Sadiq Repeatedly Dodges Questioning Over ULEZ Expansion

A tough watch from the Greater London Assembly yesterday, with Sadiq repeatedly dodging simple questions over the impact of his wallet-raiding ULEZ expansion, and refusing to admit that he simply couldn’t provide the data that would support his own plan. Never mind the stats, his ‘experience’ tells him he’s right…

Asked multiple times by GLA Conservative Deputy Leader to provide a source for his claim that “the poorest in London do not own cars” – a reasonable question, given everyone in Greater London will soon be charged £12.50 just to switch on their engines – Sadiq threw the question back over and over again, eventually insisting Fortune should “knock on a few more doors” and speak to more Londoners. Presumably they’ll have the data he’s looking for. 

Expanding the ULEZ to the whole of Greater London will inevitably affect thousands of middle and lower income households, and Sadiq knows it. Of course, rate of car access rises with incomes, yet even around half of households on £20,000 a year have access. Sadiq forgets that the likes of bus drivers and NHS workers have cars out of necessity, because public transport isn’t there at the times needed for shift-workers. Maybe this is the data Sadiq couldn’t remember:

Inevitably those living in outer London will be disproportionately affected by this, even on lower incomes. At least the air will be slightly cleaner…  

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Khan Plans to Move East

Sadiq Khan is planning an extraordinary move out of the iconic “glass testicle” GLA building by Tower Bridge, to a small GLA-owned conference centre called “The Crystal” out in the docklands. The current GLA building currently costs £11.1m a year in rent, meaning the Mayor would be able to boast “a £55 million over five years” if the move goes ahead. In a statement the Mayor said this morning:

“I’m consulting on plans for the GLA to leave the current City Hall building next year and relocate to The Crystal at the Royal Docks in Newham…”

“…In the current financial context, and with the looming black hole in London’s public finances, it would be negligent not to do so.”

Which is interesting because Khan has ballooned his own staffing budget by £30 million in the last five years. Instead of cutting back his own staff to Boris Johnson’s levels, Khan is planning a move forty minutes out of town. Going to desperate lengths just to keep his expensive PR team…

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London Assembly Votes To Ban Anonymous Twitter Accounts

The London Assembly is boasting about passing a motion yesterday that means it is now official GLA policy to:

“Persuade the social media giants to ban all anonymous accounts, as these fuel people’s feeling of impunity, freeing them to be abusive online”

The policy piggybacks on the death of Caroline Flack, attempting to exploit the tragedy for a big state power grab. It’s hard to detail how stupid this policy is. Not only would it endanger whistleblowers and those living under despotic regimes, it would also put a sizeable chunk of the online Labour Left out of business. The Labour Party was the only group on the assembly who voted for it, with the Conservatives, Lib Dem, Greens, and Brexit Party members refusing to back it…

The Labour Party’s support for the policy shows that either Sadiq Khan does not understand the internet, or believes that Londoners are stupid enough to not see his naked attempt to make hay of a tragic death. Guido notes it’s now Labour Party policy to require proof of identity to Tweet, but not to vote…

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Sadiq’s ‘Night Czar’ Pocketed £1,000 From Community Drag Act

Sadiq Khan’s £75,000-a-year ‘Night Czar’ Amy Lame has been found out pocketing £1,000 from a drag event she helped to host in Walthamstow. The event, called ‘Duckie Loves Fanny‘, cost attendees £15 a head, despite receiving a £70,000 council grant – largely from Sadiq’s £1.3 million bung to the Labour council last year. With a massive grant and paid-for tickets, readers may well wonder where all the money went…

Lame failed to declare the £1,000 ‘Duckie Loves Fanny‘ bonus she’d received in her register of interests at City Hall. When asked by LBC’s Theo Usherwood, a GLA spokesman offered no apology.

Guido readers will remember Lame as the foul mouthed, internet trolling, tax avoiding, dodgy property dealing, highly-paid aide to Sadiq Khan. She was so prolific that after Guido’s reports the Treasury implemented an ‘Amy Lame Tax‘ which cracked down on her affairs.

GLA Tories are furious, with their Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey saying the “stinks of the worst kind of cronyism at a time when every available penny in city hall should be spent on hiring more police.” He’s calling on Lame to resign, and Sadiq to explain how this was allowed…

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