Reeves Slammed Fuel Duty Freeze as Damaging for the Climate, Now She’s Calling for One

The Sun got an interesting briefing from the Shadow Chancellor’s office on Sunday night, revealing that Rachel Reeves is now backing a freeze of fuel duty to “help hard-pressed motorists”. Freezing fuel duty given current rates of inflation would cost the taxpayers around £6 billion…

Reeves told the paper:

“With so many families and businesses reliant on their cars, the government must rule out yet another fuel duty rise at the Budget to ease some of those pressures and prevent yet another shock to our economy.”

However given major questions about whether voters can trust a word Sir Keir’s Labour says, Reeves will struggle to explain why she appears to have performed such a volte-face on the issue of freezing fuel duty.

Responding to Rishi’s March 2020 budget, the then-backbencher Reeves slammed the government for spending £2.7 billion on “yet another fuel duty freeze”, despite COP26 in Glasgow being just around the corner:

“Yet what have we had in the Budget today? We have had £27 billion to invest in 4,000 miles of roads, and the fuel duty freeze, which costs £2.7 billion, but just £6 billion for local transport and a mere £140 million for a one-year extension of the electric vehicle grants. Frankly, that does not speak of a Government who recognise the scale of the challenge we face”

Later on, she tweeted that “yet another fuel duty freeze” was the sign the government “don’t recognise the challenge of the climate emergency.”

It wasn’t just Reeves slamming the government’s now-relatively modest spending on a fuel duty freeze. Lisa Nandy, the now-Shadow Levelling Up secretary also slammed the decision given:

“Car usage is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions – but instead of investment in low carbon transport, they’ve frozen fuel duty.”

We’re now supposed to believe the Labour Party sincerely believes in spending £6 billion on freezing fuel duty. Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides – provided voters can afford to fill up their cars…

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Lee Anderson Takes On Gary Neville’s Workers’ Rights Hypocrisy

Many viewers of ITV’s coverage of the World Cup Final were displeased with one instance of pre-match pontificating, and none more so than Lee Anderson. The MP took to Twitter to call out Gary Neville, who utilised his platform to proclaim “we’ve got a current government in our country who are demonising rail workers, ambulance workers and, terrifyingly, nurses”. Moralistic lectures don’t hit so hard when delivered from Qatari TV studios…

Gary responded that he was pleased with Lee’s reaction, calling the Conservatives “the biggest set of charlatans to ever be in power!”. Lee didn’t take this attack lying down – he challenged Gary to stand against him in Ashfield. Neville rejected the offer, before getting another shot off:

Though Anderson hit right back, pointing out that Gary, so keen to argue for workers’ rights, was less happy to practise what he preaches. His hotel employs British staff on zero-hours contracts. Quite the own goal.

Guido has found yet more instances of Gary’s low-pay double standards. Indeed reports that his hotel has wages at just £7.50 an hour, whilst Neville’s Salford City F.C. makes the most of unpaid labour to coach its women’s team. Gary also has held extensive investments in Malta, a country with its own problems with workers’ rights.Detesting low pay” doesn’t extend to his own businesses…

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Sermonising Bryant Peddles More Pious Piffle

Chris Bryant is giving a speech at the University of Westminster this evening on “truth, honesty and integrity.” In full, the ‘Civility in Politics 2022’ winner will talk on:

  • The importance of truth, honesty and integrity in public office and in news reporting
  • The role of algorithms in filtering news & their distorting effect on the truth
  • How news providers stir up hatred and drive divisive agendas to generate clicks and the advertising revenue which follows
  • Why it is essential that news publishers are bound by robust standards on accuracy – the integrity of our democracy relies on it

Chris Bryant should pause the pontificating until he spends some time on introspection…

Since Bryant won the civility in politics award – the irony of which Guido detailed here – he’s not stopped putting his foot in it.

A month after winning it he was forced to apologise for false claims he’d made in Parliament, the outcome of an unprecedented legal challenge that saw his parliamentary privilege come unstuck. Not just a minor false allegation – accusing Christopher Chandler of money laundering and being a Russian spy…

As Chris lectures students on how “news providers stir up hatred and drive divisive agendas”, he may want to think about his description of Liz Truss’s new batch of ministers:

“It feels like pretty much anyone with a brain, a conscience and a work ethic has been purged from government either by Johnson or Truss. It’s an empty vessel of a government – loud, noisy but dangerously vacuous.”

When he turns to “the importance of truth, honesty and integrity in public office”, he will surely mention his recent smearing of Tory MPs by falsely claiming – on the floor of the House – he had witnessed bullying in the voting lobbies the night of the fracking vote. He is yet to correct the record…

On the topic of calling on news publishers to be “bound by robust standards on accuracy”, he may choose to mention how even the BBC managed to show him up when he accused them of failing to mention Kate Andrews “is part of the [IEA]” when she appeared on Question Time last month. Of course she isn’t, and he didn’t back down when this inaccurate bullying of a female columnist was called out…

Anyone wanting to watch the speech can reserve a spot here. Guido, for one, will be giving it a miss…

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Private School-Hating Labour Candidate Works at Private School

As Labour leads the charge against fee-paying schools, Guido’s attention was drawn to one particularly brash intervention. Labour’s candidate for Hartlepool, Jonathan Brash, claimed on Twitter that private education was not charitable, adding there is “no justification” for tax incentives which “should be abolished”. This intervention may come as a surprise to those who know Jonathan. For not only was he educated at £5,000 per term Yarm School, he now teaches there…

Labour claims to be ready for government, though once again they’re showing an inability to practise what they preach. Fellow Yarm alumnus, Simon Clarke wrote Jonathan this report:

“It shows scarcely believable hypocrisy for Jonathan Brash, who teaches at Yarm School, to attack the very sector in which he is happy to be employed… Labour candidates like Mr Brash deserve A*s for double standards.”

You’d expect a keener sense of political awareness from Jonathan, he used to teach the subject after all…

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Anderson and Rees-Mogg Call Out Labour Bullying Hypocrisy

Conservative backbenchers came out in force to attack Labour’s partisan anti-bullying campaigns at PMQs today. Rees-Mogg reminded the House of a string of cases perpetrated by the Opposition, and Lee Anderson highlighted their hounding of the Home Secretary. The lobby won’t like that…

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BBC Lets Russia-Linked Eco-Loon Tory Off the Hook

The BBC is yet again failing to meet its own standards of transparency and neutrality. In a piece on COP 27, the corporation invited Tory husky-hugger Greg Barker as sole guest. The Tory peer was allowed to deliver a five-minute harangue on behalf of the G77 nations looking for climate reparations. The BBC interviewer gave Barker a business class ride on his conflicted position …

Co-conspirators may be aware that Barker had previously worked for Anglo-Siberian Oil as well as Russian oil company Sibneft.

Even into 2022 he worked for Russian aluminium producer EN+, a leading company in an industry that produces 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. He was also implicated for his role legitimising Russian oligarchs.

Had Barker been a climate sceptic they would have barbecued him. The BBC failed even to mention Greg’s proximity to Russian oligarchs.

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