Nannying Welsh Government Declares Energy Drinks to be Gateway Drug

During the local elections last year, Keir Starmer hailed the Welsh Labour government, under Mark Drakeford, as “incredible”, and an example of how things can be run “differently and better” without a Tory government. Well, checking in with the People’s Soviet of Wales we are currently seeing a classic example of that “better” leadership, as they plan on banning the sale of energy drinks to children on the basis consumption acts as a gateway to “alcohol and tobacco use”. As well as, somehow, school exclusions…

Responding to a question by Tory leader Andrew R.T. Davies about the assessment they’d made about the policy’s affect on personal freedoms, minister Lynne Neagle wrote:

“Our approach to the consultation which was launched on 9 June and runs until 1 September is evidence based. It has been shown that children who drink energy drinks on five or more days per week were most likely to have low psychological, physical, educational and overall wellbeing. In turn, this can cause headaches, sleep problems, increased alcohol and tobacco use, irritability, and school exclusion. We want to protect the health and wellbeing of our population and to take the necessary measures to protect our children and young people

Detailed consideration is given to all Welsh Ministers’ statutory obligations including those under the Human Rights Act. Of course, as the policy is developed, further analysis will undertake including the impact of the policy on the rights of those affected.

Guido would warn Drakeford of the unintended consequences: for a country that allows 14-year-olds to register to vote, how on earth will they be able to engage with a Drakeford speech without the help of high-sugar, high-caffeine drinks?

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Local Authorities Hiring Covid Marshalls to Work Until Spring 2022

Despite Boris reassuring people that Covid restrictions will be lifted by July 19th, local authorities like Croydon Council are still looking to hire Covid Marshalls, who will work on a fixed term contract until 31st March, 2022. Marshalls will be paid over £30,000 to enforce restrictions that supposedly would have been lifted over 8 months earlier… 

According to the job listing posted last week, Covid Marshalls will advise people and businesses on how to follow Covid-19 regulations and “stay safe”. Guido wonders what restrictions Covid Marshalls will possibly be enforcing until next spring… 

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Ecuador Rejects Socialism

Ecuador on Sunday elected a tax-cutting supporter of free-market policies as president over his socialist opponent, putting the country on a pro-growth path. Strangely Britain’s left, so often keen on romanticising Latin American radicals, are silent about this result. Promising more prosperity, Guillermo Lasso, 65 years old, received over 52% of the vote to defeat Andrés Arauz, a 36-year-old leftist economist and protégé of ex-president Rafael Correa. Tax cuts win votes, who knew?

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WATCH: White House Rejects Vaccine Passports on Freedom Grounds

While Brits now seem set on having to show our papers to enter a music gig, the White House has come out firmly against any vaccine passport system, citing their one and only interest in the debate: “American’s privacy and rights”:

“”The government is not now, nor will we be supporting a system that requires Americans to carry a credential. There will be no federal vaccinations database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential”

The US now joins the World Health Organisation who yesterday also cautioned the use of vaccine passports – including for international travel purposes.

In contrast it now seems the UK is certain to see them introduced. The SNP’s Ian Blackford has also told the Telegraph they’re likely to vote with the government – completely overriding any Tory libertarian rebellion. Labour continue flip-flopping, naturally: HuffPo reported the party was going to come out against them, only for Pippa Crerar to claim it’s still not clear whether the party will oppose them entirely…

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Lead by Example Priti, Test Your Staff

Following Shaun Bailey’s absurd policy proposal to force companies to drug test their employees, Priti Patel has now announced she is ‘looking at’ backing the mayoral candidate, saying the government will look at the nationwide implementation of Bailey’s proposals; requiring firms with 250-plus staff to sign a drug-testing charter, with supposedly anonymous results published regularly to identify firms with the most users.

When Bailey originally came out with the Stasi-like proposals, Guido demanded he leads by example and tests his staff and those at CCHQ. While this would be voluntary given Tory HQ doesn’t have 250 staff, Guido’s not sure Priti’s thought this through as her own enormous department would be subject to checks. We all know what the outcome of civil service drug testing would be…

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Curfew Would Be Counter-Productive & Rightly Resisted

Guido understands that liberty-limiting measures are necessary during a once-in-a-century pandemic. Even Sweden implemented social distancing measures, banned large gatherings, restricted care home visits, implemented table-only service in bars and restaurants, and recommended working from home and avoiding public transport. Guido did not oppose the lockdown, thinks masks are tolerable in the circumstances, and tries to stick by the often illogical rule of six, even when down the pub…

If this afternoon’s splash from the Evening Standard is true, it is a step too far. The London director of Public Health England (yes, the organisation is still limping on for now, despite the Health Secretary announcing its abolition back in August) has issued a “curfew alert” to the capital through the newspaper, saying residents could face a mandatory curfew if Covid cases continue to rise. A ridiculous suggestion that should be forcefully opposed.

Shutting pubs, bars, restaurants, and just about everything else at an arbitrary hour will obviously do nothing to stop the spread of coronavirus. If anything, the move will be counter-productive – compressing the same number of customers into a shorter time and making social distancing harder still. Or pushing social gatherings into homes not bars, which are thought to be more likely to spread the virus. This no doubt ineffective PHE nannying should have been dumped when the organisation was. The government need to remember there is a limit to people’s compliance. This might just hit it.

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