Six in Ten Voters Hit the Roof at Eco-Extremists’ Sunak Stunt

The vast majority of British voters think the behaviour of the environmental extremists who scaled Rishi’s Richmond mansion was “unacceptable”. Is the roof finally caving in on the eco mob?

According to Omnisis, 60% of voters condemned the protest, with this number climbing to 69% if “don’t know” responses are removed. Just 27% of voters thought the protest was justified. No wonder CCHQ is so keen on linking Labour to the eco-clowns…

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Government Cancel Meetings with Greenpeace After Eco-Stunt at Rishi’s Home

Thérèse Coffey has ordered the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs immediately cancels all meetings and correspondence with Greenpeace, after five of its members protested at the Sunaks’ constituency home yesterday morning. According to the Express‘ David Maddox, DEFRA Permanent Secretary Tamara Finklestein emailed staff today with instructions not to engage with Greenpeace until further notice:

“You will have seen the coverage of Greenpeace in the media today, 3 August, which involved a protest at the Prime Minister’s constituency home. Following this activity, the Secretary of State has taken the decision that the Defra Group should cease engagement with Greenpeace until further notice. This includes any planned meetings or communications.

If your teams have any engagement with Greenpeace planned, can you please contact […] as soon as possible to discuss. Please can you also alert the External Affairs team with any correspondence received from Greenpeace.”

The activists were arrested yesterday afternoon after spending a full two hours on the roof of the property. The protest has attracted criticism from across the floor, with the likes of Yvette Cooper and Chris Bryant condemning the stunt yesterday. Now Thérèse is finally cutting the loons out entirely. Resisting for once government having a dialogue with people who are behaving unreasonably…

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Greenpeace Protesters Who Scaled Rishi’s House Arrested

The four Greenpeace protesters who scaled the Sunaks’ empty home in Richmond this morning have finally been arrested. They were seen being bundled into the back of a police van this afternoon, having sat on the property’s roof all morning after covering an entire face of the building with black fabric. Which should raise a few questions over the house’s security…

Greenpeace are nonetheless defending themselves over trespassing on private property, claiming this afternoon:

“Our action today was entirely peaceful and we were diligent in ensuring that no one was home and that no damage would be done to the property. We have cooperated fully with the police and the activists have been taken into custody. We felt it was important to take this message directly to the prime minister’s doorstep today, since it is Sunak himself that has signed off on the decision to grant these licences and it is Sunak who holds the power to reverse this decision.”

Deputy PM Oliver Dowden isn’t having it. He told broadcasters this morning that Greenpeace should “stop the stupid stunts”. Good luck with that one…

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Greenpeace’s Blackout Protest at PM’s Pad

Greenpeace have paid yet another visit to Rishi’s Richmond residence to protest against the government’s environmental policy. This time, some intrepid eco-activists appear to have made it onto the property, scaling Sunak’s house and draping it in black fabric – all in opposition to new oil and gas licences. Downing Street said this morning:

“The police are in attendance. We make no apology for taking the right approach to ensure our energy security, using the resources we have here at home so we are never reliant on aggressors like Putin for our energy. We are also investing in renewables.”

Rishi isn’t even in the country – he’s jetted off to California…

UPDATE: They’ve been arrested

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Greenpeace Host Pool Party on Prime Minister’s Doorstep

Swathes of swimsuit-clad revellers turned up today at Rishi’s £2 million pound Yorkshire mansion today, hoping for a pool party with the Prime Minister. The stunt, organised by Greenpeace, is part of a campaign for improvements to the energy grid in a month where it was revealed that Rishi coughed up for local national grid upgrades – just to keep his pool heated. Extinction Rebellion, take notes…

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Scottish Government Trash Bottle Return Scheme – Again

Scottish Greens’ co-leader Lorna Slater is set to be forced into another embarrassing U-turn, delaying Scotland’s Bottle and Can deposit scheme despite promising to implement the programme in the party’s manifesto. What excuse can they possibly have now they’re in government?

The scheme – which requires shops to install recycling machines and charge a 20p deposit on every can and bottle – was due to be launched in July next year, three years after it was originally unveiled. Yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon’s cabinet was told that the scheme will be postponed until either March or October 2023 and Slater will confirm this in Holyrood today. Bottled it.

This U-turn has caused a huge upset amongst Greenpeace tree huggers who mocked Slater and the Scottish Green Party on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time Scottish Greens have U-turned on manifesto pledges. In September the Scottish Greens were forced into a humiliating U-turn after they failed to halt the construction of large scale waste incinerators despite promising to do so in their manifesto. Surprisingly it seems the Greens are just about managing to avoid suffering Clegg’s popularity death since entering government…

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