Climate Activists Turn on Friends of the Earth

A radical environmental campaign calling itself “Beyond Politics” has finally taken the climate fight to the real perpetrators; namely Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Christian Aid. Their radical protesting saw the offices of a host of charities and NGOs attacked with pink paint, and littered with the group’s manifesto accusing the groups of doing “f*ck all that’s meaningful” and being “deluded about how things change”. Gaia presumes the organisations will take the profanity-laden demands of the latest nutty group incredibly seriously…

Read Beyond Politics’ manifesto in full below:

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Mall Eco-Protesters Cleared By Police

Greenpeace trying to out-Extinction Rebellion Extinction Rebellion. Cleared instantly. Bless. Promotion in order for the lone policeman who swept the Greenpeace fanatics away…

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Mark Field Protester Will Not Press Charges

The Greenpeace protester who was manhandled out of last night’s Mansion House Dinner by Mark Field has told the BBC that she will not report the MP to the police, although she did say Field should take anger management classes. She’s taken a more nuanced approach to the incident than most of the commentariat…

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“Led By Donkeys” Unmasked as Greenpeace Campaigners

Guido’s campaign for transparency over big-spending anti-Brexit campaign ‘Led By Donkeys’ has paid off. The Electoral Commission now are reporting details of who the mysterious campaign are – who have raised almost half a million pounds to fight Brexit in the last few months. Guido can now unm-ass-k the donkeys. You may spot a pattern…

  • James Sadri (Secretary): Sadri is the former ‘Head of Mobilisation’ at Greenpeace, he’s led numerous Greenpeace digital campaigns over the years including their ‘VW Dark Side’ and ‘Save the Arctic’ campaigns and previously worked for the BBC and the UN. Mysteriously, his Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts all appear to have been recently deactivated, although the internet never forgets
  • Ben Stewart: Stewart is Head of Speacial [sic] Projects at Greenpeace and was previously their Head of Campaign Communications and was one of six activists acquitted over causing £30,000 of criminal damage to a power station in 2008. His Twitter account has also been recently deleted
  • Oliver Knowles: Knowles is a… Greenpeace International Oceans Campaigner and their Global Tuna Campaign Leader, his LinkedIn described him as a Senior Advisor/Strategist although it has also recently disappeared. However, his Twitter account is still active and busy retweeting Led By Donkeys…
  • Will Rose: Rose is a photographer for (you’ve guessed it) Greenpeace, he’s taken photographs all over the world for Greenpeace campaigns before turning his attention closer to home. No social media to speak of but he’s got plenty of nice photo galleries

Lefty environmentalists are famously not very good with money, nonetheless Guido looks forward to them declaring how they’ve managed to buy over £230,000 worth of advertising for less than £159,750. Why have they been so keen to go dark on social media and hidden their Greenpeace connection?

Guido takes his hat off to them, they’ve come up with an original, eye-catching campaign, even if it hasn’t convinced the Guardian. It doesn’t matter how clever the campaign is, they’ve still got to play by the rules…

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Greenpeace Ditched Its Old Ship On A Bangladeshi Beach

After Guido revealed Greenpeace’s new not-so-green diesel powered ship yesterday, readers may be wondering what happened to their old ship, Rainbow Warrior II. Late last year, the organisation allowed their massive ship to be scrapped in a Bangladeshi beaching yard. Risking the spread of countless toxic materials into the local beach ecosystems…

The vessel was retired in 2011, after being deemed unfit for sea travel, and was thereafter sold to a Bangladeshi NGO. Crucially, as a condition of the sale, Greenpeace ensured that they “retained the right of veto over any final disposal plan.”

After signing off the scrapping, Greenpeace admitted that “breaking ships on beaches is fundamentally unsafe, exploitative of workers and damaging to the marine environment.” By the time they admitted that, the ship was already beached and ready to be cut up.

As a worst of all worlds compromise, they are now shipping parts of the ship back to Europe (adding even more to their carbon footprint) whilst leaving significant parts of the ship in Bangladesh. Do as we say not as we do…

*Graphic is an artist’s impression.

UPDATE: A co-conspirator, apparently not satisfied with Guido’s artist’s impression, has sent in a real photo of the beached Greenpeace ship. We weren’t that far off…

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Greenpeace Still Making Fake Wind Claims

Eco-warriors at Greenpeace are still claiming wind energy prices have fallen by 50% despite promising the Advertising Standards Authority they would no longer do so. The pressure group was involved in a major green lobby ad campaign promoting wind power fronted by actors Peter Capaldi and Emma Thompson. Posters – including one which went up in Westminster tube station – claimed: “The price paid for electricity from offshore wind farms has fallen by 50% over the last five years.” Wrong – in most cases the prices paid for electricity from the UK’s offshore wind fleet have not fallen at all…

Following an upheld complaint, Greenpeace told the Advertising Standards Authority last month it would no longer make the claim. But a video featuring Emma Thompson holding a giant “50% off” sign next to an offshore wind farm is still being shown on the Greenpeace Facebook page. Thompson claims the non-existent price drop is: “it’s better than the Harrods sale”. The caption reads: “Wow – the cost of offshore wind has HALVED in the last two years!”

A spokesman for the Global Warming Policy Forum, which made the successful complaint, said:

“The ads are deliberately misleading MPs and the wider public into thinking that existing wind farms have been cutting their prices. In fact, the allegedly lower prices are only related to auction bids in so-called Contracts for Difference which apply to tentative future wind projects that will not start generating until 2021/2022 and may in fact never be built — or never generate at these low prices. As a recent study has shown, the capital costs of new offshore wind do not appear to be falling and may even be rising as they move into deeper waters.”

When will Greenpeace keep its promise to the regulator?

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