Aubrey Allegretti Leaves Guardian to Become Chief Political Correspondent at The Times

Aubrey Allegretti has this morning announced he will be leaving the Guardian to join The Times. It looks like an upward move for Allegretti, who will become the paper of record’s Chief Political Correspondent. Allegretti will be joining in Autumn after having built up his contacts as the Guardian’s Senior Political Correspondent. You might be forgiven for thinking the Times is preparing for a Labour government…

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£15 Million Loss for Guardian

Under the headline “Guardian Media Group makes record revenues for news business” the Guardian reports that everything is tickety-boo at GMG plc, with total revenues reaching £264 million – which includes a staggering £82 million from 1 million paying supporters who respond to their begging pleas. Makes Guido think he is perhaps being too proud in resisting begging for donations from readers…

Away from the puff prose, the bottom line is that the paper lost £47.5 million before tax – a handy £31.8 million tax credit reduced that to a mere £15.7 million. The Scott Trust endowment of £1.2 billion, invested in such things as hedge funds and private equity, covered the shortfall.  A note to the accounts emphasises – perhaps because of past highlighting by Guido – that the unnamed funds and fund managers are all UK tax residents.

Despite the paper losing money, editor Katharine Viner’s salary rose 3.5% from £509,850 to £527,694 – something the Guardian’s media editor Jim Waterson wisely failed to report. The extra 18 grand should cover a summer holiday in Tuscany… cheers!

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Channel 4 / Guardian Hitjob Misses

A Pippa Crerar and Luke Harding special appears on the front page of The Guardian this morning: “Queen was asked to block Evgeny Lebedev’s peerage”. The top sleuths write: “Government officials asked whether the late Queen would block Evgeny Lebedev’s peerage because of concerns that he could be a national security risk due to his father’s links to the Putin regime, a documentary has claimed.” Which sounds very dramatic – until you read on to the third paragraph: “The Palace is understood to have refused [to block it]”. Doh!

This lame hand out appears to be the most that can be dredged out of a new Channel 4 documentary on Evgeny Lebedev which is slated for broadcast tomorrow. It is not as if the controversy was unreported at the time. The Guardian is the only paper giving Channel 4’s film any press. Guido hears there is nothing more in the film than has already been endlessly recycled. Apparently, the investigation is amusingly forced to conclude that there is no suggestion of anything untoward on the part of Lebedev himself…

So, what could account for The Guardian’s appetite for targeting him? Evgeny is a British citizen and regime critic who has a Russian name – but his country of birth shouldn’t bother the progressives at The Guardian. And surely a liberal newspaper would celebrate his vital investment in underwriting (expensive) British journalism – especially that of left-leaning outlets like The IndependentWhich, by coincidence, is the Guardian’s fiercest competitor…

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Guardian Australia Editor Apologises for Spreading False Information… on Podcast About Misinformation

The Guardian has, again, landed itself in hot water for failing to practise what it preaches. The slip-up this time comes from a land down under, as Guardian Australia editor, Lenore Taylor, was forced to correct the record after making false statements about Sky News Australia. Lenore claimed Sky News had broadcast a “very right-wing evangelic Christian” program. The show was, in fact, broadcast by Foxtel Cable Television. The Guardian since retracted the claim and amended the information. The false statement was made on the Full Story podcast – focussing on “the consequences of lies”…

What’s more, it’s not the first correction issued by The Guardian about Sky News Australia – even in the past week alone. They previously amended an article after they omitted the fact that a watchdog investigation into Sky News Australia only came about after 80 complaints by former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. A spokesman for Sky News Australia said:

“Guardian Australia has been required to publish corrections on a number of occasions in relation to Sky News Australia. This latest factual error is particularly ironic given the purported expertise of the presenters on the podcast, discussing misinformation”.

The fake news Guardian’s commitment to misinformation knows no borders.

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After Warning of Devastatingly “Dry Spring” Unreliable Reporter Hit by Rainy Weather

Fresh from her ground breaking exclusive – that just so happened to be categorically not true” – the Guardian’s environment reporter Helena Horton issued a stark warning a fortnight ago that UK river levels were going to be “devastated” by a dry spring. To be fair she quoted experts from the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology who warned two weeks ago in their monthly outlook of “extended dry conditions”. This may surprise any UK-based co-conspirators who have happened to so much as look outside recently – as Storm Mathis is bringing nationwide rainfall. There’s even a rain weather warning in place… Hope the hydrology boffins have got their umbrellas today.

This wasn’t the article’s only slip-up. The Guardian issued a correction because to illustrate these uncharacteristically low river levels, they used an image of the River Ribble. The River Ribble is tidal.

Helena’s inclement forecast is far from her first foray into misleading stories. In addition to her widely publicised Attenborough story, linked above, she’s previously reported that the Ritz took grouse off the menu – they hadn’t – and that Brits travelled to Iceland to hunt puffins 100 at a time – they didn’t. Helena ‘half-truth’ Horton should rain it in…

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Guardian to Pay Reparations for Links to Slave Trade

This week, the Guardian finally apologised for its historical links to the slave trade, and announced it would pay £10 million in reparations over the next ten years. Listen to Guido’s Editor Paul Staines explain why this matters and tell Jacob Rees Mogg why £10 million isn’t nearly enough…

See also: Campaign Victory: Guardian Editor Apologises for Founders’ Links to Slavery

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