Home Office Leak Predicts Harsh Hong Kong National Security Law Will Drive 100% Increase in Passport Applications

A leaked COBR briefing document obtained by Guido has revealed that the Government is preparing for a higher level of Hong Kong British National Overseas passport holders escaping Communist rule and moving to Britain than was initially expected, in the wake of the clampdown following the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law. In July, the Foreign Office estimated that 200,000 would move from Hong Kong to the UK. New data derived from job websites, property websites, and BN(O) passport applications has led the Government to dramatically raise their initial estimate. 

In an official sensitive briefing last Wednesday, prepared by COBR National Security Watchkeepers, they said:

“Since the Foreign Office estimate was made, China and the Hong Kong government have rapidly moved to implement severe restrictions on freedoms in Hong Kong. The rapid rise in the issue of BN(O) passport since June, and views of UK-based property, job, and information websites, can be seen as a clear indication that many more BN(O)s are intending to emigrate to the UK than were initially predicted by the Foreign Office.”

In February, there were 349,881 BN(O) passport holders in Hong Kong. By August 2020, there were over 400,000 live passports in circulation and over 200,000 passport applications waiting to be processed. The COBR briefing sets out that

“If the level of applications continues to rise at the current rate, the Home Office predicts the number of BN(O) passport holders is likely to rise to 733,000 by the end of 2020, marking a rise of over 1000% [sic] since February”

The 1000% increase is a typo and it actually is an 110% increase by Guido’s calculation. Guido hears the China Research Group will be putting out a major new paper next week…

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Abbott: “Extraordinary” China Criticised Over Hong Kong

Freed from the shackles of Shadow Cabinet scrutiny, Diane Abbott has been able to go completely off the rails. In a Zoom chat last week entitled “Trump’s War on China”, Abbott joined former MP Emma Dent Coad among others to attack Trump and defend China. Abbott claimed that the PM’s Hong Kong citizenship offer is driven by Anti-Chinese views rather than a will to defend Hong Kong; and China can’t be criticised for crushing freedom because Hongkongers couldn’t vote under the British Empire. Forgetting their 1997 rights of independent courts, burgeoning democracy and extensive protections of civil liberties…

Abbott’s assertions weren’t challenged by any of her fellow Chinese Communist Party appeasing comrades, one of whom – Labour NEC member Rachel Garnham – later called for a statue to be erected of the former Shadow Home Secretary. Chairman Abbott laughed along, approving of the cultural revolution. 破四旧.

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Raab Sets Out Hong Kongers Pathway to Citizenship

Speaking immediately after PMQs, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab formally set out the bespoke UK offer to Hong Kongers with British Nationals (Overseas) status, and their dependents – a group totalling 2.9 million people in Hong Kong, or almost 40% of the population of the city. The route, developed jointly by Raab and Home Secretary Priti Patel is as follows…

  • The British Government will grant BNOs five years limited leave to remain, with the right to work or study in the UK.
  • After five years they will then be able to apply for settled status.
  • After twelve months with settled status, they will be able to apply for citizenship.

There will be no quotas on numbers. Raab described the route as “a special bespoke set of arrangements developed for the unique circumstances we face, and in light of our historic commitments to the people of Hong Kong.” Sound.

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Boris Confirms Citizenship Path for 3 Million BNOs in Hong Kong

Boris has just told the Commons “The enactment and imposition of this National Security law constitutes a clear and serious breach of the sino-British joint declaration”, and the Government’s pledge to provide three million Hong Kongers holding British National (Overseas) passports a path to full British citizenship will now be enactedRaab’s statement will flesh out details immediately after PMQs…

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Protesters Take to the Streets in Hong Kong in Defiance of China Law

Protesters have bravely taken to the streets today in Hong Kong, despite knowing they could now face life imprisonment for their action. Journalists are being targeted by water cannon, and police are warning people with purple flags saying:

This is a police warning. You are displaying flags or banners / chanting slogans / or conducting yourselves with an intent such as secession or subversion, which may constitute offences under the “HKSAR National Security Law”. You may be arrested and prosecuted.

This is Hong Kong’s last stand. All eyes on Dominic Raab’s statement immediately following PMQs. There is increasing pressure from all sides of the political divide to implement decisive and rapid action to protect the rights of the free people of Hong Kong…

Breaking update: Raab said national security legislation published by China constitutes a “clear violation” of the autonomy of Hong Kong and is a “clear and serious violation” of the joint declaration.

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Foreign Office Hesitates Over Hong Kong National Security Law Pushback

Dominic Raab told the House of Commons this morning that “we are waiting for [China’s national security legislation] to be published so we can see the details and assess it.” Sources close to the Foreign Office tell Guido that as soon as there is confirmation of the wording of the law, the UK will be ready to “push back hard” against Beijing if it breaks the Joint Declaration. Later Raab released a statement saying:

“Despite the urging of the international community, Beijing has chosen not to step back from imposing this legislation. China has ignored its international obligations regarding Hong Kong. This is a grave step, which is deeply troubling.

We urgently need to see the full legislation, and will use that to determine whether there has been a breach of the Joint Declaration and what further action the UK will take.”

The Foreign Office is privately bullish about standing up to its responsibilities, yet publicly it is running on China’s timetable. While the UK waits for Beijing to publish the law they have passed, Hong Kongers already understand its gravity. Pro-democracy literature is already being torn down to avoid punishment. The UK should not wait until it is convenient for China in order to act and save the freedoms of people it has an international obligation to protect…

UPDATE: Analysis of the freshly published legislation is revealing that under the law, jury trial will be rendered inapplicable for national security related cases, and anyone seeking to overthrow or disrupt the system of one-party rule in China or Carrie Lam’s regime in Hong Kong faces a maximum punishment of life imprisonment.

Pro-democracy protests by implication appear to have been made illegal. Raab has a statement in the Commons tomorrow…

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