Green Party Runs Out of Local Voter Endorsements

For anyone who thinks LibDem bar charts are the biggest fibs being posted through people’s letterboxes at election time, check out the blag being pulled off by the Worcester Green Party. Voters in Gorse Hill Ward are currently receiving campaign leaflets for Green candidate Heather McNeillis, who has a glowing endorsement from a ‘Nicola’ of Honister Drive:

“I usually vote Conservative, but this time I’m voting for Heather because she will help make positive changes to our area.”

Unfortunately, the Greens tripped themself up by including a photo of said ‘Nicola’ on the leaflet. Taking a look one ward south to Nunnery we see a remarkably similar-looking lady appears to be standing for the Green Party.

Nicola’s doppelgänger goes by the name of Nicky Silvester, however, so it couldn’t possibly be the same person… Could it?

Hat-tip: Michael Foster

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Green’s Lavish Taxpayer-Funded Banquet

The Green Party in Oxfordshire emphasised their credentials as middle-class social justice warriors as local councillors put on a lavish taxpayer-funded banquet for officers, and boasted about it on social media. The food-laden tables – tweeted out by councillor Ian Middleton – lauded the first fully plant-based lunch forced through as council policy despite recent protests by Jeremy ClarksonOxfordshire is the first county council to adopt such an authoritarian policy…

Scanning the flower-covered tables, Guido can see for the first time exactly how environmentally friendly the new policy is. Rather than using meat sourced from local farms like Jezza’s, the Green Party can now enjoy other more far-sourced produce including pineapples, kiwi fruit, oranges and mangos. All of which are questionable environmentally since they are flown in from abroad… 

The Countryside Alliance’s Mo Metcalf-Fisher tells Guido:

“So after upsetting the farming community by shunning sustainable produce from local livestock farmers, the motion’s main advocate boldly posts a picture of an incredibly exotic, lavish, spread of fruit and vegetables at what he claims is a council meeting.

Can the councillor be certain that all of these items are locally produced and not transported from abroad? If not, he has left the council open to the accusation of hypocrisy…”

Amidst a cost of living squeeze, it seems the Green Party are saying let them eat vegan cake…

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Green Party Campaigner Steals Tory Leaflets from Letterbox

With local elections around the corner, one of Guido’s favourite perennials makes its return for another season. Last year it was Labour and the LibDems who were caught rummaging around in people’s letterboxes, now it’s the Greens who’ve been caught red-handed. This morning an as-of-yet unidentified Green Party campaigner in Storrington & Washington was spotted on a resident’s Ring doorbell swapping out Tory leaflets with her own, before scurrying off seemingly undetected. Apparently she followed the Tories up the street and repeated the trick multiple times, although she was only recorded once. Presumably she recycled the leaflets, at least…

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Greens Swerve Livingstone’s Membership Application

Today’s Guardian carries an eyebrow-raising report that Ken Livingston plans on applying to join the Green Party. Livingstone has been unaffiliated from any party after resigning his Labour membership in 2018 in the wake of his Hitler Zionism scandal. Despite the major controversy that would follow an admission into the party, the Greens’ press office were willing to only offer the following comment:

“We welcome everybody who shares our political aims and values to join the Green party.”

When pressed by Guido whether his comments on Hitler and Zionism align with the party’s values, he was merely told cases like Livingstone’s would have to go through a consultation process…

Livingstone now tells the party, “have me in!”, something Green peer Jenny Jones would be happy with, claiming that as his deputy mayor in City Hall she never saw any evidence of antisemitism. Livingston points out his record in City Hall is entirely congruent with Green Party values, not least introducing the congestion charge. I’ll tell you who else liked curbing air pollution

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Green Party’s £15 Minimum Wage Hypocrisy

At their autumn conference last month, the Green Party membership overwhelmingly voted to support the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) and their ‘Fight for 15’ minimum wage campaign. Guido has already pointed out the Bakers Union’s hypocrisy, advertising roles in April this year with salaries of £12 per hour. Now it’s the Greens’ turn…

Last Friday, the Green Party advertised five campaign organiser jobs, all paid between £21,799 and £23,596. That works out at £10.50 to £11.30 per hour – all well below £15 per hour minimum the membership backed in their emergency motion last month. Co-conspirators will remember £15 an hour is equal to £31,200.

While only the Suffolk-based role is 35 hours a week, all the others are paid at pro-rata rates below their party’s policy.

When the motion passed, members claimed it was time to “end age-based pay discrimination” and the £15 minimum wage was “desperately need[ed]“. It looks like the party leadership happens to disagree…

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Starmer’s Own Camden Deputy Mayor Defects to Green Party

After the embarrassment of this morning’s 10 point Tory poll lead, Sir Keir’s facing yet more awkward headlines after his own local deputy mayor quit the Labour party and defected to the Greens. Camden Councillor Lorna Jane Russell  announced the decision this morning, saying last night she took the “difficult decision” to switch. Russell slammed Sir Keir’s Labour in an op-ed:

“Nationally, I am concerned that the party lacks a coherent vision for the future, that it is prepared to break fundamental promises like those on common ownership and freedom of movement, and that it has a questionable track record on equalities.”

As recently as June this year, Russell tweeted that she’d been “delighted” to bump into Sir Keir at Wembley. Is Sir Keir Cam-done for?

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