Public Procurement Firms Fear GDPR More Than Brexit

Despite endless increasingly hysterical media reports to the contrary, a landmark survey of businesses involved with public sector procurement has found that Brexit is ranked as only the fourth of six options in terms of having an impact on procurement strategy. In terms of ‘high impact’, Brexit comes in fifth of six…

The survey, conducted by BiP Solutions with iGov Survey was ‘surprised’ to see the results, with Brexit coming below Social Value, the impact of EU legislation, and GDPR.

“Three-quarters of organisations surveyed also believe GDPR will have a medium or high impact on procurement strategies. A further 71% cited EU Directives and legislative updates. Surprisingly, Brexit came fourth overall in terms of the responses.”

Public procurement firms are more worried about the impact of EU regulation than the impact of leaving the EU…

Labour MP CC’s All Constituents to GDPR Email

Corbynista MP Marsha De Cordova has chosen GPDR day to unleash an utterly spectacular data protection fail. In an effort to comply with the new data measures, the Battersea MP’s office sent a ‘GDPR Consent Form’ to constituents via email. There was just one problem. Her office put every constituent’s email in the address line, rather than BCC, therefore sharing dozens of personal emails addresses without permission. Good work…

Intriguingly, De Cordova’s GDPR form – by which constituents can give permission to others to handle casework on their behalf – states:

“In some cases, we may need to contact outside agencies regarding your case.  They often require additional information such as your Date of Birth, National Insurance Number and any reference numbers you may have obtained through previous contact with the agency.  Please supply us with this information where appropriate in the section below.”

So in order to sign up to the MP’s GDPR-compliant process, constituents have to surrender even more of their personal information. MPs are having a GDPR meltdown, but this takes some beating…

GDPR Latest: Don’t “Ruin Jeremy’s Birthday”

This has to be the saddest GDPR begging email yet: Labour members are being told they will “ruin Jeremy’s birthday” unless they consent to receiving communications from the party by Friday. Definitely not a cult…

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Peter Mandelson tells Emma Barnett…

“I think that Jeremy Corbyn himself should search his conscience and ask himself whether he’s the best person to lead the Labour Party into the general election with the best chance of success for the party.”


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