We know who he means.

Corbyn Refuses 5 Times to Condemn IRA

Asked five times by Sophy Ridge to condemn the IRA, Corbyn refused.[…] Read the rest


Kevin Maguire Defends Corybn’s IRA-Linked Hire

Defending the indefensible…[…] Read the rest


Corbyn’s Digital Democracy Guru Supports IRA’s Armed Struggle


Who is the man behind Jeremy Corbyn’s “digital democracy” launch today? Meet Richard Barbrook, a mate of John McDonnell and academic at the University of Westminster who describes himself as a “cybernetic communist” and wrote the book on “Cyber-Communism”. And it gets a lot more sinister than that…

Photos on Barbrook’s Facebook page show he regularly wears the badge of Óglaigh na hÉireann. […] Read the rest


GMB’s IRA Blooper


Guido was browsing through the GMB unions’ press release about their Acting Secretary Gary Smith’s speech at the Labour Party Conference when he spotted an entertaining mistake in the copy. It refers to the RIPA act as “PIRA”…

pira gmb

Someone has the Provos on their mind…[…] Read the rest


Owen Jones: It’s Right to Apologise For Supporting IRA


Corbynista columnist Owen Jones distanced himself from John McDonnell’s “bombs and bullets” IRA comments on the Daily Politics, saying there was no defence for supporting violence:

“There is no defence for any support for the IRA whatsoever. Apologising for it was absolutely the right thing to do.”

Regular readers will remember that Owen’s views on the IRA weren’t always so clear.[…] Read the rest


John McDonnell Apologises for Praising IRA’s “Bombs and Bullets”

Labour’s new Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell apologised on Question Time last night for any “offense” his speech in 2003 praising the “bombs and bullets” of the IRA might have caused:

“I think my choice of words were wrong.

[…] Read the rest


Shadow Chancellor Praised “Bombs and Bullets” of IRA

Back in 2003, Labour’s new Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said this about the IRA:

“It’s about time we started honouring those people involved in the armed struggle. It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table.”

According to the BBC report at the time, the father of 13 year old Tim Parry, who was killed by an IRA bomb, said of McDonnell:

“I find them [the comments] incredible.

[…] Read the rest


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