2022 Another Great Year for Polar Bears

Today is International Polar Bear Day, and once again the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) has published its annual report on the state of polar bears over the last twelve months. Having paw-ed over the details, Dr. Susan Crockford is the bearer of good news: 2022 was another fantastic year for everyone’s favourite cuddly carnivores:

“There were no reports from either hemisphere in 2022 that would suggest polar wildlife is suffering as a result of reduced sea-ice extent; in both the Arctic and Antarctic, less summer sea ice and increased primary productivity over the last two decades has meant more food for all animals, and explains in part why polar wildlife has been thriving.”

According to the report, Ice-dependent polar bears worldwide now number around 32,000. Looks like anyone doubting their continued good fortunes is on thin ice. Happy International Polar Bear Day! 

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Boris Urged to Make COP26 Virtual, Save Millions, Cut Emissions

The Global Warming Policy Forum has, for the first and likely final time of his presidency, urged Boris to follow Joe Biden’s lead and turn this year’s COP26 summit into a purely virtual event; a move which as well as being more Covid secure, would save taxpayers £200 million. Saving the planet and millions in cash? How could Boris say no…

A letter sent to the PM by GWPF director Benny Peiser points out Biden’s recent Leaders’ Summit on Climate functioned perfectly smoothly despite not being a physical meeting, and prevented the 30,000 delegates-worth of CO2-emitting flights COP26’s Glasgow summit would entail. It would at least offset the subsequent hot air that’ll naturally result from a global climate meeting of politicians…

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