Labour MP Asked Girls Aloud For “Orgy”

Three days after Clive Lewis was forced to apologise for sexist comments, Guido can reveal another Labour MP once asked Girls Aloud for an “orgy“. Readers will remember Jared O’Mara, the new MP for Sheffield Hallam who was accused of calling a woman “an ugly bitch” and once performed a song with the chorus “I wish I were a misogynist, I’d smash her in the face”. O’Mara’s women problem does not end there. In his mid-twenties he was a regular poster on the message boards of music website Drowned in Sound. Here’s his profile:

Using this profile, O’Mara once wrote a mock “advice column” for the band Girls Aloud. His “advice” was that Nicola, Cheryl, Nadine and Kimberley should “come have an orgy with me”. When another user wrote that they would not invite “the whiny ginger one” to take part, O’Mara replied: “At least send the ginge round mine”.

This is now the third sexism row involving O’Mara. Guido can tell you it won’t be the last. Another Corbynista brocialist…

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