Boris Blasted “Bank Manager” Orthodoxy of Sunak’s Treasury

The latest episode of Guto Harri’s Unprecedented podcast has shed further light on the tensions between Boris and Rishi while the pair were neighbours in Downing Street, with Johnson charging at Sunak’s affinity for splashing the cash. Boris grew frustrated with the Treasury’s “bank manager” orthodoxy, leading to “untenable” tension with the then Chancellor who had “signed too many cheques but got too little value for money”. In his frustration, Boris begged:

“If Rishi’s a Thatcherite, let’s have it!”


Although less explicit than Harri’s previous revelations, Boris was again reported to have said “f*ck this sh*t, we need to clear out the Treasury… the computer just says no”. Guto also claims that Rishi did return fire as he dug in with his own expansionist agenda, leading him to conclude that, had the government not collapsed, the Chancellor wouldn’t have lasted the summer. It certainly adds context to the public tussles currently playing out over in the Cabinet Office

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Theo Usherwood Steps Down: LBC Political Editor Runners & Riders

LBC’s longstanding Political Editor Theo Usherwood has announced he’s standing down for family reasons, leaving a gap at the top of the station’s news team. LBC has grown massively in the last few years, with Global willing to stump up serious cash for the likes of Andrew Marr, Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall. Not to mention the pocket change for David Lammy…

The question of who might replace Usherwood, or at least become the latest hack to join the Global roster on a lucrative contract, is already doing the rounds. An internal appointment is being considered. Guido hears Lewis Goodall was offered the role, although he’s turned it down because he’s much happier (and probably better remunerated) hosting the News Agents. Ben Kentish, considered a rising star and currently the station’s Westminster Editor, is also a potential candidate. Then there are the external options…

Kate Ferguson was reportedly in Global’s sights, although she only took on the Political Editor gig at the Sun on Sunday last summer. Martine Croxall, who presented her final BBC News bulletin last Friday, was spotted at the station’s Leicester Square headquarters recently – though she’s a newsreader, not a political reporter. She is, at least, looking for more work after being axed from the BBC News primary lineup. The biggest name Guido hears the top brass have an interest in, however, does have the requisite experience on the political beat. Sky’s Sam Coates was spotted by a co-conspirator in the Global offices this week, though when Guido called Sam he made it very clear he is not commenting… could he be after the big money broadcast / podcast package?

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Huw Edwards Considering Post-Coronation BBC Departure

Huw Edwards could leave the BBC as soon as June 2023, after he told the Mail he was “considering his options”. The claim from a BBC source came after the stalwart presenter was photographed at the Global HQ in Leicester Square last month, with a Global source suggesting the current rumour in the building is he could be eyeing up a Classic FM gig. A convenient papping and very open response to the Mail’s questions. Presumably, Huw is using both in his wage negotiations with the BBC…

A BBC source who worked on the channel’s funeral coverage says there’s a ‘general feeling’ inside the corporation that it’s the date being eyed up by Edwards, whose departure would leave a big gap, among other things, in the BBC’s landmark election night coverage – not least after the departure of David Dimbleby in 2017. At this rate we’ll be listening to Amol Rajan read out the 2024 exit poll…

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Lewis Goodall Leaving Newsnight for Global

Guido can reveal the BBC’s had another top broadcast face poached by Global. Newsnight’s resident lefty, Lewis Goodall, has been scooped up by the radio station as their new “Analysis & Investigations Editor”:

“Lewis will be joining Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel as the third host on Global’s major new podcast, which will launch this autumn. In addition to presenting the podcast, Lewis will also take on the role of Analysis & Investigations Editor, working alongside Antony Garvey’s team”.

Guido’s mole jokes, “this is just what LBC was crying out for, another leftist ex-BBC type to come in and steer the ship.’ Following in the wake of Maitlis, Sopel and Marr, Broadcasting House seems to have the air of rats leaving a sinking ship at the moment…

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Maitlis and Sopel Leaving BBC

Jon Sopel and Emily Maitlis are both leaving the BBC to start a new podcast with Global, it was announced today. They join Andrew Marr and, as Guido revealed, long-time BBC producer Rob Burley in signing up with the station. This afternoon Maitlis tweeted:

Sopel had previously been a frontrunner for the BBC’s new Political Editor – presumably he wasn’t offered what he was expecting… 

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Burley is Global’s Latest Hire

Swiftly following their new star signing in the form of Andrew Marr, Guido can reveal Global’s newest BBC hire: ex-politics editor Rob Burley. The last Guido heard of Rob, his name was being floated among the shortlist to take over as Labour’s director of communications – now he’s clearly committed to staying in the broadcasting tent.

Guido’s co-conspirator spotted Burley’s name appearing on the internal system as the most recent person to have a Global email made for them, and is currently attributed with the title “Launch Editor”. Provided he’s not planning on starting a new Heart breakfast programme with Amanda Holden they presume he is set to help launch Marr’s new LBC show.

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