Exclusive Interview: Extinction Rebellion To Shut Down Heathrow Tomorrow

Extinction Rebellion have now formally announced they will shut down Heathrow Airport tomorrow, one of the biggest travel days of the year. This afternoon Guido caught up with Extinction Rebellion leader, Robin Boardman-Pattison who confirmed that the group will attempt to act to disrupt tens of thousands going on their Easter Holidays on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

“Tomorrow we raise the bar. We are going to shut down Heathrow.
We wanted to tell you about a large action that has grown out of our escalation strategy. To reiterate, this is a self-organising movement and you should all feel empowered to plan and organise your own actions so long as they comply with our values and principles. Many of you have expressed a desire to disrupt Heathrow — and so we wanted to share this action with you.
For the Bank Holiday, we are halting swarming disruption and turning our focus onto the aviation industry.”

Robin Boardman-Pattison told Guy News that “Extinction Rebellion is organising disruption at Heathrow Airport tomorrow… it will disrupt the travel for lots of people, yeah, that disruption is totally necessary given the emergency we’re in…” The arrogance of the unelected, self-appointed guardian of humanity is breathtaking, ruining family holidays for thousands for a publicity stunt…

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Guy News Special Report : Remain Campaign Cheating

Tonight’s Guy News Special Report, which went out exclusively first to subscribers to the Guidogram, exposes coordination between the Remain campaigns on a level far greater than anything of which Vote Leave have been accused. Will the Remainer-stuffed Electoral Commission investigate?

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Guy News Visits Baroness Scotland’s Mayfair Mansion

During her Today programme interview last week, Baroness Scotland invited listeners into her Mayfair home to show she was telling the truth that there is “no extravagance”. Guy News took her up on her offer…

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Guy News Special: Baroness Scotland’s Spending Spin

Baroness Scotland’s case for the defence during her Today programme interview this morning was essentially: Extravagance? What extravagance? Does that defence stand up to scrutiny? Guy News takes a look…

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Thornberry Meltdown: Accuses Murnaghan of Sexism

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry had a meltdown when Dermot Murnaghan asked if she could name the French foreign minister. She couldn’t, so she accused Dermot of being a sexist. She couldn’t name the South Korean leader either. And then demanded to take the row off air…

Vid via @liarpoliticians
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Sadiq: “I’m Sorry” For Racial Slur Against Moderate Muslims

An unfortunate headline the day before the polls open…

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