Renting Clothes Worse for Planet Than Not

A new report suggests that eco-warrior Carrie is actually damaging the planet by renting clothes. The new study, published by the Finnish scientific journal Environment Research Letters, argues that renting clothes has a higher climate impact than simply throwing them away once the hidden environmental costs of packaging, delivering and dry cleaning them are also accounted. According to the boffins from the Department of Sustainability Science at LUT University, renting clothes was the worst option with the highest global warming potential (GWP). Wearing the same clothes for extended periods had the lowest GWP. Fashion is just bad for the planet.

This will come as terrible news to climate-conscious Carrie, who notably rented her Christos Costarellos wedding dress for just £45. In fact, Mrs. Johnson ordered several decoy dresses alongside her dress of choice in order to keep the real dress a secret. Imagine the unnecessary damage those decoy dresses had on the environment… 

To add salt to the wound, Carrie also rented all of her outfits for the G7 summit, where world leaders pontificated about the importance of tackling climate change. Wearing the same thing twice would be more sustainable, though a little less fashionable. The only truly net zero solution is to grow your own clothes… 

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Extinction Rebellion Declare “There Is No Room For Disagreement”

Extinction Rebellion spokesman (and former civil service lawyer) Tim Crosland made a batty debut on Radio 4 this morning, claiming that there can be no disagreement with Extinction Rebellion, despite environmental campaigners disagreeing with their loopy plans. Guido hopes Crosland wasn’t this unhinged when he worked in the civil service…

It is well worth listening to the extraordinary interview:

“There is no room for disagreement that urgent and radical action is being taken and the government is failing to do that and the Murdoch press is making that failure possible and facilitating it. There is no room for disagreement about that”

In the interview, Crosland defended shutting down his opponents by declaring that “the climate and environmental emergency is not a matter of opinion it is a matter of scientific fact”. When challenged on the specific demands, such as the utterly fringe view not backed by anyone sensible that the UK should go carbon neutral in just four years time, Crosland doubled down again. Deploying the tactic that all extremist environmental protesters use, to argue that if you disagree with any element of their revolutionary agenda you are somehow a ‘climate denier’…

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Extinction Rebellion in Favour of Extinction

Fresh from their environmental protests digging up green spaces, an Extinction Rebellion cell in the East Midlands has printed new controversially pro-Coronavirus stickers. The literature, which calls human life a ‘disease’ and Coronavirus ‘the cure’, was distributed in the West Midlands yesterday.

Extinction Rebellion ‘coordinators’ have this morning distanced themselves with this group, which is followed by scores of other Extinction Rebellion groups across the country. The trouble with having a terrorist-like cell structure is that when one group makes a PR faux par it’s hard to disavow them…

This is what Extinction Rebellion’s leaders believe, the East Midlands group is just following the logic of their messaging, which often pushes the discredited idea that there are somehow ‘too many people’ to sustain.  A perfect world for Extinction Rebellion types would be one with no travel, no industry, no jobs, and no humans at all…

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“Climate Crisis” Populism Versus Data: Food Production

In the 1960s, when the world’s population had just crossed 3 billion people, there was a common belief across the experts in the academic and scientific communities that we were approaching “peak humanity”. That this was largest number of people the planet could support, based on the amount of food the planet could produce. Policymakers feared global famine, mass starvation and a collapse in the social order.

Thanks to the Green Revolution that was spurred in part by Norman Borlaug’s work to develop heartier and higher-yielding strains of staple crops like wheat, food production doubled without significantly expanding land use. With the global population now some 7 billion we are told by experts in the academic and scientific communities that this we are facing a “climate crisis”. Policymakers fear climate induced global famine, mass starvation and a collapse in the social order.

If this is true wouldn’t world food prices being a leading indicator? Food costs would be rising as environmental constraints reduced supply and population growth increased demand.

So it is incredible that within a generation food costs have dropped so dramatically in India and China, countries that at one time were frequently on the brink of famine. Environmentalists who campaign against agri-tech advances have argued for population reduction rather than increased food production. Fortunately policy-makers have taken the humane option and have better fed bigger populations as a result. Could it be that the same green ideologues who were wrong in the past could be wrong again about humanity’s ingenuity when it comes to their fears about an unproven “climate crisis”? Green populism plays on irrational fears that have little scientific basis. Humanity is far from becoming extinct…

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Ed Miliband Racks Up Over 19,000 Air Miles Despite Calling for Flight Eco-Crackdown

Ed Miliband was busy evangelising on Today this morning about the need to declare a climate “emergency”, advocating restricting flights and slapping higher taxes on plane tickets. Unfortunately for poor Mother Earth, Ed doesn’t seem to have believed it was enough of an emergency to alter his own travel habits. Since December 2017 Ed has racked up over 19,000 air miles, pumping out over 3.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide:

  • Essaouira, Morocco: over 2,800 miles return
  • Week-long American tour including Boston and Chicago: over 8,000 mile round trip
  • Iceland: 2,360 miles return
  • Malaga: 2,080 miles return
  • Zurich: 978 miles return
  • Vienna: 1,582 miles return
  • Florence: 1,512 miles return

At least Ed has saved some air miles by combining various work trips with family trips, a donor was kind enough to pay for his wife to come along on his Malaga trip, while his kids came along on his US tour and even got treated to free game tickets for his beloved Boston Red Sox. Air Miliband is clearly a classy affair, Ed’s trip to Florence came in at a handsome £1,090 for just one night’s accommodation with returns flights and ‘subsistence’. At least Ed won’t have to worry himself about the taxes going up, it’s just his donors who’ll be taking the hit…

Sources: “Reasons to Be Cheerful” podcast, register of interests.

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UK Green Lobby Funded by ‘Anti-Immigrant Multi-Millionaire’

A reclusive American multi-millionaire who has backed anti-immigrant and population control campaigns has funded green charities in Britain through a charitable foundation. Fred Stanback, heir to the Stanback headache powder fortune, is said to have backed household name charities including Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace. The NGOs have directly lobbied UK ministers and bankrolled parliamentary candidates…

Stanback’s support for controversial anti-immigrant and population control causes has been well documented in the US media. Population control advocates are closely linked to wealthy American environmentalists; they believe that environmental problems stem from there being too many people on the planet. Stanback has:

  • Donated $500,000 to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a group whose leaders are said to have ties to white supremacists and eugenicists;
  • Purchased $5,000 worth of copies of the novel The Camp of the Saints from the American Immigration Control Foundation to distribute. The book is widely acknowledged as a racist work and has been described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “racist fantasy”;
  • Funded a Duke University internship programme which placed interns at anti-immigration organisations, until a public outcry forced Duke University to remove these organisations from the approved list after the affiliations came to light in 2013;
  • Raised concerns that “Catholic interests” were the primary motivation behind the Wall Street Journal’s opposition to immigration control.

Stanback is said to channel his donations to green groups through the Foundation for the Carolinas (FFTC), a non-profit community foundation. According to US IRS filings, the FFTC has given:

  • $6,000,000 to Friends of the Earth;
  • $3,000,000 to Greenpeace;
  • $2,000,000 to the Dogwood Alliance (a US organisation that worked with Friends of the Earth on a major campaign to shut down biomass plants and other related energy businesses in the U.K).

The report concludes:

“The financial connections between these organisations and major funders like Fred Stanback strongly suggest that these environmental NGOs willingly received funding from the same source that funds population control and anti-immigrant groups on a large scale, and apparently without anyone in the environmental world publicly questioning the moral or financial integrity of using the money.”

Stay tuned this week for more in Guido’s Green NGO Sockpuppets series…

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