Long-Bailey’s Husband’s Not So Green Deals

Rebbecca Long-Bailey’s husband, Stephen Bailey, works in the chemical industry as global marketing director for the firm BWA Water Additives. Over the weekend it was revealed that he drives a flashy £50,000 Audi A5, and is on a six-figure salary…

Guido can further reveal that Bailey’s firm is heavily involved in supplying the fracking industry, with his company’s website listing “unique, effective chemical solutions.” The website goes on to advertise five different chemical products for “Oil & Gas Fracturing.”

The company provides key fracking chemicals Bellacide 300, Bellacide 350, Bellasol S30, Bellasol S50, and Bellasol S80 abroad. These fracking chemicals are rated as ‘toxic’ and ‘corrosive’ and have caused chemical incidents where they are most widely used in Canada. The chemicals pose “hazards to humans and domestic animals“, and are “fatal” if absorbed or inhaled; once causing chaos when a truck containing Bellacide 300 crashed, spilling the corrosive chemical over the road.

Stephen Bailey’s online resume includes the claim that he has “delivered growth in multiple market sectors including speciality chemicals, industrial coatings, biocides and water treatment.”

Long-Bailey has long campaigned for a ban on fracking, earlier this year writing to Andrea Leadsom “calling on the Government to ban fracking immediately.”  Rebecca Long-Bailey also accused the Tories of “working hand-in-hand with the fracking industry, meeting 31 times in just 3 years.” Which is ironic when her husband’s firm enables the fracking industry to drill whilst she campaigns against them…

A spokesperson for Long-Bailey was contacted for comment.

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Fracking XR

A reader writes from Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens:

“I live overlooking the XR camp. They are using Calor gas and ironically our block is so energy efficient we never have the heating on but it is powered by renewables. I am spitting feathers with rage but police actually admitted they don’t know what’s going on…”

That wouldn’t be fracked gas being used to warm up their lentil soup… would it?

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Putin’s Fracking Green Puppets

Kremlin-backed Russia Today have been busy pushing Putin’s line on fracking, promoting green useful idiots to ensure that Europe remains reliant on Russian gas. The strategic interests of Russia make Putin and the Greens allies:

Natural gas has made fuel in America cheaper and greener, and more energy independent. Putin fears that if the UK were to follow the same path, energy prices would fall and his stranglehold on European supply would weaken,,,

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Skinner’s Fracking Smears Debunked Days Ago

At PMQs today Dennis Skinner told the House that INEOS’s fracking activities have caused problems with the Bolsover water supply. Residents have had discoloured water for 10 days, and Skinner was not missing the opportunity to blame INEOS and fracking. Just one problem. Severn Trent Water said five days ago that the issues were caused by a broken water pipe, not fracking activities. INEOS have said in a statement in response to Skinner’s PMQ that they were working 3 kilometres away from where the leak happened and that “there is absolutely no evidence that the leak is in anyway linked to our work”. This was all public well before Skinner asked his question. Will he apologise?

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Friends of the Earth Rapped Over Fake Fracking Claims

Friends of the Earth has been rebuked by the advertising regulator and forced to promise it will not repeat pseudo-scientific claims about the economic, environmental and health effects of fracking. FoE published a scaremongering campaign leaflet last year warning fracking would be responsible for everything from falling house prices to asthma and cancer. Now the Advertising Standards Authority has extracted a pledge from the group that future literature will not include the claims, none of which could be evidenced. The watchdog said the environmentalists must:

  • Not claim that fluid used in fracking contains chemicals dangerous to human health or that it would contaminate drinking water;
  • Not claim a US fracking site was responsible for increases in asthma rates or that the public would be at risk of equivalent increases in asthma rates in the UK;
  • Not claim that there is an established risk of the chemicals concerned causing cancer and other conditions among the local population;
  • Not claim that fracking will cause plummeting house prices.

That means the entire ‘scientific’ basis of FoE’s anti-fracking lobbying effort has been debunked. Importantly, these now banned claims were made on a leaflet intended to solicit donations from the public: Friends of the Earth is a registered charity. Guido understands a complaint has been put in to the Fund Raising Regulator. FoE is yet to remove the claims from its website. Quite literally fracking unbelievable…

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Nottingham Next to Approve Fracking


Nottinghamshire Council will be following Lancashire and Yorkshire in looking for shale gas after approving an application from iGas. Friends of the Earth had attempted to use an arcane covenant set up in the 1960s to block the bid, but the council has approved the proposal. A grand total of 30 protesters opposed the decision.


More good news for the fracking revolution, at last.

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