Priti Renews War With Activist Lawyers, and Her Own Permanent Secretary

Priti Patel resumed her battle against “activist lawyers” last night as she celebrated the removal of more illegal migrants who arrived in the country by boat, despite continued frustration by some in the legal profession. While the stance inevitably drew criticism from the Bar Council, the doubling down by the Home Secretary reignites a war against her own department after last week’s row in which the Home Office published a video using the same attack line, only for it to be deleted and the permanent secretary saying it “should not have been used on an official government channel”. Priti once again finding herself in a fractious relationship with her civil servants…

The war of words comes as MPs were told yesterday France is “just as committed” as the UK to stopping migrants using the illegal crossing, having prevented 3,000 people crossing this year. Despite these assurances from the Home Office’s Channel threat commander France failed to prevent a record 416 migrants making the journey on Wednesday.

Migrant lawyers aren’t the only ones getting the blame this morning, as The Sun reports the National Crime Agency is now accusing WhatsApp of frustrating the battle and protecting criminal people smuggling gangs. The NCA say they referred over 1200 pages related to organised immigration crime to social media companies for closure in the first five months of the year. 485 were rejected as not breaching terms and conditions…

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Net Immigration Rises 87,000, EU Immigration Down Substantially

Figures released by the ONS this morning show net immigration into the UK has risen by 87,000 – from 226,000 in the year ending March 2019 to 313,000 in the year ending March 2020. #DespiteBrexit

The surprising leap has been driven by an increase in non-EU nationals arriving in the UK for study reasons, with 35% of new arrivals coming for formal study mainly from China and India. Non-EU migration is at some of the highest levels seen since records began in 1975…

Contrary to this global boon, EU migration remains down substantially since the referendum, having dropped from over 200,000 per year in March 2016 to around 50,000 today

We’ll have to wait for next year’s stats before we know the effect of Covid on migration flows…

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Tory MP Offers Gary Lineker‘s House Out to Illegal Migrants

During the election campaign it became obvious that should he win, Ashfield Tory candidate Lee Anderson would be right up there amongst the most plain-talking Tory MPs. Despite a couple of election campaign wobbles, Anderson is now living up to that reputation.

Appearing on TalkRadio this morning, he boldly suggested virtue-signalling Gary Lineker’s mansion should be offered free-of-charge to illegal migrants if the footballer is so keen to accommodate them in Britain (bed and breakfast included of course). Guido doesn’t expect the Twitterati football star to take Lee up on the suggestion…

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Parliament Passes Immigration Control as Brexit Becomes Irreversible

Last night the government’s flagship points-based immigration bill cleared the final parliamentary hurdle to become law – by a majority of 104 – ensuring free movement will cease when the Transition Period comes to an end. Naturally, not a single Labour MP voted for it…

It’s now more crucial than ever for Parliament to expedite putting in place all necessary legislation for post-Brexit Britain, as yesterday also marked the last possible opportunity for Britain to request an extension to the transition period. As promised by the Government, yesterday’s deadline under Article 132 of the Withdrawal Agreement came and went without such a request, meaning Britain is now committed by international treaty to become fully independent on 31st December 2020.

If he wasn’t having to deal with a deadly global pandemic, this year would be going pretty well for Boris…

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French Navy Escorting Migrant Dinghies into British Waters

This shocking video reveals that the illegal migration trade, which is a multi-million €uro criminal enterprise, is being facilitated by the French Navy. Nigel Farage yesterday videoed evidence of a dangerously over-burdened dinghy being escorted by a French Naval vessel across the English channel until it was out of French waters, where in British waters it was met by what he reports to be a UK border force vessel. This is not a “search and rescue mission”, this is a handover aiding an abetting criminal in the commission of a crime.

What is going on?

  • Is the Home Secretary Priti Patel aware of what the border force is doing?
  • Has this collaboration been given Ministerial approval?
  • Is the French Navy not in breach of EU directives and/or law?
  • Is this the official or unofficial policy of the French government?

Nigel Farage tells Guido there will be more dynamite footage. The good weather means this is peak time for illegal cross channel migration. Surely an MP should be granted an urgent question to the Home Secretary today?

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SNP Campaigned for “Unforgivable” Immigration Policy

The SNP denounced the passage of the new points-based immigration system last night, decrying it as “reckless”, “draconian”, and “unforgivable.” The same SNP that in 2014 campaigned for an independent Scotland to implement an Australian-style points-based system…

The SNP’s 2014 ‘Scotland’s Future’ manifesto for a separated Scotland promised that the newly independent government would deliver:

“a controlled points-based system to support the migration of skilled workers for the benefit of Scotland’s economy”

Judging by this Tweet from Ian Blackford last night, it seems the SNP’s current immigration policy is just telling foreigners to “f**k off”…

Hat-tip: Dr David Jeffrey
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