Green Party Council Destroys Wildlife Reserve for “Possible” Cycle Lane

Despite calling HS2 “an act of ecocide” on the grounds that building it would “bulldoze huge areas of natural woodland and cut wildlife habitats”, the Green-led Brighton and Hove City Council have nonetheless bulldozed a huge area of natural woodland and cut a wildlife habitat this week, by partially removing Europe’s longest and oldest green wall to make room for a “possible” cycle lane on the road. Built in the 1870s “to improve the seafront environment”, the wall was home to over 100 species of plant and a designated local wildlife site…

BuildingGreen, the firm responsible for maintaining the wall alongside the Council, said it was “shocked” at what happened, and that it was the result of a “miscommunication“. All this for a “possible” cycle lane. At least HS2 is actually being built…

UPDATE: Brighton & Hove City Council have issued a statement denying councillors had any knowledge of the deforestation:

We’d like to apologise to our residents for the way we went about cutting back the stretch of Green Wall at the bottom of Duke’s Mound in March.

It should not have been cut down in this way. We are very sorry about this, and an investigation is underway to find out how this happened.

As part of the Black Rock regeneration project a road safety audit was carried out. This found that the greenery limited visibility and may result in collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. The cutting back of the greenery was not raised with councillors. It was arranged by council staff as an operational requirement, stemming from the road safety audit.

Hat-tip: Jody Doherty-Cove

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Green Party Applauds French Railways Despite Calling HS2 “An Act of Ecocide”

It looks like the Green Party has had a change of heart. Having spent years campaigning against the expansion of national railways, including calling HS2 “an act of ecocide” and “a nightmare project“, Guido was surprised to see the Greens voice their support for the French government’s decision to ban short flights in favour of train rides, tweeting:

“Heavy investment in national rail networks is what made this possible. This is the climate leadership we need to see!”

Having previously opposed said national rail networks on the grounds that they “bulldoze huge areas of natural woodland and cut wildlife habitats“, Guido would love to know when the party plans to announce that it’s reversed its previous position on HS2. Don’t hold your breath.

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Greens Overtake LibDems as Third Largest Party

Despite having had basically no media coverage since the 2019 election, the Green Party has overtaken the LibDems in YouGov’s latest poll to become Britain’s third most popular national party. Who could have predicted that the man who lost to Jo Swinson in the 2019 leadership election would prove even less popular than someone who lost their seat at the election…

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Green’s Equality and Diversity Officer Suing Own Party for Racial Discrimination

The Green Party is being sued by their own equality and diversity officer over claims of racial discrimination by the party. First the Labour Party, now the Greens…

Rashid Nix, who was until recently on the elected executive committee of the Green Party as the “equality and diversity co-ordinator” claims he was rejected from a paid party role in June because of his race. Nix previously told the Morning Star that he would take the complaint to an employment tribunal if talks with the party failed to reach a resolution. Guido has seen documents confirming the legal proceedings. He is now fundraising the legal fees

Despite their left-wing virtues, the Greens’ co-leader Jonathan Bartley recently came under fire for saying he would personally want to ban Halal meat, with notorious Green Party former MEP Magid Magid describing Bartley’s rhetoric as what he’d “expect to see from far-right groups.” There’s always someone more woke than you…

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Green Party Candidates Struggle to Define ‘Woman’

During the Green Party’s deputy leadership hustings in Yorkshire and the Humber this weekend, the candidates were asked the straighforward question “what is a woman?” Guido would have thought the answer to be pretty simple. Listening to the candidates’ answers, apparently not. Guido has provided the baffling (abridged) quotes below…

  • Nick Humberstone
    • “I don’t think we’re going to get any good solution on this issue if we’re trying to define a word because people have different interpretations. That’s all I really have to say. I don’t think it’s a very productive question to be honest.”
  • Tom Pashby
    • “It’s a very simple question but obviously it’s heavily loaded and I don’t think we should be getting into political debate about the specifics of what it is to be a woman. A cis woman who can’t give birth is no less of a woman and you can apply that to people who identify as women. They’re not all going to be in the same exact characteristics. Some women are more feminine some women are more masculine so yeah, it’s not really something that we should be debating”
  • Amelia Womack
    • “I don’t think we can talk about this in binary choices it’s more complex than that. As a proud feminist my feminism has always been intersectional. I am very proud of the trans women who I work with whose experiences have strengthened parts of our movement and ensure that we’re challenging the bigger issues at hand and that is the patriarchal systems that oppress all women.”
  • Cleo Lake
    • “For me the Green Party does represent equality. For me personally I believe in diversity and unity within diversity and I think very often our differences are what make us collectively very, very strong. I would also like to say I’ve become, without having had time yet to dig in to all the ins and outs… very disappointed to hear of rows, internal rows.”

God help primary school staff teaching this stuff under a Green Party administration…

UPDATE 22 July, 2020:

Congratulations to Andrea Carey Fuller, a candidate for deputy leader:

How hard was that?

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Green Party Activist and Former Councillor Confesses to “Dickens Racist” Graffiti

Green Party activist and former Councillor and Westminster candidate, Ian Driver, has confessed to a spate of Black Lives Matter-inspired graffiti across Thanet, targeting Charles Dickens, whom he describes as “an extreme racist”. Confessing to the crimes on his personal blog, along with photos of him carrying out the acts.

The Green graffiti artist also targeted a plaque dedicated to the blackface minstrel Uncle Mack.

The woke warrior’s blog entry, entitled “It Was Me What Done It!”, claims he selected the targets as they “represent the deep-rooted institutional racism” of the town, claiming Dickens was a “genocidal racist”. He also makes clear his actions were inspired by the Black Lives Matter toppling of Edward Colston. It was the age of wokeness, it was the age of foolishness…

The Green Party press office claimed to be unaware of the incident…

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