Caroline Lucas Claims Sizewell C Nuclear Plant is “Bone-Headed”

Good news for Christian Wakeford – he is not the only MP who can’t do maths. Now ex-Green Party leader Caroline Lucas has waded in to attack the government for promising green energy, on the grounds that “Nuclear is hugely costly & simply can’t help meet 2035 target”. Do the maths, she says…

Well, 2022 + 13 is 2035…

Of course, Lucas has form for this. In 2008, when offering her wisdom to Gordon Brown on rising fuel prices, she claimed:

“It simply isn’t true that nuclear power is the answer to rising fuel prices, since the earliest that a new nuclear power station could come on stream is around 2017.”

Wouldn’t an abundance of nuclear energy for the last five years have been useful right about now? This Clegg-style opposition to any sensible energy policy, just because it won’t solve the problem by lunchtime, is precisely why we are where we are…

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Green Party Suspend Sheffield Candidate for ‘Transphobic’ Comments Towards Rival Izzard

Such is the Green Party’s dedication to niche, online, woke issues, they’ve decided to suspend their candidate in Sheffield Central, who got 9% of the vote in 2019, for questioning whether Eddie Izzard should use women’s toilets. Alison Teal has been booted out of the seat after Izzard complained some of her tweets were homophobic. Teal’s crime? Sharing a Critic op-ed by Jean Hatchet that questioned why Izzard had used women’s loos at a Labour Party fundraising event in the city.

Unsurprisingly, Teal is defending her corner, arguing she’s not transphobic, she’s merely interested in protecting the rights of women and children. She says she’s “shocked” by the suspension. So will the vast majority of Sheffield Central’s electorate…

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NIMBY Green Councillor Objects to Vegan Restaurant

We have now reached what might be the zenith of Green Party NIMBY-ism. They’ve opposed HS2; they’ve opposed Sizewell C; they’ve even opposed building solar panel farms. Now a Green Party councillor in Norwich has opposed plans for a vegan restaurant… on the grounds that it “will increase footfall and is inappropriate.” Through the looking glass…

The councillor, Ash Haynes, is objecting to Erpingham House’s plans to serve alcohol until 2 am and to host live music even though the premises is already open until 2am anyway, and police have made it clear they have no issue with it. The restaurant themselves have released a statement pointing out they’re not exactly a nightclub:

The application is for exactly the same hours that the business has always had. In almost five years since opening we have not received a single complaint about noise or otherwise. We are a plant-based restaurant that occasionally hosts events, not a nightclub. It was an administrative error that saw our license not be renewed in the necessary time period.”

A vegan restaurant hoping to sell a few shandies later into the evening. There are oil companies who have done less to frustrate the environmental agenda than the Green Party of England and Wales…
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Green MP Supports Votes for 2 Year-olds

The progressive agenda has found its latest institutional injustice to call-out: infant enfranchisement. German Green MP Emilia Fester this weekend called for the franchise to be extended universally, with no age limit. Not content with coalition pledges to lower the voting age to 16 within the 20th Bundestag, or her own party’s to take it to 14, the representative expressed her support for votes to be given to “everyone who wants to”. Because children want nothing more than to express their democratic will…

The child rights activist, herself Germany’s youngest Bundestag member, has not been immune from bad behaviour. She spoke passionately about coronavirus restrictions whilst maintaining she had not been abroad during the pandemic… only to have her Instagram holiday snaps exposed. Really showing her age…

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Green Party Runs Out of Local Voter Endorsements

For anyone who thinks LibDem bar charts are the biggest fibs being posted through people’s letterboxes at election time, check out the blag being pulled off by the Worcester Green Party. Voters in Gorse Hill Ward are currently receiving campaign leaflets for Green candidate Heather McNeillis, who has a glowing endorsement from a ‘Nicola’ of Honister Drive:

“I usually vote Conservative, but this time I’m voting for Heather because she will help make positive changes to our area.”

Unfortunately, the Greens tripped themself up by including a photo of said ‘Nicola’ on the leaflet. Taking a look one ward south to Nunnery we see a remarkably similar-looking lady appears to be standing for the Green Party.

Nicola’s doppelgänger goes by the name of Nicky Silvester, however, so it couldn’t possibly be the same person… Could it?

Hat-tip: Michael Foster

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Green’s Lavish Taxpayer-Funded Banquet

The Green Party in Oxfordshire emphasised their credentials as middle-class social justice warriors as local councillors put on a lavish taxpayer-funded banquet for officers, and boasted about it on social media. The food-laden tables – tweeted out by councillor Ian Middleton – lauded the first fully plant-based lunch forced through as council policy despite recent protests by Jeremy ClarksonOxfordshire is the first county council to adopt such an authoritarian policy…

Scanning the flower-covered tables, Guido can see for the first time exactly how environmentally friendly the new policy is. Rather than using meat sourced from local farms like Jezza’s, the Green Party can now enjoy other more far-sourced produce including pineapples, kiwi fruit, oranges and mangos. All of which are questionable environmentally since they are flown in from abroad… 

The Countryside Alliance’s Mo Metcalf-Fisher tells Guido:

“So after upsetting the farming community by shunning sustainable produce from local livestock farmers, the motion’s main advocate boldly posts a picture of an incredibly exotic, lavish, spread of fruit and vegetables at what he claims is a council meeting.

Can the councillor be certain that all of these items are locally produced and not transported from abroad? If not, he has left the council open to the accusation of hypocrisy…”

Amidst a cost of living squeeze, it seems the Green Party are saying let them eat vegan cake…

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