Corbyn Most Unpopular Ever Leader of the Opposition

IpsosMORI’s Ben Page has tweeted out a handy chart compiling the worst net satisfaction ratings ever scored by Leaders of the Opposition since their records began in the 70s. Turns out the absolute boy is the absolute worst:

Corbyn even beats the hapless Michael Foot with a whopping -58% net satisfaction rating. That won’t bother him half as much as the fact that the person at the opposite end of the table is none other his arch-nemesis, Tony Blair…

May’s Approval Ratings Hit All-Time Low, Corbyn’s Still Worse

The latest IpsosMORI survey has found May’s approval ratings have plummeted to an all-time low with 69% of people dissatisfied with her performance and just 26% satisfied, a net rating of -43%. A whopping 84% are dissatisfied with the Government in general, while May’s personal disapproval is the highest for a Tory leader since IDS in 2002. Not the news she wanted right as the 1922 Executive go in to meet her…

The one consolation for May is that Jeremy Corbyn is even more unpopular, 73% of people are unhappy with his leadership with only 20% satisfied, putting him on -53%. The fact that the public are 10% more unhappy about the Leader of the Opposition than one of the most hapless Prime Ministers in recent history is staggering…

Tory Leadership Candidate Polling Mixed

Ipsos-MORI have got a poll out for the Evening Standard, Theresa May’s net approval rating with the public whilst negative is 19 points better than Jeremy Corbyn’s negative rating. Sajid Javid has the best ratings of the Tory leadership candidates.

Among Tory voters the front runners are neck and neck in the “having what it takes to be PM” stakes. Boris has the most negative rating and yet with members – who have an actual vote in the seleection – he is streets ahead…

Corbyn Doing Worse Than Foot

Dreadful numbers out this lunchtime for Jezza: Ipsos MORI’s Political Monitor shows his satisfaction rating is just 24%. Dissatisfaction in Corbyn now runs at 62%, making him the most unsatisfactory opposition leader since Michael Foot in 1982. How would Rebecca Long-Bailey or Clive Lewis look on that list?

This chart will wipe yesterday’s unfortunate grimace from the Prime Minister’s face: despite wobbles over Trump, Theresa May’s honeymoon continues and she is more popular than Cameron at the seven month stage of her premiership. It’s still early doors on Brexit…

On net satisfaction Theresa May is on +17, and Jeremy Corbyn is on -38. Gideon Skinner, Head of Political Research at Ipsos MORI, said:

“The historical contrasts look good for Theresa May, but much more alarming for Jeremy Corbyn. The Prime Minister is enjoying a better honeymoon at this stage then her two immediate predecessors, David Cameron and Gordon Brown. However, Mr Corbyn’s ratings as a Labour opposition leader almost 18 months in are closer to Michael Foot’s.”

Corbyn is under-performing Foot by 6%. In 1983 Foot saw the Tories win 397 seats, could Labour under Corbyn see the Tories win 400+ seats?

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