Phillips Stumbles Over Brexit Policy Skewering

An almighty row broke out earlier when Jess Phillips tried clarifying her Brexit policy and whether, as she suggested on Marr at the weekend, as leader she’d turn Labour into a ‘rejoin’ party. If Piers’s and Susanna’s reactions were representative of the public’s, she didn’t do a very convincing job…

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Ken Livingstone’s Still Denying Labour Anitsemitism

This is precisely who Corbyn will have wanted to be doing his eulogy media rounds…

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Starmer Flounders Over Labour’s Brexit Policy on GMB
Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan demonstrated this morning why Labour has been trying to move the conversation off Brexit and on to domestic issues like the NHS. Starmer was all over the place…
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Jennifer Arcuri Interview
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Piers Morgan Does Konnie Huq

‘Brexit sends everybody nuts’ observes Piers Morgan doing his best impression of Konnie Huq’s insane Brexit rant. He captured the essential essence of Konnie…

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GMB Catch Matt Hancock Getting Frothy

Fresh from cheekily playing footage of Matt Hancock devouring a stroopwafel when he thought the cameras weren’t rolling, ITV’s Good Morning Britain have done it again to the unfortunate Health Secretary. This time they’ve caught him getting intimately involved with the froth on his cappuccino and sucking it off his finger. You’d think he would have learned not to have his breakfast in range of the GMB cameras by now…

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