BBC Radio Presenter Exposes Identity of “Israel Lobbyists” Trying to Sack David Miller

A BBC Radio anchor has quietly deleted a tweet in which he asked “Who are the Israel lobbyists that want David Miller fired?”. The Intifada article, shared by Nour Eddine Zorgui, was up on his Twitter profile for 11 days before quietly being removed last night. It’s not the first time Zorgui has uncritically shared contentious left-wing content, in 2016 posting a Jeremy Corbyn Facebook video professing Ken Loach to be “one of the greatest directors of our time”. Ken Loach is famously anti-Israel.

If readers think the BBC’s Westminster-facing content breaches standards on a regular basis, they’ll be amazed to see what the corporation’s Arabic-facing presenters have been getting away with recently. Last month the Jewish Chronicle published an investigation which found “a pattern of anti-Israel bias and inaccuracies” being broadcast from the department, accusing them of “ignoring the corporation’s own impartiality guidelines”:

“Alleged infringements include systematically downplaying terror attacks on Israelis; repeatedly using Hamas-inspired language; showcasing extreme views without challenge; and publishing a map in which Israel was erased.”

Perhaps the “Israel lobbyists” that are on the brink of getting David Miller sacked might want to turn their attentions to BBC Arabic next…

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the Campaign Against Antisemitism says: “We have written to the BBC calling for disciplinary action. Anyone boosting the conspiracist Professor, David Miller, and suggesting that those who challenge him do so in service to an Israel lobby is not fit to be entrusted with the responsibility of working in a senior position at the BBC.”

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