Womens’ Advance in Politics

Guido has crunched the numbers for International Women’s Day, looking at the historic dataset for British Prime Minister’s stretching back to Walpole. Despite the brocialists claims to be the party to advance the status of women, they have never in all their history elected a woman leader, in fact in every Labour Party leadership election women candidates have always got the least votes from the brocialist membership. In every single Labour leadership election, ever.

Nor have the Liberal Democrats or their Liberal Party predecessor’s had a women leader. It is quite something to think that every woman Tory leader has become PM and every woman Labour leadership candidate has got the least votes from the Labour Party membership. Happy International Women’s Day!

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Guests Given 4 Hours Notice For Corbyn’s Hastily Organised #IWD2018 Event

25 minutes after Jezza was accused by Theresa May of “mansplaining” International Women’s Day at PMQs, the Leader’s Office fired off this invitation to a hastily-organised reception to recognise the occasion. With the event scrabbled together at the last minute, guests were given just four hours to RSVP and were expected to cancel their plans and make it to Westminster that same evening. Fair to say it went down pretty badly – here is anti-FGM campaigner Nimco Ali:

In the end only a small group of largely Westminster based staff made it to the reception to hear Jezza. Surely the brocialists didn’t forget?

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“Return to Worker” Budget Spend Equivalent to £5 Each

In a Mumsnet exclusive report Downing Street brief that the Budget – which this year falls on International Women’s Day – will include a new £5 million fund to extend a return-to-work scheme. Before Philip Davies loses it – the scheme is open to men as well…

It is a move that will be welcomed by none of the 600,000 babies born last year. The spend works out as equivalent to £5 per head for return-to-workers. More than enough to pay the return-to-worker’s bus fare back to work. For one day…

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Heseltine on International Women’s Day: May Has “Man-Size” Job

“I find myself chastised by you…”

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