Claudia Webbe Booted Off Foreign Affairs Committee

SW1 will be crestfallen to hear Claudia Webbe is being kicked off the Foreign Affairs select committee, before she’d even had one chance to ask Liz Truss any questions about ‘Be’rus’. The news, confirmed in today’s Order Paper, is hardly surprising; even ignoring her recent harassment conviction, figures out last month showed her to have the worst attendance of any FCO committee member, turning up to just 18 out of 39 meetings. Is there no legal action Tom Tugendhat can take for her shirking of duties?

Meanwhile Diane Abbott is set to join the Justice Committee after Tory MPs’ plan to install her as chair of the Home Affairs Committee failed. Thankfully she’ll be able to draw on her familial experience of the justice system…

UPDATE: Skwawkbox points out that Webbe joined the Foreign Affairs Committee in May 2020, several months after other members. Figures for the 2021-2022 session reveal that “much-disliked Labour right-winger Neil Coyle“, who joined the Committee at the same time as Webbe, is in fact its most truant member. Coyle has attended just 7 of the 18 meetings, while Webbe has put in the legwork and showed up to 12. This is despite Coyle not having to take time off to appear in Court as a defendant. Guido is more than happy to correct the record, and thanks Skwawkbox for their help.

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Abbott Home Affairs Committee Chairmanship Gains Support

While the Blairites may have finally taken back control of the Labour Party front bench, could the race to replace Yvette Cooper as Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee prove an opportunity for Corbynites to get their own back? Guido hears one fan-favourite, Diane Abbott, may be mulling a comeback. Given she’s already a member of the committee, and served as Corbyn’s shadow Home Secretary for almost five years, she would actually be a serious contender. While centrist Diana Johnson is the only person to have announced their candidacy, Guido reckons Diane would put up a good fight. The chair of the Committee must be drawn from Labour MPs however all MPs are entitled to a vote. Tory MPs voting for Diane would be worth it for the banter alone…

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Priti Patel’s Fiery Clash with Yvette Cooper over Asylum Accommodation

Priti Patel had a rough ride during this morning’s Home Affairs Committee appearance. Facing off against Labour’s Yvette Cooper, the Home Secretary was repeatedly challenged over her potential involvement in the use of dormitories for asylum seekers throughout the migrant crisis – despite Public Health England (PHE) advising back in September 2020 that such dormitories weren’t Covid compliant, and “[not] good from a COVID or any type of infection prevention and control perspective.” Patel insisted to Cooper she didn’t see that email…

In the fiery altercation above, the pair repeatedly traded blows over Patel’s handling of the crisis, with Cooper saying:

“The answers that you have given to Diana Johnson implied that you did not know what the PHE advice was… You had an outbreak of 200 cases in dormitory accommodation and anybody across the country could tell you that putting people into dormitories in the middle of a pandemic was going to be a risk.”

Patel responded with:

“Obviously I did not see emails that went to officials, and I can only make decisions based on the advice that comes to me…and the advice that came to me was based on the guidelines or the approach that we should be taking in terms of stepping up our facilities…”

The Tories clearly aren’t happy. One source crunched the numbers and found out of 104 minutes of questioning, Labour and the SNP were given 65% of them. Guido’s Tory source accuses Cooper “and her merry band of left wing click bait merchants” of spending “an hour trying to get clips for social media.”

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Boris on Illegal Immigrants: Words Versus Action

Illegal immigration via boats across the channel is set to hit a record 7,500 in 2020 – four times the rate last year. Nigel Farage has spent much of lockdown documenting the crisis, from French naval ships illegally pushing boats of migrants into British waters, to them being put up in four-star hotels at the expense of the taxpayer.

Such is the problem the Home Affairs Select Committee has today launched an inquiry into the Channel crossings, looking at the reasons behind the growth and the role of criminal gangs in facilitating the growth. In the meantime, Guido thought it would be beneficial to remind readers of Boris’s previous hardline stance – perhaps it will remind those close to him to pull their collective finger out…

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Chuka’s Blatant Briefing Backfires

“Allies of Chuka” texted friendly members of the Lobby last night with the same tenuous line: that the Tories had blocked him from the Home Affairs committee chairmanship because they fear him as a potential future Labour leader. You’ll rarely get a more transparent and less believable briefing. Guido recalls a senior Labour figure a few years back explaining to hacks at Ed Miliband’s Christmas drinks party that Chuka would never be leader because everyone in Labour despises him. Whatever he’s spinning, the truth is Chuka is so unpopular with his own colleagues in the PLP he never stood a chance of winning the Home Affairs gig…

H/T Matt Chorley/Sam Coates
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Corbynistas Back Anti-Semitism Row MP For Home Affairs Chair

Days after the Home Affairs committee published its anti-Semitism report, Corbynistas have named an MP embroiled in multiple anti-Semitism rows as their choice for its next chairman. Paul Flynn has next to no chance of winning, but the decision by five Shadow Cabinet ministers and other top Corbynistas to sponsor his vanity bid has infuriated colleagues. In 2011 Flynn was condemned for suggesting the British Israeli ambassador Matthew Gould had “Jewish loyalty”. More recently Flynn said Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis was “wholly untrue”. Those backing him include Clive Lewis, Ronnie Campbell, Richard Burgon, Andy McDonald, Dennis Skinner, Nick Smith, Cat Smith, Kelvin Hopkins, Rachael Maskell, Carolyn Harris and Margaret Greenwood. If Paul Flynn had been in charge of the Home Affairs anti-Semitism report, fair to say its conclusions would have been somewhat different. MPs are very angry about this…

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