Truss Begins Work on Scrapping Nannying Junk Food Tax

Despite politics shutting down for a fortnight, it appears Liz is already powering on with fulfilling her campaign policy of scrapping Boris’s out-of-character junk food tax. During the leadership race, Liz promised to halt the ban on buy-one-get-one-free promotions and deals on junk food if she became PM. This morning we learn Liz, Kwasi and Coffey have ordered a Treasury review of the evidence around the obesity policy, which could also lead to ditching calorie counts on menus. It may even look at the 2018 sugar tax…

Guido understands the policy is being spun in two ways: both as an anti-government interference, anti-red tape policy; and a policy to alleviate the cost of living in light of the unprecedented global economic situation. The move would also kill off dead large swathes of Henry Dimbleby’s – the government food tsar’s – 2021 call for a £3bn sugar and salt tax levy.  A reminder that Dimbleby’s own fast food chain Leon is more calorific than McDonald’s…

By all accounts The Guardian’s civil service sources are both “aghast” and angry at the move, despite it being an overt leadership election promise by Liz. One source told their health policy editor, with dripping disappointment, that “There doesn’t seem to be any appetite from Thérèse for nanny state stuff.” Guido’s almost surprised to see the paper not mention that her victory drinks last week were held at the offices of Deliveroo, implying some sort of dark lobbying victory. After the big-state splurge of Liz’s energy policy, it’s reassuring to see her making good on her other ideologically-driven promises…

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Rishi’s Second McDonald’s Faux Pas

Rishi’s just wrapped up a cosy This Morning interview on ITV, with the presenters lightly grilling him on inflation, tax cuts, and the far more substantive question of his McDonald’s order yesterday. Despite failing to probe Rishi on Guido’s allegation that his contactless payment photo was faked for Instagram, he was at least asked for his go-to order:

“I was there at about, gosh, 7.45 in the morning so it was not a burger and nuggets! I get bacon roll with ketchup and the pancakes.

“- Hashbrowns?”

I didn’t yesterday but if I’m with my daughters then we get the wrap. My eldest daughter, we get the wrap so if I’m with her that wrap with the hashbrown and everything in it is what we do.”

There’s just one problem with this anecdote, leaving Rishi with egg on his face: McDonald’s haven’t served the breakfast wrap since March 2020, when they massively slimmed down their menu during Covid. They then formally discontinued the wrap in January this year. Rishi must really try and ketchup with the chain’s menu developments…

Rishi’s always presented himself as a Cameroon and now he’s fallen into the same trap Dave, when the PM recalled last buying a pasty from Leeds train station despite the chain having closed down some years prior. What a pair of silly sausages…

UPDATE: Team Rishi get in touch with a defence:

“Given he’s barely seen his kids in the last 2 and half years since he became chancellor it’s not beyond the wit of man that he hasn’t had a Mcdonald’s with them in that time”

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Taxpayers Fork Out £17 Million to Subsidise MPs’ Food and Drink

As inflation begins to bite and food prices soar, MPs are resting easy knowing they’re being spared the horrors of forking out nearly £7 per pint, all courtesy of taxpayer generosity. This round’s on us.

New figures released following a Freedom of Information request from OpenDemocracy reveal all 17 of Parliament’s bars and restaurants have been making huge losses for the past few years, with taxpayer cash being used to keep them afloat. More than £6.6 million was spent in 2020 alone, with the tab coming to a staggering £17 million over the last three years. In fact, the average cost of dinner in the Members’ Dining Room actually fell by more than £1 between 2018 and 2021…

Even with MPs gratefully accepting a £2,212 pay rise this year, menu prices still significantly undercut local competitors by a huge margin. Here’s what Members can expect to pay inside Parliament compared to the Red Lion next door:

The basic salary of a backbencher is now £84,144. Virtually nowhere in London – certainly not in Westminster – will offer prices even close to what’s available in the Commons. Trebles all round – on the taxpayer…
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China Infiltrates Parliament Again

A Commons staffer has spotted a bizarre culinary offering in the Commons today, presumably out of the head chef’s Little Red Recipe Book:

Chairman Mao of course oversaw the starvation of millions of Chinese peasants after his programme of forced collectivisation of agriculture went as well as one would expect. So a strange choice for a farm-grown dish. Guido presumes Barry Gardiner hasn’t donned a chef’s hat this morning, as the second offering consists of a much less left-wing “Israeli poached grains”. Something for political operatives of both colours…

Hat-tip: Lily Alimi

UPDATE: Following our story the dish has now been renamed to simply “Chinese braised tofu”…

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Mask Hypocrisy: Kebab Awards Edition

Last night’s annual kebab awards was a relatively understated affair. A combination of the Budget today, a Tory MP drinks reception in No. 10, a graduation ceremony for the Parliamentary CCF force and presumably plenty of left-wing MPs not wanting to be seen at a busy, hot, sweaty drinks reception resulted in far fewer MPs in attendance than usual. Guido spent the night keeping an eye out for any MPs who, while advocating for masks in Parliament and wider society, forgot to continue their virtue signalling campaign at the private drinks reception:

  • James O’Brien
  • Dawn Butler
  • Lloyd Russell-Moyle
  • Abena Oppong-Asare
  • Anna McMorrin
  • Charlotte Nichols
  • Jeremy Corbyn
  • Stephen Timms
  • Rosena Allin-Khan

All the above were spotted by Guido maskless and mingling among the drunken crowd.

Repeated references were made last night to Angela Rayner’s none appearance, with co-hosts Radio 1’s Chris Stark and Scott Mills uncomfortably bitching about the deputy leader’s absence – clearly no one had informed them she’s still on bereavement leave after losing someone very close to her. Upon hearing the co-hosts mention Rayner wasn’t going to be there, one sarcastic Labour MP within earshot of a co-conspirator audibly told their dining companion, “oh what a shame”…

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Guido Forks: Tory MP Levels Up Parliament’s Canteen

After an airport, a Treasury campus, an ONS campus, a BEIS campus, a free port, the country’s biggest industrial zone and constant praise from the Cabinet, one might think Teesside has had enough wins for a lifetime. Not content with levelling up the north east, Stockton MP Matt Vickers has now won a victory in SW1 – getting the region’s iconic dish, the Parmo, served in Parliament. 

Breaded chicken, smothered in béchamel sauce and topped with your week’s worth of dietary cheese allowance, no night out in Teesside is complete without one.

Vickers enjoyed a photoshoot in the Commons Terrace Cafeteria this morning with the chef, complete with a personalised chef hat. Guido’s senior reporter – a proud north easterner – popped over to Parliament this afternoon to try it out, and can confirm that while not a looker, it tasted great. The closest attempt at replicating the dish he’s found in London so far…

The dish has proved incredibly popular, with a canteen server at one point having to shout at the queue, “Is there anyone that ISN’T here for a parmo?” Fingers crossed it’s not a one time dish…

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