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Rishi to Count IMF Concessional Lending as Foreign Aid.

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John Major’s Audacity Given His Foreign Aid Record

Yesterday John Major added his tuppence to the foreign aid debate ahead of the vote, opining that

“It seems that we can afford a “national yacht” that no-one either wants or needs, whilst cutting help to some of the most miserable and destitute people in the world.

This is not a Conservatism that I recognise. It is the stamp of Little England, not Great Britain.”

Whatever your view of the merits of a national yacht – Guido seriously doubts the merits of a luxury yacht paid for by taxpayers – some of us are old enough to remember that when he was PM, Major also planned to build a yacht:

“We have taken that decision because we believe that a Royal Yacht is an important national asset and projects a prestigious image of Britain which adds powerfully to official occasions and to Major government even went as far as to say “we believe that a new royal yacht—a symbol of the nation’s pride—should be funded not by sponsorship or subscription, but by the nation.”

Construction didn’t go ahead because he lost the election to Tony Blair. Even more hypocritical of Major, though, is the fact that during his premiership foreign aid was lower than it was than under any premier in living memory – he left office with foreign aid at the lowest point, lower than it was under Thatcher, lower than it was when Britain was begging the IMF for a loan in the seventies. Now Major wants British taxpayers to borrow money to give away in foreign aid at more than double the level it was under his entire term in office… 

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Government Wins Foreign Aid Cut Vote By Majority of 35

The government has won the vote to cut international aid spending from 0.7% to 0.5% of GDP – a reduction of roughly £4 billion per year. Fears of a rebellion were soon quashed once the Treasury committed to raising the figure again as soon as borrowing is under control…

Ayes: 333

Noes: 298

A majority of 35…

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Theresa May: “I Suffered at the Hands of Rebels… With Deep Regret, I Will Vote Against this Motion”

Despite what appears to be a crumbling rebellion, May has announced that for the first time in her parliamentary career, she will vote against a three-line whip tonight. MPs were informed by the whips that today “will be a 3 line whip from 12:30 and until all govt business has been secured.” Theresa argued:

“We’re told there will be dire consequences for tax and public spending…we’ve borrowed £400 billion! Where are the dire warnings about that? It seems that £4 billion is really bad news. £400 billion? Who cares…”

Rightly pointing out she knows better than anyone the impact of being a PM beset by rebels…

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Read in Full: Government Wins Over 14 Foreign Aid Rebels

The government should be on course to win a vote this afternoon on cutting foreign aid, after Tory grandees kicked up a repeated storm about their failure to secure a vote. Last month the government looked like it could lose a vote after Andrew Mitchell secured at least 30 Tory MPs to back his amendment, though it was ultimately ruled out of order by Lindsay Hoyle. He did make a rare decision to call on the government to move a motion in the future however…

Yesterday Jacob Rees-Mogg announced a snap vote on the issue for this afternoon, on a new pledge by the Treasury to reinstate the 0.7% commitment as soon as borrowing is brought under control. Government sources now suggest to The Times they have the numbers. 

These sums from The Times’ sources appear to add up. Last month it was thought as many as 50 Tory MPs could join Mitchell’s rebellion, however 14 have now written to the government expressing their approval of this renewed commitment – with a government source pointing out they comprise a mix of one nationers, former ARIA signatories and a former DFiD minister.

One of the now ex-rebels tells Guido they reckon the government will carry the day, following the Chancellor’s movement. Another government source tells Guido they’re encouraged by the 14s’ u-turn, and hope the snap calling of the vote will have deprived Mitchell of the ability to do a proper ring-around…

The vote’s currently scheduled for around 4 pm. Popcorn…

Read the 14 former rebels’ letter in full here:

Read More

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Borrowing Billions to Subsidise States with Space Programmes is Wrong

Britain is one of the world’s most generous foreign aid donors (third in the world), and when you add in the private charitable donations Britons give, the amount of aid originating from Britain is stupendous. British taxpayers funded the rapid development of the AstraZeneca vaccine which will save millions of lives and the same taxpayers are paying for it to be distributed globally to the poorest countries for free or on a not-for-profit basis. Yet for some, this is still not enough.

The same people that claim millions of British children are living in absolute poverty, want Britain to borrow billions more to give in foreign aid to governments that don’t look after their own people. Giving aid to states that prefer to prioritise developing nuclear weapons or a space programme over the basic needs of their people is subsidising the wrong priorities. The primary mission of governments, at home and abroad, should be to look after their own citizens.

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