Guardian Editor Calls Boris Decapitation Stunt “Amazing”

Guardian deputy music editor Laura Snapes has described a stunt by rapper ‘slowthai’ – in which he waved around a severed effigy of Boris Johnson’s decapitated head during a performance – as “amazing“. Slightly undermines her employer’s constant call to improve civil discourse…

Similarly, the Business News Editor of the Evening Standard, Alex Lawson, described the performance as “definitely the best performance waving a Boris head”.

Slowthai, who was nominated for the Mercury Prize for his debut album, finished his performance by waving around the bloodied head and yelling “F*ck Boris Johnson, f*ck everything and there ain’t nothing great about Britain“, an outburst that received a partial standing ovation. The BBC managed to cut away from the politically-charged protest just as slowthai picked up the pre-planted severed Boris head, with host Lauren Laverne addressing the stunt afterwards as “slowthai, with his own views there”.

The Mercury Prize winner also used the event as an opportunity to flog his £25 ‘F*ck Boris’ t-shirts, with the Guardian‘s Snapes sharing the link to his store to purchase “his brilliantly fleshy “F*ck Boris” t-shirts”. Kinder, gentler politics there…

UPDATE: Chris Hawkins – BBC Radio 6 presenter – has waded in… behind slowthai’s gruesome stunt, in an article for the Metro.

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Guardian’s U-Turn on 16 Year Olds’ Rights

Yesterday the Guardian published an editorial entitled “16-year-old soldiers: armies are for adults”, arguing against children aged 16 and 17 being allowed to join the Army.

However it doesn’t take a great memory to remember the Guardian are also keen advocates of lowering the voting age to 16 because they should be treated like adults…

Hilariously, the Guardian’s piece on lowering the voting age to 16 had to be amended because they implied 16-year-olds could go to war… which they can’t until 18. Directly undermining the premise of their new absurd policy position.

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Guardian’s Chicken Shop ‘Racism’ Hypocrisy

Lefties led by Twitter rent-a-gob David Lammy are have all gone clucking mad at the news the Home Office are using takeaway chicken shop boxes to advertise anti-knife crime messages. The insinuation is that the Department is somehow making a offensive connection between knife crime, black people and the racist trope of liking fried chicken. Of course a brief look at the actual hard facts behind the move completes undermines the hysteria…

Inevitably both the Guardian and Independent have jumped on the bandwagon, which is funny because just three days ago both publications covered a report uncovering how children are being “lured into crime by ‘chicken shop gangs’ offering free food“. Funny how Lammy didn’t accuse them of being racist then.

Either the Guardian and Indy editors have very short memories, or they’re just cynically stirring up outrage…

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Guardian Lost £7 Million Last Year

The Guardian has published their accounts and reported on them in the paper as well. The report’s headline claims they broke even. If you read the actual accounts you will discover they did not.

The bottom line says they lost £16,600,000 after exceptionals, before exceptionals they lost a mere £7.4 million, just under £1,000 an hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The billion pound Guardian endowment made £42.9 million profit on “investments held at fair value”. Add the investment income from the endowment’s shareholdings to the losses and abracadabra the Guardian breaks even.

Claiming the Guardian broke even last year is “fake news”. The fact is GMG plc holding company made an overall profit thanks to investment income entirely unrelated to the company that produces the newspaper. Before you go, Guardian Media Group’s chief executive, David Pemsel has a small favour to ask, can you contribute to his total pay package of £706,000 a year?

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Guardian Smacks of Spin

The hot topic in Welsh politics at the moment is a new Bill from the Welsh Government seeking to ban parents from smacking their children. On Friday the Guardian carried a report on how Welsh society is supposedly falling into line under the headline “Police and teachers back Welsh anti-smacking bill”, while going into extensive detail over how “frontline professionals” are in favour of the legislation. They even discussed the need to inform “English tourists” that smacking children would not be acceptable in Wales. For a bit of balance they got a quote from a “church in Wrexham”…

ONS smacking bill
Funny how the Guardian forgot to mention the fact that we don’t need to rely on hearsay as the Welsh Government actually commissioned the ONS to conduct a quantitative consultation on the Bill. The ONS survey in fact found that 67.8% of the 562 individuals polled, and 60% when including professionals and organisations, do not support the Bill. Fewer than 30% of people actually supported the Bill, not that you’d be aware of those highly pertinent facts from the Guardian’s gushing writeup…

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Isabel Oakeshott Suing The Guardian For Defamation

Isabel Oakeshott is suing the The Guardian after it suggested that the way in which she got her agenda setting diplomatic cables scoop over the weekend was by sleeping with either Nigel Farage or Arron Banks. She has hired hardball lawyer Donal Blaney to secure the removal of the comments and an apology…

In the print version of an article by The Guardian’s John Crace, the paper published the line “Not least because the only way Isabel Oakeshott, the journalist who got the leaked emails, ever gets a scoop is if Nigel or Arron Banks slips it to her.” In the online version this read “Not least because the only way Isabel Oakeshott, the journalist who got the leaked emails, ever gets a scoop is if he or Arron Banks leave it conveniently tucked under her pillow.” Guido is sure he wasn’t talking about a tooth fairy situation…

It has now been changed a third time to “… the only way Isabel Oakeshott, the journalist who got the leaked emails, ever gets a scoop is if he or Arron Banks leave it conveniently to one side for her.” Not sure that is any better than slips it under the pillow. Now it sounds like a tip being left for a hooker.

Oakeshott is demanding the following;

  1. The Guardian must pay £3,000 towards Ms Oakeshott’s legal costs.
  2. The Article must be taken down, and no similar comments to those complained of in this letter must ever be published again by The Guardian and/or Mr Crace.
  3. An apology must be published, in terms to be agreed with Ms Oakeshott, through us, online, on social media and in the print edition of The Guardian in as prominent a place as the Article appeared.
  4. The Guardian must pay a sum to be agreed in damages to Ms Oakeshott to compensate her for the damage and distress that she has suffered as a result of the Article and the comments complained of.

They have until 4pm on Friday to comply, otherwise legal proceedings will be commenced…

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