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Politico Playbook Adds to Morning Mail Congestion

As we welcome Politico’s London Playbook email to our inbox it is getting a bit congested. Here (with timestamps) are the Brexit & political incomings this morning:

Politico Playbook – 06:45
PoliticsHome – 07:54
Bloomberg Brexit Bulletin – 08:01
Times Red Box – 08:22
MirrorPolitics – 08:30
BrexitCentral – 08:36
The Waugh Zone – 08:41
Editorial Intelligence Digest – 09:00
Open Europe Daily Shakeup – 09:04
ConservativeHome Daily – 09:08

LabourList and Stephen Bush’s emails are more of a brunch affair, usually showing up around 10ish, the Spectator has a lunchtime and an evening summary of what’s just happened. If you want to know what is going to be in tomorrow’s papers, today, get the Guidogram. It goes out just after 5pm, is short, sharp and succinct, with no rambling editorial analyses. Subscribe here.

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At Guido the newsdesk keyboards are on fire. Today we lead on exclusive breaking news that the Tories have started their general election selection process early. Last night we uncovered Sadiq Khan’s hypocritical invite to eleven Israel travel ban leaders, which was this morning on the front of MailOnline. Guido’s scoops set the agenda in Westminster and beyond…

This week we revealed the truth about Stoke Labour candidate Gareth Snell, exposing his militant anti-Brexit tendency and tracking down the “local man” to his Suffolk home. Press Association followed up on camera with awkward questions to Jez. PA, put your reporters on standby, there’s more to come…

We broke the bittersweet scandal of civil service cake gate, followed up in the Times, Telegraph and Sun. Last night we shattered Fleet Street’s silence and were first to report James Slack is being tapped up for a Number 10 role. Guido Fawkes: first for politics and media…

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Dave Gets His Daily Dose

Another happy reader – Dave shares with the House the news, as revealed by Guido, that the BBC, Mirror Group, and Guardian have all been using offshore investment funds. Sign up to the Guidogram here to get your daily dose too… 

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Seven Day Politics Service

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