Denmark in Talks to Send Asylum-Seekers to Rwanda

An awkward moment this morning for all the lefty hacks and opposition MPs who’ve turned their noses at the government’s illegal migrant plans, as Denmark has announced it is also now outlining plans to send adult asylum seekers to Rwanda. The Archbishop of Canterbury will need to have a lie-down…

In a statement released this morning, Danish Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye confirmed the country has entered discussions with the Rwandan government:

“Our dialogue with the Rwandan government includes a mechanism for the transfer of asylum seekers… [the deal will] ensure a more dignified approach than the criminal network of human traffickers that characterises migration across the Mediterranean today.”

Denmark is far from the first European entity backing Priti’s move. In 2019 then-European Commissioner Neven Mimica also announced a similar plan for the EU:

“While in #Rwanda, happy to announce a 10M€ project to support efforts of the Government to receive and provide protection to about 1500 #refugees and asylum-seekers who are currently being held in detention centres in #Libya.”
When the PM announced the Rwanda policy he predicted many other countries will soon follow suit – this is much sooner than expected though…
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Boris: “Rwanda Has Totally Transformed Over the Last Few Decades”

The PM clearly turned up in Dover armed with counterarguments to fire back at hacks, who have spent the morning poo-pooing the government’s illegal migrant plans. Responding to one question about Rwanda’s human rights record, Boris went out of his way to defend the country:

“I just want to say something about Rwanda. I think there’s a risk of stereotyping here, Rwanda has totally transformed over the last few decades, it’s a very different country from what it was and we are making sure that we have a very high degree of confidence about the way people will be recieved in Rwanda. We’re today publishing a long memorandum of understanding between the UK and Rwanda about how they will be received and treated. This is not something we’ve put together overnight, this has been nine months in preperation.”

He continued with a prediction that he believes this model will come to be copied by other countries in the future. His detractors in Labour and the media are clearly not as convinced…

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Home Office Minister Had No Idea About Rwanda Plans

Given it’s set to be a balmy 18 degrees today, like many Brits Boris is heading for the Kent seaside. There he will announce the long-floated plans to begin processing illegal channel migrants in Rwanda. Priti Patel has also flown out to the country to mark the announcement. Although it’s been noticed the President himself is actually 7,000 miles away in Jamaica…

According to last night’s embargoed press release, the announcement comes just weeks before the government expects illegal crossings to resume hitting over 1,000 a day. The PM is set to champion the move as “taking back control of illegal immigration” and that “Our compassion may be infinite, but our capacity to help people is not.”

The decision shouldn’t come as a surprise to any keen followers of the news – apart from maybe Tom Newton Dunn who sparked a diplomatic row when wrongly reporting plans to process migrants in Albania whilst misgendering their foreign minister. Another person definitely caught unawares will have been Home Office minister Richard Harrington; nine days ago on Iain Dale’s LBC show he was asked by a member of the public about the plans, responding:

RH: What is that? A rumour?

ID: It’s more than a rumour, according to the papers today, I saw it in The Times today, that is what is going to be announced in the next few days

RH: Well if it’s happening in the Home Office on the same corridor that I’m in they haven’t told me about it. I mean I’m having difficulty enough getting them from Ukraine to our country, there’s no possibility of sending them to Rwanda!

Good to see joined-up government in action…

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Cheapskate Meat Chief Bemoans Loss of Cheap Foreign Labour

The British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) has claimed that a staff shortage as a result of the UK’s post-Brexit immigration laws is hampering food production, leading to an “inevitable” delay in the delivery of gammon roasts and pigs in blankets this winter. BMPA chief executive Nick Allen insists that a “12-13%” reduction in the number of European lorry drivers has meant that “some of the pig processors are having to cut down on how many pigs they are processing a week”, which will have knock-on effects for winter supplies because “it’s more difficult to time the supply of pigs in the same way that you can for Christmas turkeys”. Blaming a lack of gammon on Brexit will no doubt put the usual FPBE crowd in hysterics…

The solution is straight-forward: attract more Brits to drive lorries by offering them more attractive wages. Large retailers have already figured this out; they’re paying their drivers sign-on bonuses of up to £5,000 and having little trouble hogging supply. This isn’t a bug of Brexit, it’s a feature. While meat-headed industry bosses would rather wallow over the loss of cheap foreign labour than pay domestic workers more, soon they’ll have to accept that their ability to underpay staff is over. Too stub-boar-n to open the piggy bank…

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New Migrant Crossing Record Smashes Previous by 72%

On July 20th we saw a record migrant crossing figure of 430; a fortnight later on August 5th that was surpassed with a new record of 482. Both these figures have now been blown out of the water by Saturday’s figures, revealed last night to have hit 828 people in one day. The French still prevented 193 at their end, saving Priti from the potential humiliation of over 1000 people crossing in 24 hours…

For those wondering why Saturday’s figures are only being reported this morning, for 48 hours the Home Office were unable to actually provide any figures. Yesterday the BBC’s Simon Jones reported the operation to pick up the boats by Border Force, the Coastguard and RNLI was “made more complex by intelligence from France suggesting the boats could be used to smuggle firearms into the UK.” For anyone wanting an annual tally, it now stands at well over 12,000 making the crossing…

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Record 430 Illegal Migrants Arrive in Single Day

A new record for illegal migrant crossings was hit in Dover yesterday, with at least 430 people making the journey. On GB News last night, Farage predicted “in the space of the next few weeks, this will become the biggest non-Covid story in this country”

Guido has a feeling Nigel may once again be correct…

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